Two-Faced Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Lied About BDS Support

 A newly-elected Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, has been exposed for being a two-faced liar

During the campaign, she met with a Jewish audience at a Minneapolis temple, claiming that BDS “stops the dialogue” and is “counteractive.” After being elected, she changed her tune completely, stating that she “believes in and supports the BDS movement, and has fought to make sure people’s right to support it isn’t criminalized.”

This is the worst sort of fraud that can exist. BDS, which stands for Boycott, Divest, and Sanction, is a policy specifically designed to target Israel and bankrupt the country. Only the worst type of anti-Semites support it. 

Of course, Congresswoman Omar is a fanatical Somali Muslim who has never been a friend of Israel or the Jewish community. In 2012, she famously tweeted that “Israel hypnotized the world” and it engages in “evil doing.”

In addition to hating Israel, she has nothing but criticism for America, the country which was willing to accept her as a refugee. She has denounced Capitalism, Democracy, and the American way of life, and is pushing for a radical agenda that promotes Socialism. 

It’s hard to believe such an unqualified, unlikable person could ever be elected. What a tragedy for the good people of Minnesota, that they fell for her lies. Just sickening!

Israel Wants Peace, Hamas Wants War

Once again, vicious terrorists have struck Israel, in a totally unprovoked attack, with over 300 rockets—so far—being sent to target innocent civilians. The culprits, of course, were Hamas, a group that exists only to terrorize and destroy.

No matter what Israel does, and they literally give millions in aid money to the Arabs, it is never enough for Hamas. These wicked people seek the complete destruction of the Jewish State and wish to replace it with an Islamic Jihadi State. 

Anyone who dares to defend Hamas as a legitimate group needs to read up on their history—who they are, what they believe, and the sickening lengths to which they will stoop. It is unbelievably evil!

Israel does not target civilians. Israel does not start wars. Yes, they use defense to protect their citizens and property, which is more than acceptable, it’s required. Every country on earth has the right to defend itself, after all. It’s so odd to me that only Israel is held to an impossible standard. 

When will the men, women, and children of Israel get to live a quiet life without fear? When will the safe rooms and bomb shelters, that dot every part of the country, stop being necessary? When will mothers of newborn babies not have to obtain gas masks for their infants? Surely, Israeli citizens deserve to live in peace like we enjoy here in America.

Instead of pretending that Hamas is good, let’s call them what they are: the worst sort of anti-Semitic monsters crawling on planet earth today. I have no sympathy for terrorists and I never will. My heart will always be with the innocent victims.

Free MakeUp Eraser Sample

Is it possible to remove makeup without any soap or cleanser? The MakeUp Eraser claims to work with just water and a cloth—nothing else required, even for waterproof mascara. 

With a free sample offer, we can see if it lives up to the hype. Since I have sensitive skin, allergies, and wear contacts, this concept is very appealing to me! 

To get your freebie, follow these easy steps:

  • Sign up at Try Before You Buy
  • Follow them on Instagram
  • Add 1 to the shopping cart
  • Select free shipping at checkout

If you enjoy the sample and decide to buy, the full size product is supposed to last for 3-5 years, so that’s definitely a bargain. 

This will definitely be a neat experiment.

How to Make The Best Thanksgiving Turkey

No Thanksgiving table would be complete without a perfectly browned turkey in the center. Even folks that don’t love the taste of turkey expect to have some on this special day, and will eat it without complaint, not expecting anything great.

Most of us have memories of dry, bland birds from Thanksgiving past. Some have never even sampled a good one! (Sad indeed.) Far from being tasteless and boring, a turkey can be delicious and moist—not to mention very affordable. 

I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dinner since I was 15-years-old. (I am now 36, so that’s a lot of practice.) Over the years, I’ve experimented quite a bit. There are a few things that truly make a world of difference and don’t require a ton of effort, which I’ve blogged about before.

My preferred method is to use a roasting bag, which eliminates the need for basting. (Basting is bad because you have to constantly open the oven door, causing temperature fluctuations that will extend the cooking time.) 

Another way is to brine the bird. It produces excellent results, though it does require additional steps. My best friends always cooks her turkey this way—she is the one who actually taught me about it—and the result is fantastic. 

Whether you brine or use a roasting bag, we both agree on one thing: stuffing. As in, do not use bread stuffing inside the bird. Instead, use one apple, one onion, and one orange. This is the best combination! Just quarter everything, toss it inside the cavity, and throw away after it’s cooked. 

As for the pop-up timer, don’t rely on that. They are notoriously inaccurate, resulting in over cooked food, every single time. It’s much better to buy a meat thermometer ($10 or less at Walmart).

Turkey can be intimidating, especially the first time, but it does get easier. With a little effort, you can make something “blah” into something super.


If you have any turkey tips, I’d love to hear about them.