TorahLine Passover Game Giveaway

Back by popular demand, I am so excited to host another giveaway for 613 Games, the makers of TorahLine!

Last Passover, everyone was buzzing about Exodus from Egypt, a family game that depicts the story of Exodus through colorful flash cards. It was so successful that a new and improved version has been created. The 2nd edition of Exodus from Egypt includes these great features: 

  • 100 event cards (written in English and Hebrew)
  • 6 Overview Cards
  • 54 Tokens
  • Color Rulebook in English
  • Covers the Torah portions Shemot, Va’eira, and Bo

With a total playing time of approximately 15 minutes, it’s a quick, easy, and interactive way to teach Torah to children. Anywhere from 2-6 players—or teams of players—can play, and it’s designed for ages 8 and up. 

The game will start out simply by reading verses and putting them in order. As you master the narrative, the advanced rules make it possible to increase the difficulty per player to learn the Torah portion, chapter, and verse number for each event. The game has 10 different rule variations providing hours of fun. (This prevents boredom and makes the game extra valuable.)

My family played it at our Seder in 2018 and it was wonderful! The kids were happy and occupied as I rushed around doing last minute prep and cooking. Having an activity for them is so helpful for moms and it also sparked some interesting discussions about Moses and the Plagues.

613 Games has generously offered to give away one game AND they’re providing a coupon for my readers. Enter code JLADY19 at checkout and you’ll receive a 25% discount. Orders over $25 will receive free shipping.

The TorahLine Passover Game Giveaway will be open thru April 11, 2019. Good luck to everyone!

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Pizza Hamantaschen for Purim

Hamantaschen, also known as the official treat of Purim, is normally a sugary, triangle-shaped cookie, made from a butter or cream cheese pastry. While those will never go out of style, a savory version can also be a nice addition.

And if we’re going savory, pizza can’t be beat. 

Family Friends Food created a kid-friendly recipe that uses the standard tomato-and-mozzarella combo. The optional basil leaves make it look so fancy. She includes olives. I made two batches—one with, one without, because some of my littles hate olives. 

If you’re looking for an adult version, What Jew Wanna Eat uses red onions and goat cheese. I made them and they were very good, provided you enjoy strong flavors.

Personally, I think all-purpose flour works best for pizza recipes, but whole wheat can be used if that’s your preference. Toppings, as well, can be customized. 

While these are made especially for Purim, it could work as a year-round appetizer, too. 


What kind of Hamantaschen do you prefer? Sweet or Savory?

“Jexodus” Campaign Encourages Jews to Stop Voting Democrat

“Jexodus” aka “Jewish Exodus” is a new political campaign that encourages Jews to stop voting Democrat. Similar to Blexit and Walk Away, Jexodus concentrates on Millennials, but folks of all ages are invited to join the movement.

Because the majority of Jews vote for Democrats (over 70%), their support is taken for granted. That misguided allegiance led to some truly terrifying candidates being elected to Congress recently—Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to name a few.

The Democratic party is moving away from the middle and headed towards a radical left. It promotes an ideology that is viciously anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israel. We are seeing it on a national, state and local level, with bad politicians and bad policies in the news daily.  

I’m a little unusual because I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18-years-old. That’s not common for a Jewish lady, but I sincerely hope in the future that it will become mainstream. That’s not to say that the Republicans are perfect; they have terrible bigots in their party, too. The difference is that the Republicans are not pro BDS, they’re not against religious freedom, and they’re not pushing an atheist agenda. 

Because the spokeswoman for Jexodus used to work for Trump, it’s being dismissed as a sham and a joke, which is so unfortunate. The Republican party existed long before Trump was even born! He will not be the President forever. This is so much bigger than him, or a single election. It’s about the future of America and the future of Israel. I want these great nations to flourish. 

If the Jewish community continues to vote Democrat as a block, that’s going against our own interest. Of course, each candidate should be judged on their individual merit. I would vote for a Democrat if they shared my values; the problem is that the majority don’t. I want politicians who will defend Jews, support Israel, and discourage anti-Semitic sentiment and attacks. Good luck finding a Democrat, especially one who’s under 30, that does.

I don’t know if Jexodus can have a large impact, but anything is better than nothing. Vote according to your conscience, not because you’re “supposed” to be a Jewish Democrat. 

JCPenney: 14 Days of Beauty Event

JCPenney is hosting a 14 Days of Beauty event with tons of freebies and discounted services, available in the JCP Salon or Sephora inside JCP. Call ahead or book online to reserve your spot.

Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, 3/12 – Free polished brows mini makeover
Wednesday, 3/13 – Free contour mini makeover
Thursday, 3/14 – Free blush & bronzer mini makeover
Friday, 3/15 – Free Canvas Tote with $35.00 Sephora Collection Purchase
Saturday, 3/16 – Free smoky eye mini makeover
Sunday, 3/17 – Free everyday eye mini makeover
Monday, 3/18 – Free essential eyeliner mini makeover
Tuesday, 3/19 – Free flawless foundation mini makeover
Wednesday, 3/20 – Free everyday eye mini makeover
Thursday, 3/21 – Free polished brows mini makeover
Friday, 3/22 – Free perfect lips mini makeover
Saturday, 3/23 – Free Tote w/ any $50.00 IT Cosmetics Purchase
Sunday, 3/24 – Free mini facial service

What a fun way to pamper yourself—and a friend or two!—without having to spend a lot.