Super Savings Saturday – 8/1/15


Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday!

This week was a fun time shopping. I scoured the outlets for bargains and found cute clothes/shoes—both of which I’ve been needing. I also found some treats that were perfect for an at-home date night (we snacked on peanuts, pizza, & soda while watching Season 3 of Ray Donovan On Demand. SO much fun!), and struck gold with a huge sale on berries.

Gap Outlet:

They were having a 70% off clearance event which was awesome. I found a teal sweatshirt marked down to $3.99 and black wedge sandals marked down to $9.99.

Banana Republic Outlet:

Since this store is located right next to Gap, I try to always stop into both when I make a trip to the outlets. BR wasn’t having quite as many mark downs, but I did find black and white pony hair flats for only $10.99. They had a slight scuff on the bottom—which no one will see anyway—and were a final sale purchase.

Because my feet are narrow, I have a hard time finding anything that actually fits, so it was a nice surprise. I am saving the flats for fall and wearing the wedges now.



2 Red Barron pizza, on sale $2.50 each. I used a $1.50 Target mobile coupon stacked with a $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $1.25 each!

2 Diet Dr. Pepper 2-liters, regular price $1.89 each. I used a $1.00/2 manufacturer’s coupon stacked with 50% off cartwheel. Total: $0.44 each!


2 containers of party peanuts, on sale $2.99 each. I used a $2.00/2 CVS coupon and $3.00 ECBs. Total: $0.49 each!

Rite Aid:

Crest sensitive toothpaste, on sale $3.00. I used a $0.50 manufacturer’s coupon and $2.50 Plenti Points. Total: Free, plus another $2.50 in points.


Local produce store:

8 pints of raspberries, on sale $0.99. Total: $7.92. (I froze most and used the rest for some very tasty muffins.


Did you find a good deal? Share/link in the comments.

Groovy Lab in a Box: It’s Electric Now Available


Groove on over to the Groovy Lab in a Box website to check out It’s Electric, now available as a single box, and join the Engineering Design Challenge.

Here’s how the challenge works: You are a groovy electrical engineer who has been contracted by the latest groovy dance group. Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design and build a dance pad with specific criteria and constraints?

Investigate static electricity, origin and structure of the atom, paper circuits, switches, a groovy door alarm to keep any trespassers out of your room and explore various science and engineering practices aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Don’t forget: Every Groovy Lab in a Box comes with a retro-themed Lab Notebook where STEMists will take notes, draw pictures, redesign their engineering projects and apply their critical thinking skills. Plus, all groovy STEMists get access to the Beyond…in a Box web portal for additional learning and fun!

It’s Electric is designed for kids ages 8 and up.

Inspired by Zion Harvey


Whoever said miracles do happen must’ve had this adorable young boy in mind!

Zion Harvey, an 8-year-old from Baltimore, became the world’s youngest double hand transplant recipient earlier this month. Even though he lost both his hands and feet to infection, nothing could keep this little champion down. With a lot of struggle, he learned to eat, write and play video games all on his own. (How’s that for perseverance? Wow.)

Despite having a serious disability that would make most of us bitter and depressed, Zion is one of the most optimistic people I’ve ever seen. Watching him being interviewed on The Today Show nearly brought me to tears! Not only is he warm and open, he’s also extremely articulate for his young years.

I predict he is going to have a major impact on the world, not just medically but personally. I was very inspired by his story and his attitude. Here I am, so much older, with 4 perfectly good limbs, and I am not even half as positive! Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are to be functional, taking basic activities for granted. Instead of looking on the bright side, I’m guilty of focusing on everything negative in my life, when my problems aren’t even that bad…

Zion’s story has reminded me that I need to focus on the good and forget about the bad. I’m going to say a special prayer for him today and I hope my readers will, too. The world needs more angels like him!

Loving My oBo Creations Necklace


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to be stylish is by trying out new accessories. I love to wear jewelry daily and necklaces are my favorite. I have quite a few in my collection, but I had never tried enamel jewelry until recently, when oBo Creations generously extended a review opportunity.

oBo Creations is headed by Olya, an amazing self-taught artist who lives in Switzerland. Known for excellent craftsmanship, her delicate designs are nature inspired. She individually makes each piece by hand for those who enjoy wearing a special look.

Until you’ve seen enamel jewelry up close, it’s hard to tell just how gorgeous it is. Created by painting on metal, it produces an effect that’s unique and unpredictable, with no two pieces looking exactly alike. The bright eye-catching color has many shades blended together that shimmer beautifully.


I’m especially fond of the orchid necklace. Tiny two-tone flowers painted blue and red dangle from a 16 inch silver chain (I prefer shorter chains). Wearing this is like having the prettiest little garden around your neck! It coordinates with most of my outfits and would work day or night, depending on the occasion. Best of all, this flattering design can be made into a ring or bracelet for those who enjoy matching sets.

Though it had to cross an ocean to reach me, my orchid necklace arrived in only 5 days, wrapped like a present, and perfect in every way. It truly is wearable art and I feel so feminine when I wear it.

In addition to necklaces, Obo Creations has drop earrings and studs, pendants, bangles, and so much more. You can learn more about the artist and see the gorgeous pieces featured in her Etsy shop