Super Savings Saturday – 12/10/16


Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday!

This week was a mixed bag. I totally struck out on a toy run, but had good luck elsewhere. Despite all of the endless ads, one-day sales, and holiday promotions, December isn’t really a bargain time to shop. Since I’m so well stocked, I can afford to be choosy. Still, I get so caught up in the frenzy of buy-buy-buy this time of year—hard to resist the temptation…


I read about some incredibly cheap toy deals on multiple deal blogs. I should’ve known better than to hit the mall during prime holiday shopping hours. I waited in traffic for 20 minutes, spent another 15 trying to find a parking space, had to shove through an enormous crowd inside the store and found nothing left on the shelf! Oh, there were plenty of items, but none of the super-cheap ones I wanted. I left empty-handed and very annoyed. Total waste of time/effort.


Rite Aid:

1 Centrum Multi Gummies, sale price $6.99. I used a $4.00 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $2.99 plus $3.00 Plenti Points!

2 Crest 3D White Toothpaste, sale price $3.50. I used 2 $2.00 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: $3.00 plus $5.00 Plenti Points!


3 Spritz candle jars, regular price $5.00. I used a 50% off Cartwheel offer. Total: $2.50 each!

2 V8 Veggie Blends juice, sale price $2.66. I stacked a 40% off Cartwheel offer with 2 $1.00 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: $0.60 each!



Have you found any freebies or cheapies lately?

Books I Love – Sew Jewish


Ever since I was in my teens, I’ve enjoyed collecting Judaica. Over the years, I’ve built up quite an assortment, but every piece was either given to me as a gift or I purchased it myself. Sew Jewish, a wonderful new book written by Maria Bywater, has inspired me to create some.

I first heard about this talented lady through her popular web site Not only does she make gorgeous, handmade canopies, she has designs for most every facet of Jewish life including holidays, Shabbos, and celebrations.


Sew Jewish includes 18 fun yet practical projects:

  • Challah Cover
  • Dreidel Game Kit 
  • Mishloach Manot Boxes 
  • Matzah Cover
  • Hand Washing Towel
  • Havdalah Spice Pouch 
  • Wedding Huppah
  • Bridal Veil
  • Kippah/Yarmulke
  • Tallit
  • Hamsa
  • Tefillin Bag
  • Mezuzah Case
  • Tzedakah Jar Wrap
  • Mizrach
  • Tallit Bag
  • Shalom Pillow
  • Aleph-Bet Blanket


You can’t help but feel inspired while thumbing through the pages. I saw many projects that I’d like to try; best of all, it’s something I can actually do! Many crafting books that I’ve seen claim to be simple, but are way more complicated than I can manage. (My enthusiasm for crafting greatly exceeds my ability!) Sew Jewish is truly for beginners. The last chapter—which I actually started with—is a treasure trove of practical advice about choosing/cutting fabric, hand and machine sewing, appliques, and markings.

I loved that the instructions are clear and concise and each project has large, traceable patterns that make sense and are easy to use. 


Because of my obsession with anything covered in fishes, this Hamsa design is my absolute favorite. How beautiful it would look on any wall of the home! For those who have almost no artistic ability, I’d suggest making the Dreidel Kits or Bridal Veil—definitely goof proof.

Sew Jewish is a book that belongs in the collection of every crafting enthusiast, particularly for those of us who are equally passionate about Judaism and art.

25 Latke Toppings


Latke toppings used to come in only two options: Savory (sour cream) or Sweet (applesauce). While I enjoy the old standbys, it’s nice to have some variety. Here are 25 fresh ideas for an old favorite food:

  1. Cream cheese & chives
  2. Smoked salmon & capers
  3. Jam  (raspberry, apricot, etc.)
  4. Pesto
  5. Chutney
  6. Cranberry sauce
  7. Horseradish
  8. Greek yogurt
  9. Honey
  10. Maple syrup
  11. Cheese  (soft cheese like goat or thin slivers of hard cheddar)
  12. Lemon curd
  13. Salsa
  14. Ketchup
  15. Pear or apple compote
  16. Shredded meat  (roast beef, turkey, etc.)
  17. Pomegranates
  18. Tuna salad
  19. Chicken Salad
  20. Egg Salad
  21. Ratatouille
  22. Berry sauce
  23. Cinnamon & brown sugar glaze
  24. Sliced Avocado
  25. Caramelized onions


While we’re on the subject of toppings, let’s not forget that latkes don’t have to be comprised only of white potatoes. There are versions made from sweet potatoes, carrots, or zucchini that are yummy in a different way. The unusual colors/flavors may upset purists, but I think it’s fun to try new recipes!

CyberSem: Online Jewish Women’s Seminary


Interested in Jewish learning but have limited time? Busy moms and working women will love CyberSem, the first ever online Jewish Women’s seminary. This interactive experience is geared towards those who have not had the opportunity to attend seminary, or for anyone who wants to better understand Judaism.

Digital classroom courses and self-paced video courses are available. Students will complete individual weekly assignments and work on projects collaboratively. Each accredited course is taught by expert instructors who are knowledgeable in fields like Torah, Tanach, Talmud and Practical Jewish Law. They will provide each student with one-on-one feedback and assessments.

I know many ladies who would love to start or complete a degree, but family/work commitments have prevented it. With online education, there is so much flexibility, almost anyone can fit it into her schedule. Courses can be done entirely at home, day or night, when you feel like it, not when the school does! 

CyberSem’s new semester for digital classroom courses begins on January 1, 2017.