Gazelle: Buy and Sell Used Electronics

Life without Smart devices—can we even imagine it? Electronics make life so much better, but they sure can cost a lot. Most of us have a couple and with technology constantly changing, we’re buying—and replacing—them regularly. 

I know a lot of folks want the latest and greatest, but that’s the most expensive. Finding something that’s gently used can save so much. Although there are a number of options for purchasing pre-owned online, not all of them are reliable. Gazelle is my favorite for all of these reasons:

Gazelle performs a 30+-point inspection on all their devices (iPhones, Galaxy phones, and iPads), which guarantees that every feature of the device is tested and is of the highest quality before it’s sold to you. This is also backed by a 30-day return policy.

Because Gazelle Certified devices mean no contracts or strings attached, you can upgrade your device at up to 40% less than buying a new one and avoid being tied to a contract that you might not need. You can keep your carrier, or go with a new one. The choice is yours.

You can also easily trade-in your used iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, AppleTV, and other smartphones and smart devices to Gazelle for cash in three easy steps.

Using Gazelle only takes 3 steps:

Step 1: Select your gadget from a list of options on Gazelle’s “Trade-In” page, answer a few questions, and then Gazelle provides you with an offer for your device.

Step 2: For items worth $1 or more, it’s free to ship your device to Gazelle. Once your trade-in is received, the device is inspected to make sure its condition matches your evaluation.

Step 3: Payment. If the device matches your description, Gazelle will pay you in the form of a check, an gift card, or via PayPal. Payment takes about a week.

If you want to sell your old phone or device and get a fair price for it, Gazelle is the safest, easiest, most reliable way to go. And if you want to upgrade your device without having to pay retail or deal with a junk purchase, shop Gazelle Certified.

Free 2018/2019 Jewish Art Calendar

Chabad of Skokie is offering free 2018/2019 Jewish Art calendars. The Calendar includes detailed information on holidays, Shabbat, candle-lighting times, traditional recipes, and Jewish artwork. 

To receive a copy, request one at the website. You do not have to live in Skokie to participate. 

EU Summit Scheduled on Yom Kippur Causes Grave Concern

European Jewish leaders have expressed grave concerns over the EU Summit that’s scheduled to begin during Yom Kippur. To add insult to injury, it will take place in Austria.  

Some are calling it “insensitive” or “accidental,” but I think it’s deliberate. Surely, it could’ve been scheduled a few days before or after, to accommodate Judaism’s holiest day. Obviously, it’s difficult to find a date that fits everyone; however, they’re not doing it on Muslim or Christian holidays, only Jewish ones. Very unfair!

The long standing anti-Semitic attitudes and behavior in Europe are downright sickening. Government meetings need to be extra careful to demonstrate cultural awareness and inclusion. No summit should be held during a holiday, no matter how small the minority, so that everyone has equal opportunity to attend and voice their concerns and ideas. 

$50.00 Dairy Queen Gift Card Giveaway – 2 Winners!

Who’s ready to Grill and Chill? Since everyone has been so understanding about problems with the last giveaway, I want to make this extra special with two winners

It will be double the fun, double the prizes, and double the Blizzards. (If you’re like me, those Oreo cookies are calling your name.) 

The Dairy Queen Gift Card Giveaway will be open thru 9/10/18. Best of luck to everyone. 


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