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44 Surprising Uses For Petroleum Jelly


I had such a good response to my post on 20 Surprising Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide that I wanted to duplicate it, this time with petroleum jelly. Why petroleum jelly? Because I found a bunch for $0.11!

1. Homemade Exfoliator (Mix jelly with Epsom salt or sugar to make a cheap, effective skin scrubber.)

2. Back Soother  (Warm jelly in the microwave, let cool until it’s safe to touch, then massage into a sore back. Can also be frozen if you prefer cold relief, or mix the two for homemade Icy-Hot!)

3. Eye brow tamer  (Control unruly brow hairs with a dab of jelly. Can also be mixed with brown shadow to make eye brow color.)

4. Hydrate Elbows  (Apply a small amount to soften dry/cracked/ashy skin.)


5. Jack ‘O Lantern Extender  (Apply jelly to the pumpkin’s cut surface. Will extend the life of your Jack ‘O Lantern well beyond Halloween.)

6. Hair Dye Helper  (Apply jelly to forehead before dyeing to prevent discolored skin.)

7. Homemade Vick’s Vapor-Rub  (Mix jelly with Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil.)

8. Chewing Gum Remover  (If gum get stuck in hair or on a surface, use jelly to soften. Much easier removal.)

9. Heal Wind Burn  (Apply a small amount to affected area and watch the healing begin.

10. Zipper Mender  (Apply jelly to a stuck zipper. Should get it working again fast.)

11. Makeup Remover  (Even heavy-duty waterproof makeup will wipe off easily with jelly and a tissue. If you wear contact lens, make sure you take them out first!)

12. Fridge/Freezer Helper  (Apply jelly to the seals of your fridge/freezer to keep them soft and pliable.)

13. Shower Curtain Saver  (Extender the life of a plastic shower curtain by applying jelly to the ring holes. Will prevent tearing.)

14. Faucet Fixer  (A dripping faucet can be stemmed with jelly.)

15. Homemade lip balm/gloss  (Mix it with a lipstick you own to make custom lip gloss or use plain as Chapstick replacement.)

16. Soothe Blisters  (Dab jelly on blister and cover with a Band-Aid until it heals fully.)


17. Birdfeed Protector (If animals are sneaking into the bird food, apply a little jelly to the pole.)

18. Split End Mender  (Fuse raggedy hair back together. Not to be used on roots/cowlicks—too greasy.)

19. Ear Helper  (Apply jelly to ears before swimming to keep the water out.)

20. PCV Pipe Helper  (Works well when coating pipe fitting threads.)

21. Diaper Rash Preventer  (Can be used plain or mixed with essential oils. Not all babies can tolerate it, but it’s worth experimenting.)

22. Furniture Polisher  (Jelly can be used to polish wood furniture.)

23. Soften Feet  (Apply to feet before bed and cover with socks. Wake up to super soft skin.)

24. Fire Starter  (Rub jelly on cotton balls, then put in plastic bag. Place on top of food or charcoal. Outside use only!)

25. Hinge Helper  (Take the squeak out of a door or cabinet with some jelly.)

26. Ring Remover  (Ring stuck on your finger? Ease it off gently with some jelly. Use on plain metal only, never on stones.)

27. Paint Protector  (Use a Q-tip to apply jelly around the edges of whatever surface you’re painting. Any spills with wipe off without problems.)


28. Dashboard Reviver  (Jelly can revive old, fade dashboards. Wipe on, then buff off.)

29. Fly Trapper  (Warm jelly and pour into jar. Add 2 drops of perfume. Will attract and kill pesky flies.)

30. Coat Eyelashes  (Use as a clear, homemade mascara during the day or as a hydrating treatment at night.)

31. Crafter’s Helper  (To make cement stepping stones with glass inserts, nothing works better for holding the contact paper to the bottom of a mold.)

32. Homemade Eye Makeup  (Mix with powder eye shadow. Can be used as liner or cream shadow.)

33. Car Door Helper  (Use jelly on car door sealers. Especially helpful in the wintertime.)

34. Razor-Burn Reliever (Take the agony out of razor burn with some refrigerated jelly.)

35. Homemade Blush  (Mix with lipstick and apply to cheeks as cream blush.)

36. Cuticle Healer  (Have ragged nails and cuticles? Apply jelly every night before bed. Pair with cotton gloves for an extra boost.)


