Does Anyone Drink Cold Brew Coffee?

After hearing about cold brew coffee for the millionth time, I’m ready to take the plunge and try it. The only problem is that I don’t know where to start. If anyone drinks cold brew coffee, I’d love some advice—which brand, how to prepare, etc. 

I have a regular drip machine and a Keurig, which I find equally good. Because cold brew is supposed to make better iced coffee and be less acidic, I’m curious. But maybe it’s just hype? Either way, dear folks, please chime in. 

Had an Abusive Childhood? Watch “I Can Only Imagine”

An abusive childhood, domestic violence, divorced parents, a bad romance—sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Unless you’re Brad Millard, lead singer of the band MercyMe. Instead of letting tragedy destroy him, he took all the pain, shame, and disappointment, and channeled it into writing the song “I Can Only Imagine.”

Anticipating what it would be like in Heaven and to be standing before God, the popular song has been turned into an equally-popular movie with Michael Finley playing Brad and Dennis Quaid as his horrible father. Many of the parent/child themes touched upon—abuse, abandonment, estrangement, reconciliation and death—will feel unnervingly close to many families. (It was very relatable to me, with the dysfunctional family life I had growing up.)

Though the subject matter is heavy, the movie is not a downer, focusing on making lemons out of lemonade, rather than a “woe is me” attitude. It encourages the viewer to stay positive because no matter how bad it is or was, something good can come from it in the future. Hope, healing, and redemption are possible, provided we don’t let misery and misfortune take over. 

“I Can Online Imagine” is written from a Christian perspective, but members of the Jewish community will relate to the universal truth of God’s Word, God’s Plan, and God’s Love. Jews and Christians may worship differently, but we are all serving the same God who has promised to always be there for us. 

See the trailer here or purchase the DVD.

Adventures in Pet Sitting (It’s Been Crazy!)

If a friend ever asks you to pet sit for 1 dog and 4 cats, think it over carefully…

For five days, I’ve been running myself ragged, taking care of a zoo—mine and hers. Her sweet doggy came to my house, but the cats stayed at hers, which means twice-daily visits there, tons of running around, and endless chaos.

All of her cats are on medication, one needs a special diet, and none are being very friendly. (I’ve got scratches on both arms to prove it.) Previously, I have never had any issues with them and it’s pretty weird. I get along well with most animals and have experience with fostering, so I assumed it wouldn’t be tough.

Pets, like people, have their own personalities and some are incredibly moody. I did call the vet, to be on the safe side, but they’re not ill, just unhappy. I feel so badly that I can’t make them more comfortable. They have everything they need, just not their human family. 

Oh, and did I mention she’ll be gone for TEN more days? Yup, that’s my luck. 😉

10 Creative Ways to Use Fresh Mint

The fragrance, the color, the taste—mint is one of my favorite things to plant in a garden. Like zucchini, a tiny bit seems to multiple like magic, producing an abundance of epic proportions. Convinced you can’t use it all up? Try these 10 creative ways to enjoy fresh mint, ensuring the bounty won’t be wasted:

1. Drinks 

Water (cold is very refreshing, hot is good for indigestion), lemonade, tea, seltzer, smoothies. 

2. Salads 

Green salad, fruit salad, or cucumber/tomato. For a fancy version, try sliced strawberries, mint & basil with balsamic dressing. 

3. Desserts 

Homemade ice cream (every kid’s favorite!), brownies, chocolate pudding, candy, cupcakes, and  the infamous Grasshopper Pie.

4. Sauce 

Finely chop, then combine with 1 tsp. of vinegar and 1 tsp. of sugar. Great with beef and lamb.

5. Ice cubes

Pretty and delicious way to make a cold drink nicer. My sister loves it with Diet Coke.

6. Yogurt 

Mint, berries and yogurt make a lovely light breakfast. Add chocolate chips for a decadent version.

7. Decoration 

I use it as cut greenery, both on its own and mixed into a bouquet.

8. Decongestant 

If you have a stuffy nose, make a small bunch of mint and eucalyptus, then tie it upside down in the shower. The steam combined with the scent works so well.

9. Cleaning

Mix with white vinegar for an all-purpose spray. Dry, crush and add to baking soda, then sprinkle on carpets before vacuuming.

10. Sunburn Relief

According to Martha Stewart, an infusion of black tea and fresh mint is super soothing when applied to the skin.


Do you like mint?