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Most Festive Purim Dog


Charlie was definitely in the mood to be festive for Purim. How cute is he in his pumpkin costume? It must be the orange and the sequins! I found this at Target during the Halloween clearance. It was marked down to $0.99, and I’ve been holding it for Purim since then. So cute.

None of the other pets would participate, but at least one was a good sport.

Purim Basket Inspiration: 75 Non-Edible Items


In addition to the required food/drinks, any of these 75 non-edible items would make a great addition to a Purim basket.

  1. Cash   (The Universally favored gift!)
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Judaica
  4. Mini Torah
  5. Costume accessories (masks, capes, tiara, wand, etc)
  6. Garden Seeds
  7. Stickers
  8. Crayons and Mini Coloring books
  9. Mini notebooks
  10. Pens or Pencils
  11. Bracelets
  12. Baseball Cards
  13. Lip gloss
  14. Small craft kits
  15. Finger Puppets
  16. Small Toys
  17. Silly putty
  18. Cards
  19. Toothbrush and paste
  20. Socks
  21. DVD or CD
  22. Puzzles
  23. Bubbles
  24. Chalk
  25. Barbies or Action Figures
  26. Sand Pail & Shovel
  27. Pool Toys
  28. Legos
  29. Bathtub toys like rubber ducky
  30. Water bottles
  31. Hair Accessories
  32. Nail Polish
  33. Perfume/Cologne
  34. Stuffed Animals
  35. Sunglasses
  36. Jump Rope
  37. Bouncy Balls
  38. Blocks
  39. Finger Paints
  40. Mini Lotion
  41. Bubble Bath
  42. Shoelaces
  43. Folding Fan
  44. Toy Cars
  45. Flashlight & Batteries
  46. Keychains
  47. Marbles
  48. Rubber Stamps
  49. Glitter Glue
  50. Toy Bugs   (good for Passover too if you get plagues)
  51. Kaleidoscope
  52. Ear Buds
  53. Glow Sticks
  54. Cookie Cutters
  56. Magnifying glass
  57. Slinky
  58. Yoyos
  59. Crystals
  60. Shirt
  61. Hat
  62. Travel-sized Games
  63. Artist’s Kit
  64. Stationary
  65. Small Purse
  66. Wallet
  67. Colored Paper
  68. Camera
  69. Apron
  70. Diary
  71. Sketch Pad & Charcoals/Pastels
  72. Frames
  73. Posters
  74. Baseball
  75. Mini Etch-a-Sketch


The nice part of non-edible items is that they’ll be enjoyed long after the food is gone. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday!


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