$0.69 Seventh Generation Dish Soap


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#RoyalCanin + PetSmart = Happy Chihuahua


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Do different breeds require different foods?

Most of us think pet food is a one size fits all product, but each breed truly has their own unique set of needs. Royal CaninĀ®, a global leader pet food leader, understands this. Through extensive research, they’ve created a complete line of premium food specifically formulated for cats and dogs—large or small, young or old, purebred or mixed breed. Developed in 1968 by a veterinarian, Royal Canin loves and respects pets and the people who are blessed to care for them. After more than 40 years, they remain on the cutting edge of pet nutrition. Instead of adopting the latest trend, they are focused on their vision of specific pet health. At all times and in all ways, pets are at the center of everything they do.

As someone who wants only the best for my Fur Babies, I love the concept of breed tailored food. To find out more, Charlie and I took a trip to our local PetSmartĀ® to investigate further.

As you can see from this picture, the display was huge!


Pretty much every breed you can think of was available, including the special Chihuahua food I was seeking. The bag is so big, it’s more than twice Charlie’s size. 


The food is loaded with top notch ingredients and beneficial antioxidants, and it’s formulated for the finicky appetite most Chihuahuas have. The small sized pieces are perfect for little mouths/teeth and the texture produces a brushing effect when chewed while the formula helps reduce the formation of plaque to ensure a clean, healthy mouth. (Since Charlie is still recovering from major dental surgery, this is vital!)

It makes a lot of sense to me that each breeds and size requires a slightly different formula. By choosing this food over a generic one, I can ensure that Charlie will get the best food to meet his needs.

#RoyalCanin + PetSmart = A very happy Chihuahua!


Two Years, Tons of Tears, Still #BostonStrong


“Two years, Tons of tears, still #BostonStrong.”

This remarkable phrase was written on a sign being held by a Boston Marathon spectator today. I think it pretty much sums up what everyone in New England—possibly the world—feels.

Two years ago, terrorists invaded. They caused massive disruption and destruction. They maimed many, killed 4, and broke the hearts of millions (mine included). Even now, it’s hard for me to process what happened.

On that fateful day, I was working fulltime as a Realtor. I was just wrapping up a client meeting and heading back to my office as the news broke. A large group of my fellow agents were huddled around the reception desk. A few ladies were crying. Unaware, I was confused. Words like “bombing,” “Marathon,” and “mass casualties” were whispered. I couldn’t help but gasp, utterly shocked and horrified. Another agent we worked with was in the race!

We didn’t know if he was dead or alive…

Our office didn’t have a TV, but everyone had Smartphones and/or laptops, and we watched the coverage on those, hoping for an update about our co-worker. Details in the beginning were very sketchy and fatalities were grossly over-estimated, so we were fearing the worst. About an hour later, a call came in, reassuring everyone he was ok. I can’t even begin to describe the relief we all felt!

Shortly after, most of us decided to leave early and go home. I spent the drive listening to AM radio, praying and crying, so afraid for everyone at the scene, wondering why this was happening. Why would anyone want to target the Boston Marathon, an event that represents everything that’s good in society, where every race, religion, and nationality is welcomed, working their hardest to achieve a common goal.

I didn’t have an answer then and I don’t have one now. I will never understand why bad things happen to good people. I will never understand why evil flourishes in every corner of this planet.

As that day wore on into night, 3 confirmed deaths were announced, including a young American lady, a little boy, and a Chinese exchange student. Oh, how my heart ached for their families and friends! It was so painful for me just to watch, and I wasn’t involved. Their suffering must’ve been beyond bearable. More tears, more anguish, many questions. Why did my co-worker live when they died? How would Boston, as a city and a People, manage?

Manage they did, by treating the wounded, burying the dead, catching and trying a killer, and truly coming together. #BostonStrong isn’t just a catchy phrase, it’s a hardcore belief for those of us who live in the Boston area, and those around the world that love this great city. Obviously, the terrorists underestimated how fiercely loyal Bostonians are to their city. Nobody is going to dare disrupt it without consequence.


Hearts are still heavy, two years later, but a recovery is slowly starting to emerge. Willing to battle the cold, wind, and rain, runners and supporters turned out in full force, bringing hope to millions. God willing, runners will be cheered on for another 100 marathons to come, inspired by thousands of good men and women—truly amazing people like marathon legends Dick and Rick Hoyt, a father and son team that have been participating since 1977! (For those who don’t know them, Rick is wheelchair-bound due to Cerebral Palsy and Dick pushes him while running.)

Most touching of all were the folks running in honor of the victims. “Never Forgotten” and “Always in our Hearts” may be overused phrases, but in this case, I think it’s truly justified. I never met any of the victims, but they’ve greatly influenced me and numerous others. They were beautiful people with promising lives ahead of them who will be missed forever.


In Memory of Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu, and Sean Collier.

Prolaris Helps Detect Cancer


Anyone who’s lost a loved one to cancer knows how devastating the disease can be. Cancer effected my family when my Grandfather was diagnosed. Unfortunately, he didn’t recover and lost his life at only 62 years old. This caused terrible pain for the entire family, but was the worst for my Grandmother. Instead of spending their golden years together as intended, she spent the last 22 years of her life all alone as a widow.

Cancer is and always will be a horrible disease, but there have been many advances—one of the best being early detection. Anyone who is at risk for Prostate cancer needs to know about Prolaris.

Prolaris is a genetic test for prostate cancer from Myriad Genetics Laboratories that combines traditional risk factors with molecular assessment. Prolaris is the only test that measures how fast prostate cancer cells are dividing. The information obtained from this test greatly impacts the treatment choices that someone diagnosed with Prostate cancer would choose. 


Over 1.2 million biopsies a year lead to 240,000 prostate cancer diagnoses and 30,000 deaths. Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer related death in the United States. Since women tend to take the dominant role in health care and screening in our homes, we need to be more educated about Prostate cancer and in turn, to educate the men in our lives.


When it comes to health, knowledge truly is power, and Polaris wants you to be informed. You could also win a huge $2,000 giveaway! Sign up yourself and a loved one up for a series of 3 emails that will empower you with what you need to know about prostate cancer. 

$1000 for you + $1000 for him + better health = Winning Combination.



This post was sponsored by Prolaris and Myriad Genetics via Global Influence.