Super Savings Saturday – 10/18


It’s Super, it’s Saturday, and it’s time for savings! This week, I found tons of good stuff. I shopped at 3 stores and most of the deals were at Shaw’s. (I love their double coupon policy and 3-day sales the most.) I skipped the drugstores, except for a Rite Aid rain check. Not a single store in my area had the free Puracyn foot wash and I checked 4!


GE light bulbs, on sale $3.11 and similar to a coupon stack I did previously. Total: $0.11!   (I use these in my bathroom vanity.)

Black flip flops, clearance price $1.75.   (I thought I would use these next summer but it’s been over 70 degrees here in New England most of the week! These are cute and comfy for the price.)

2 Pull Ups, details here. Total: $4.74!





Carolina rice pilaf, on sale $1.00. I used a $0.50 Manufacturer’s coupon (doubled). Total: Free!

2 Everyday Essential chips, on sale 3/$5.00. I used a $2.00/2 store coupon. Total: $0.67 each!   (Hungry Bear begs for chips, so I was happy to surprise him with a little treat.)

2 Everyday Essential pretzels, on sale 3/$5.00. I used a $2.50/2 store coupon. Total: $0.67 each!   (My fav snack!)

2 Everyday Essential Free & Clear detergent, on sale $1.99. I used 2 $1.00 store coupons. Total: $0.99 each!   (Don’t overlook deals on good generics. This stuff cleans as well as Purex or All and it’s much more affordable.)

2 Classico pasta sauce, on sale 2/$3.00. I used a $0.75/2 Manufacturer’s coupon (doubled). Total: $1.50 for 2!

2 Everyday Essential turkey deli meat, regular price $2.99. These had $1.50 mark down stickers. Total: $3.00 for 2!   (Great to have on hand for quick lunches. I only buy when it’s reduced.)


Market Basket:

I found a great deal on cold rotisserie chicken that costs less than half the price of the hot chickens. There were 4 packs of split breasts for $1.29/Lb and I grabbed all of them. If you’d like to buy some, I found them in the cold case across from the milk.

I shredded all of the meat and it filled a gallon-sized Ziploc. It was so convenient to have to hand for dinners and lunches throughout the week!

Pack # 1:  $2.65

Pack # 2:  $2.33

Pack # 3:  $1.79

Pack # 4:  $1.63

I don’t regularly find this chicken deal, but it’s great when I do. (Not only the price, but getting to take a cooking break, too).


Did you find any “Super Savings” this week? Feel free to comment!

Babies R Us: Free Halloween Bottle & Store Event


Babies R Us is hosting a “Babies First Halloween” event this Saturday, 10/18,  from 10:00-11:00 AM. Attendees can partake in the following:

• Enjoy fun activities including story time, crafts and special trick-or-treat surprises for baby!
• Meet other parents celebrating their baby’s first Halloween!
• Plus, raffles, giveaways & more!


Plus, if you print this coupon, you can get a free Dr. Brown’s 8-oz Halloween bottle with a $15 purchase!