Super Savings Saturday – 7/14/18

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

Can you believe it’s already time for Back to School sales? It seems incredibly silly to roll them out in mid-July, but that’s retail. I’m finding lots of supplies available, along with cleaning items like paper towels and tissues.


There was a Cartwheel offer, good for 15% off, with a limit of 4. 

2 Up & Up Crayons 24-pack, sale price $0.21 each. Total: $0.42.

2 Up & Up Rulers, sale price $0.21 each. Total: $0.42.


6 Wexford Highlighters, sale price $0.16 each. Total: $1.00.

6 Wexford 2-Pocket Folder, sale price $0.16 each. Total: $1.00.

Viva paper towels, 6-pack, sale price $5.00. I stacked a $0.50 manufacturer’s coupon with a $1.00 store coupon. Total: $3.50.

3 Kleenex tissues, clearance price $0.39 each. Total: $1.17. (These were an unexpected find from the clearance rack. The boxes were crushed, but still usable and cost less than 1 box regularly does. Always worth checking your local store for stuff like this.)

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that we got swept up into the Build-A-Bear hysteria on Thursday. “Pay Your Age” was a total disaster, with long lines, and many stores shutting down completely from the chaos. We were parking right as the store closed, so there was no waiting, but the kids were crushed. I saw multiple little ones sob and multiple adults scream and curse. (Nice, huh?) Definitely was poor planning on the store’s part because they underestimated how popular it would be. A $15.00 voucher was issued for everyone’s trouble. 


4 Strawberries, sale price $1.50. Total: $6.00. 

2 Romaine lettuce, 3-ct bag, sale price $1.99. Total: $3.98.

Boneless chicken breasts, sale price $1.69. Total: $6.82.


Have you found any deals lately? Feel free to link or share in the comments.

Hosts Wanted for Seventh Generation Products Party

Do you love Seventh Generation products as much as I do? Apply to host a party and you could receive a huge pack filled with goodies. There are 2,500 spots available, so the odds aren’t too bad. 

I’ve never hosted before, but I did attend a friend’s party back in 2015. It was awesome! There were diapers, baby wipes, laundry detergent, cleaners, etc.

You have to set up a Generation Good account—or be a member already—and it will appear in your dashboard.

Because I am sensitive to perfumes, I really like using their Free & Clear liquid dish soap. It’s the only thing I’ve tried that doesn’t cause a red rash or itchiness on my hands. 


Which Seventh Generation products do you like?

Portugal Reaching Out to Jewish Communities Abroad

Portugal, a country that has a terrible history of Jewish persecution, is now trying to right the wrong by reaching out to Jewish communities abroad. The Tourism Secretary, Ana Mendes Godinho, is encouraging Jews to both visit and consider living in Portugal

During a recent tour of America, she met with community leaders in New York and California, stating: “We have a vast Jewish heritage and a very ancient and profound connection to Jewish communities, with evidence of a Jewish presence in Portugal since 390 AD. We identified as a priority the promoting of the Jewish Legacy in Portugal…It is quite interesting to remember that in the 15th century, circa 20% of the Portuguese population was Jewish, so we always say that every Portuguese may have a Jewish origin.”

She is correct about that, but seems to be glossing over what happened to those people and why the Portuguese Jewish community almost ceased to exist entirely: An Inquisition that forcibly tried to convert Jews, exiled Jews and eventually killed Jews who wanted to maintain their heritage and faith

The Inquisition is a very shameful chapter in Spanish/Portuguese history. Most surprising of all, it wasn’t officially ended until 1821! (It started back in the late 1400’s.) The first post-Inquisition synagogue was not founded until 1836 and today, in 2018, the estimated Portuguese Jewish population is less than 2,000 individuals. 

Current governments are not responsible for the actions of their predecessors, of course, and I am genuinely impressed that Portugal is willing to make an effort with the Jewish community. The Tourism Secretary has gone to great lengths to reach out and that’s admirable.

Jews of Sephardic descent whose ancestors were persecuted and exiled during the Spanish Inquisition and/or subsequent Portuguese Inquisition have been able to acquire Portuguese citizenship since 2013. A few thousand have chosen to do so, but there isn’t a huge interest for obvious reasons. 

Personally, I’d be willing to visit Portugal. Living there, however, would be a different story. I’m not convinced it’s a safe area for Jews, given the complicated history of the region. That said, anyone who wants relocate should have the opportunity and I’m glad the Portuguese government has made that an option. 

25 Creative Uses for Soy Sauce (Fish, Fruit, Meat & More)

Do you save soy sauce for Chinese food? Some folks only try it while enjoying takeout, but there’s no reason to stop there. It’s actually quite a versatile condiment, good with fish, fruit, meat and more. Here are 25 creative ways to use soy sauce:

1. All purpose marinade – Soy sauce, scallions, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes.

2. Sweet and savory marinade – Soy sauce and brown sugar. A similar version is soy sauce and molasses.

3. Mustard marinade – Soy sauce, grainy mustard, garlic, and rosemary. Excellent for lamb chops.

4. Dipping batter – Add a few drops of soy sauce to liquid batter, then bread. it really enhances the flavor of fried chicken or fish.

5. Meatballs or meatloaf – Use soy sauce instead of salt.

6. Beef jerky – Marinate in soy sauce for a tasty treat.

7. Potato Salad – One teaspoon will make a huge difference.

8. Salsa or Pico De Gallo – Add a spoonful to balance acidity. 

9. Burgers – Mix soy sauce, minced garlic, and minced onion into ground beef or turkey.

10. Pasta – Add soy sauce to cooking water before it boils.  

11. Vegetarian – Add soy sauce to cooked lentils, black beans or tofu. Think you hate tofu? Try this honey soy version.

12. Grilled onions – Coat whole onion with soy sauce, wrap in foil and grill.

13. Soup – Try it in Chicken soup, French Onion, Tomato, or Mushroom.

14. Scrambled Eggs – Use soy sauce instead of Tabasco.

15. Baked potatoes – Rub it on the skin before baking or use as topping.

16. Rice patties – Mix soy sauce and leftover cooked rice, then fry into patties.

17. Raw veggie dip – Mix soy sauce and mayo to make a flavorful dip. This also works for French fries.

18. Macaroni and cheese – It may sound unusual, but it works great. 

19. Gravy – Jazz up a bottle of jarred gravy or add to homemade.

20. Fruit salad – Mix soy sauce, honey, fresh ginger, and pineapple juice, then pour over fruit. Works wonderfully with peaches.

21. Salad dressings – Use in place of vinegar or lemon when making a homemade version.

22. Popcorn – Soy sauce can replace salt as a topping.

23. Wood chips – If you use these for grilling, try soaking first in soy sauce before cooking.

24. Poaching – Add soy sauce to the liquid before poaching fish. Very nice with salmon.

25. Fish sauce – Soy sauce, butter, and cream makes a lovely topping for white fish.


Do you like soy sauce?