Expired Coupons For Military Families


Expired coupons have no value, right? Wrong! For Military members and their families living overseas, coupons can be used at the commissary for up to 6 months after the expiration date. I love the idea of blessing someone with an item that normally is thrown in the trash.

Interested in donating? If you live close to a base, call and see if they have a program. Otherwise, contact any of these groups that take old coupons:

Overseas Coupon Program

Expired Coupons for Overseas Military Facebook Group

Support Our Troops


By working with any of these dedicated groups, you can help our wonderful service men and women (and their families) for the cost of a stamp or two. Let’s show them how truly valued and appreciated they are!

Want to Quit Smoking? Try Aqua-tine.


Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, bad for your looks, and, in the modern world, bad for your social life. With all of those downsides, it’s hard to understand why some smokers just can’t quit. Many people don’t realize how bad the addiction can be—not just physically but also psychologically. When those cravings hit, you need that nicotine NOW.

Patches and gum do work in many cases, but it’s not a solution for all. Those who have tried other methods without help have a new option, Aqua-tine™.

Aqua-tine is a small 2.4 ml packet of homeopathic liquid nicotine that temporarily relieves cravings for those who use cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco. It’s great for situations where you have the urge to smoke but are unable to like in restaurants and on airplanes!  


The three-ingredient formula is colorless and virtually tasteless, making it easy to mix into your drink of choice (the only exceptions are alcohol and energy drinks). I find it’s best to start first thing in the morning when cravings tend to be strongest. Try putting some in a cup of iced coffee to take the edge off, then throughout the day, you can use up to two packets per hour if needed. 

It’s amazing how much time is freed up when you tame the urge. Instead of taking breaks during a meal or a movie, you can calmly finish whatever is going on and not have to miss out. Another biggie is going out shopping. Imagine not having to leave the mall repeatedly while trying on clothes and shoes—something that was almost impossible before. What an improvement to have a wardrobe that doesn’t stink like smoke, too!


Another often dreaded event for smokers is a long car ride. Can you imagine turning down a vacation to the beach because the idea of spending 4 hours in a car without a cig wasn’t possible? I can, and it’s sad how much smokers have to miss out on. With Aqua-tine, fun things that were previously off limits are now possible. Just slip some into your water bottle before you leave the house and get rocking!


While friends and family won’t know about Aqua-tine unless you want them to, they will definitely notice the change in your behavior. The nervousness and bad tempers are cooled. You don’t have to be stuck on the porch or the street, getting your puffs. Instead, you’re fully part of the group, sharing good times and good laughs, without exposing anyone to health and environmental risks. You can cuddle with pets, hold babies, and hug everyone and not one person will mutter anything critical about smoke and/or smells.

Going smoke free truly opens up a whole new world and to me, it’s worth any price to have quality of life. Luckily, Aqua-tine is super affordable. For only $6.95, you can purchase a 12-pack. It’s an investment in your health and happiness that everyone should make! Still on the fence? Try a free sample. Just use coupon code FREEAQ12 at checkout and experience the Aqua-tine difference.

Creating a Sweet Smelling Home


Having a sweet smelling home is a goal of mine and one that’s a constant challenge, due to living in a place that was poorly built and is not very well ventilated. Neither of the bathrooms have windows and there seems to be a bad air flow throughout the entire floor plan.

The best thing, obviously, is to have fresh air coming in. When the weather is nice, I try to keep the windows open for at least a few hours a day. That helps some, but since the weather here in New England can be so unpredictable, I can’t count on it. I also suffer from allergies and humidity/pollen/heat can be a problem for me.

One thing I’ve been doing this past week is putting a few drops of essential oils on dryer balls and throwing it in with each load of laundry. It has really made our laundry area smell wonderful and the clothes/towels that come out of the dryer smell much fresher, too.

Another option is to use candles. Since I got so many Glade candles for free last winter with coupons, I’ve been slowly using them up.  They just add such a warm, homey feeling and also aid in relaxation. 

My third strategy has been to simmer a pot filled with water, lemon slices, and cinnamon on the stove. This works best when I’m in the kitchen for an extended period of time, like a bulk cooking day, because it’s not safe to leave the stove unattended.

And, my most favorite idea of all is to incorporate fresh flowers. I don’t regularly buy them, but when roses go on sale for less than $10/dozen, it’s a splurge that’s worth every penny to me. I’m also a huge fan of tulip bouquets in the springtime. Look for deals at the grocery store and avoid florists to cut down on cost.


How do you keep your home smelling fresh?

Rent the Runway’s Miami Wedding Collection


This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Did you know that wedding attire can vary based on location? Rent the Runway has fabulous collections geared to your individual area. This week, we’re focusing on Miami.

Having once lived in Florida, I can definitely say that Miami has its own unique style that’s not seen anywhere else. They focus on bright colors, light fabrics, and more daring designs.


Take this bold sheath dress from Clover Canyon. It’s an interesting mix of orange, blue, and white against a black background that features waist cut-outs. It has a longer hem for those that prefer more coverage. The rental is only $50!


Another stunner is this Nicole Miller ruffle sheath mini dress. With a high neckline, it compensates for the shorter skirt length. I love the wild, tropical feel with the burst of colors. The floral crepe fabric fits like a dream and would be prefect for a daytime event. It rents for only $65!


For the truly adventurous guest, why not wear a wide leg jumpsuit to your next wedding? Fully line and made of red crepe, it has a crew and an open back with banded details. It’s sleeveless, has front slant pockets, and stylish cut outs.  It rents for only $65.

Check out more options in the Miami Collection, and don’t forget, you can get 25% off your first rental!