Silver Star of David Pendant Giveaway

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to be stylish is by trying out new accessories. I love to wear jewelry daily, and necklaces are my favorite. I have quite a few in my collection, especially Judaic designs.

Ka Gold Jewelry takes the traditional designs we all know and love and makes them into something unique, using sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is a term which describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. Master Jeweler, David Weitzman, has spent many years studying Kabbalah, Egyptian wisdom, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism and other concepts. His goal is to create jewelry that incorporates sacred symbols for healing, balance, and unity.

Because there are so many gorgeous designs to pick from, looking through their site is delightful. I wear gold mostly but I’ve been wanting to try something new in silver, so that narrowed it down a bit. Finding this beauty, that’s supposed to bring the wearer a great feeling of self confidence, security, and balance, was a dream come true.

This silver Star of David pendant is engraved with a sentence from Psalm 91, along the outer edge, and has a lovely stone in the center. It can be customized by selecting your preferred stone and chain length/type. Since turquoise is my birthstone (December), that’s what I picked.

Whenever I find something online, I’m always curious to see if I’ll like it as much in person and my necklace didn’t disappoint. It was super-shiny out of the box, smooth, and lightweight in feel without being flimsy. It’s also much larger than a typical pendant, making it a standout piece that’s quite eye catching.

I’ve worn it three times since it arrived last week and it’s great for day or night events. When I wore it to a beauty salon, the receptionist even commented on how pretty it was (love that!). I can see myself enjoying this necklace for years to come.

Ka Gold Jewelry has generously offered this exquisite necklace for a giveaway. There will be one winner and entries will be open until September 9. Good luck to all!

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Which stone would you pick?

Miracles Do Happen: Steve Bannon is OUT!

Steve Bannon, who is quite possibly the worst member of the Trump administration, is leaving the White House! Why is this such exciting news for America? Because Bannon is a racist, a misogynist, a White Nationalist, and an Anti-Semite.

Anyone who cares about our great country should celebrate; it is a triumph over hate. (Mind you, I don’t encourage gloating over individual loss, but he is just so awful!) We simply can not tolerate government officials who want to push an evil agenda that discriminates against and abuses people who have done nothing wrong.

I want to see the President, and everyone who works for him, condemn hate groups in the strongest way possible. That includes those on the Alt-Right AND the Alt-Left. There is nothing American about Nazism, the KKK, Antifa, Communists and other sickos like them.

What we need is peace, tolerance, friendship, love, and unity—no hate, no violence, no fear, and no riots! America is a land of freedom and opportunity for all law-abiding citizens and everyone is welcome to be here, not just a select few.

50 Years of Fashions Fads

If you’re in need of a laugh, check out this list—complete with pics!—of the worst, weirdest, and wildest fashion fads of the last 50 years.

I wasn’t around for the 1970’s, but everything else I recognized and cringed over. Yes, I must admit that I did take part in many of these silly trends, particularly in the ’90’s when I was a teen. Seriously, who didn’t  experiment with scrunchies, jelly shoes, shoulder pads, frosted eye shadows, etc…

Other ones I recall and would’ve added to the list include dark lip liner with light lipstick, slip dresses, Ugg boots, acid wash jeans, baby backpacks, and giant hoop earrings.


Fashion victims, fess up: reveal your worst trend ever!

Manhattan Jewish Experience Helps Young Professionals Connect

We all need a place to go to that nourishes our spiritual side. In the past, that has usually been a synagogue. But what if you’re unaffiliated, either by choice or by default? What if you’re working constantly and can’t find time to attend services? What if you’re a Millennial who doesn’t feel comfortable in a traditional setting?

If you’re living in the New York area, the Manhattan Jewish Experience will be ideal.

Created by Rabbi Mark Wildes, The MJE is geared towards young Jewish professionals of any observance level, whether it’s Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox, who want to meet new people and experience social, cultural, spiritual and educational events.

Offering a slew of activities throughout the week at different locations, there are opportunities to fit everyone’s unique schedules and interests, many of which are fun, fresh and exciting—drinks and dinner, Shabbat lunches in the park, painting lessons, ski trips, Hebrew classes and shwarma, lively group discussions, holiday celebrations, and much more.

Rabbi Mark was kind enough to provide further insight:

“New Yorkers are currently experiencing the “Summer of Hell”, the latest term that has been applied to the disastrous state of the MTA and the LIRR. It seems impossible to get from point A to point B in this city without hearing “due to a switch malfunction all trains are delayed.” Interestingly enough, sometimes our spirituality has the same switch malfunctions…and similar train delays. We don’t know how to recharge or how to find a solution. My answer is not simply “keep Shabbat” although that would be a good place to start.

“We come from a religion that is grounded in years of intellectualism and community. Our culture has natural places to slip into when you’re feeling overwhelmed from the surrounding dog-eat-dog world or if you never seem to be able to solve the switch malfunction at the station of reality street and spirituality avenue. The Manhattan Jewish Experience tries to help solve these issues by immersing you in a community with people who are looking to unplug, enjoy themselves, and take advantage of a Jewish spirituality that is always nourishing.

“Our events attract professionals in their twenties and thirties from across Manhattan and throughout the Tri-State area. Every summer, we have a monthly happy hour, usually at a rooftop bar, that focuses on networking, meeting new people, and just shooting the breeze. Our calendar is packed with events that balance the sacred and profane…the spiritual and religious…the social and the intellectual. In fact, I’d say that all of our events look for a balance like that.”

Anyone who’s interested in exploring Judaism, making new friends, and getting inspired to live a more authentic Jewish life should definitely check it out.

More information about the group and their calendar of events can be found on the website.