37. Super-charge Perfume  (Apply jelly on skin, then spray with perfume to increase staying power of the fragrance.)

38. Paw Healer  (If your cat or dog has dry or sore paws, try some jelly. Pumpkin loves this!)

39. Shoe Shine  (Restore luster to leather. Use a very small amount.)

40. Allergy Relief  (Nose cracked and burning from allergies? Apply jelly to nostrils.)

41. Hemorrhoid Helper  (Can be used to ease symptoms whenever needed.)

42. Chain Coater  (Apply jelly to any metal chain.)

43. Scar Relief  (Apply a bit of jelly to a new scar. Will help prevent scarring.)

And the most surprising tip of all?

44. Chicken Combs Cure  (If you keep live chickens, putting jelly on their combs will prevent frostbite.)


What’s your favorite way to use petroleum jelly?

Shaw’s: Huge Diaper Clearance!


I found a huge, unadvertised diaper clearance at Shaw’s! Packages of Huggies Snug & Dry and Little Movers were all marked $4.19 each! (There were a variety of sizes, but mostly 3 and 4.) Combine this sale with newspaper coupons and/or printables for an amazing deal!

Buy Huggies Snug & Dry, clearance price $4.19. Use a $2.00 Manufacturer’s Coupon. Total: $2.19 each!

Buy Huggies Little Movers, clearance price $4.19. Use a $2.50 Manufacturer’s Coupon or a $2.00 Printable Coupon! Total: $1.69 or $2.19 each!

These diapers will be on the reduced rack, not the baby aisle. I can’t promise your Shaw’s will have an identical deal, but it’s certainly worth checking at this price!

An Awesome Anniversary


What an awesome anniversary Hungry Bear and I had! (The actual day is July 24, but the festivities change slightly year-to-year, based on our schedules.) For this anniversary, we decided to spend a fun day together, going someplace we’d never been before…


The Currier Museum of Art!

It’s hard to tell from the exterior, but the Currier is just gorgeous inside, and contains some very famous artwork—Monet, Picasso, O’Keeffe, Matisse, and Frank Lloyd Wright, to name a few. I have been to many art museums and the Currier holds its own nicely, offering much more than I expected for a museum in the not-so-cosmopolitan locale of Manchester, New Hampshire.

We chose the self-guided tour and went through a variety of galleries—Modern, European, Contemporary, Americana, and a Special Exhibition that changes every few months. (Currently, it’s “A Black Odyssey,” by Romare Bearden.” One of the paintings in the European collection was over 800 years old!

In addition to the paintings, we saw incredible sculptures, furniture, glassworks, and a super-cute silver tea set that I adored! (I like anything miniature.)


My favorite gallery was the European collection and Hungry Bear really liked the Americana. Neither of us liked the contemporary at all! “The Black Odyssey” was unique. It depicted the classic literary tale, substituting African-Americans for the ancient Greeks.


On a side note, the Jewish Federation of NH is located across the street from the Currier museum. At least it always used to be; I was saddened to see that the brick building is for sale and was completely deserted. The Federation does a tremendous job and I hope they can find a new building soon.


After a quick stop at the Gift Shop, we had intended to eat at the museum café, but it’s only open for lunch, and we got there too late (as usual). It’s a striking space, with a glass ceiling. As luck would have it, Hungry Bear’s dad was able to meet us for dinner elsewhere, so it worked out perfectly in the end.

Dinner consisted of burgers, fries, and catch-up conversation that was enjoyed by all. I have always been fond of Hungry Bear’s dad and the feeing is mutual. He’s a great guy, who spent 12 years in the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard.

After dinner, we started the drive back home and this lucky lady was greeted with many presents! My gifts included a huge bouquet of pink and purple flowers, a necklace, and a hot pink yoga mat! I am so lucky to be with a man who tries to make me happy everyday.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Hungry Bear! I hope we share a million more.