Super Savings Saturday – 8/27/16


Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday!

Can you believe that August—and summer—is nearly over? Gosh, it seems like yesterday was Memorial Day and now it’s almost Labor Day! While I have enjoyed fun times of swimming, gardening, beach play, and wearing white jeans for months on end, there is one thing I’m glad to see go: the terrible heat and humidity! Here in New England, we had 19 days of 90 degrees which is unheard of. I’m really looking forward to fall’s cooler temps.

As for sale shopping, this week might’ve set a record…for least number of stores and things purchased! I went only to Walgreens. (That’s twice in two weeks. Maybe it’s no longer my worst store?)


4 Almay eye makeup remover pads, sale price $5.79 plus 50% off. I used 2 $5.00/2 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: $7.38 plus $6.00 Reward points. (So excited to snag these. Now I’m stocked up for at least 6 months!)

Other items on my list were $0.89 paper plates, $1.49 peanut butter, $4.50 Scott toilet paper, and clearance glue sticks. NONE of them were in stock. I did get rain checks, but it’s still frustrating. After 8 years of couponing, I’ve learned to not worry about it. Deals are hit or miss, but another one can pop up immediately.


Did you use any coupons? Find anything free? Share/link in the comments.

Farewell to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis


The Jewish community lost an incredible member on Tuesday, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. Referred to as the “Jewish Billy Graham,” the Rebbetzin was known for her theatrical—and widely attended—rallies that encouraged Jews to shun secularism and assimilation and return to traditional Judaism.

Though I never saw her in person, I have watched her on TV many times and she was truly unforgettable—very charismatic, passionate, and always on point. Her delivery was classic Jewish mother, bordering on stereotype: always wise, sometimes overbearing, and often funny. Her personal style was impeccable; she was never seen without her hair and makeup done and well dressed, too. This was someone who understood that image is just as important as message.

While I don’t subscribe to her brand of Orthodoxy, I definitely support her outreach efforts. As the founder of Hineni, she reached thousands of “lost Jews” and helped them to find faith. The fact that she was doing this as early as the 1960’s, when women in general (and certainly in the Orthodox community) were still disempowered is truly amazing.

Through her family, writing, videos, and the throngs of people whose lives she touched personally, this great lady and her unique brand of Judaism will surely inspire generations to come.

It’s National Waffle Day. Who’s Hungry?


Do we need a quasi-holiday to enjoy waffles? I think not. Seriously, isn’t everyday a good day for waffles? Gosh, I love them, especially the Belgian kind covered in berries and syrup.

This mouthwatering picture, courtesy of Taste of Home, is definitely tops on my list to make for breakfast. Looks like I need to dig the waffle maker out of the garage, and clean it, and cook, and then clean again…

Hmmm…maybe we should just go to IHOP? 🙂