Diploma Frame Giveaway


I’m excited to announce a new giveaway, sponsored by Church Hill Classics. Recently, I posted about the wonderful experience I had with their frames and now I can offer one to a reader!

Church Hill Classics offers conservation quality, custom made frames that are the perfect gift for high school or college graduates. I can’t stress enough how beautiful these frames are. Some of them retail for more than $240.00.

The winner will be able to select the frame of their choice, just in time for graduation season. Good luck!

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Super Savings Saturday – 3/28/15


Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday!

This week’s shopping was a little out of my norm—I only shopped at two stores and skipped the drugstores completely. I didn’t have the time or ambition to hit my regular route, due to dealing with chronic health problems, insomnia, and a mid-week MRI on my brain. (For those who’ve never had an MRI, all I can say is “Yikes!” It was such a horrible, scary experience for me! Luckily, the test didn’t find anything, but the doctors still don’t know what’s wrong with me.)

In addition to that craziness, I signed up for a 3-part series on organic gardening at my local library. I’ve attended one class so far, and it was super! (After the series is finished, I hope to blog more about it.) The teacher has been farming for over 50 years and I’m learning quite a bit from him and the other attendees. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Even though my shopping was condensed, I still found many good deals, especially on frozen fish and veggies. (Contrary to popular belief, I do actually buy food, not just treats and health/beauty freebies. Hopefully, this will show how I stock up and at what price.)


10 Bird’s Eye steamed veggies, on sale $1.99 plus BOGO. I used 5 $1.00 Manufacturer’s coupons. Total: $0.50 each!

4 bags of tilapia, on sale $3.99. Total: $15.96!  (These are usually $9.99 each, so it was huge savings. I love having frozen fish on hand for busy nights.)

2 Cheeze-It crackers, on sale $2.50. I used 2 $0.75 Manufacturer’s coupons (doubled). Total: $1.00 each!



2 Playtex bottles, details here. Total: $0.47 each!

Candy Land game, on sale $4.77. I used a $3.00 Manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $1.77!

Chutes and Ladders game, on sale $4.77. I used a $3.00 Manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $1.77!

2 Blue Bunny Star Bars, clearance price $2.00.  I used 2 $0.75 Manufacturer’s coupons. Total: $1.25 each!

Dial Miracle Oil body wash, regular price $3.97. I used a free product coupon. Total: Free!


Did you use any coupons this week? Feel free to share!

My Experience with Perfect Threads


I’m a big bargain hunter and often shop at second hand stores in my town (many of these places have unique gems that you just can’t find at a typical department store). The price is right but it often takes tons of time, sorting. I’ve always wanted to try online resale since it’s less of a hassle, and when Perfect Threads offered me some products to review, I jumped at the chance!

Perfect Threads started in 2013, with the goal of allowing mothers across Canada to buy, sell, and donate gently-used kids clothes. As the company grew, they started working with religious institutions, schools, charities, organized clubs and sports teams—all of whom provide the donations. Still a favorite in Canada, those of us who are in the U.S. can also shop.

They are community-minded and support fund-raising through clothing collection. I really like their three key objectives:

  1. Help religious institutions (churches, mosques, synagogues, temples etc… ), sports teams/clubs, elementary schools or any organization that needed to raise funds, to be able to do so easily.
  2. Continue to provide a marketplace for people to purchase quality like-new and new clothing at an affordable price.
  3. Continue to support charities and donate both children and adult clothing to women’s shelters, as well as to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.
 Perfect Threads has clothing in most every size, from women’s to toddlers. There is a good mix of adult and kids, plus a decent amount of clearance items. The site is easy to search by brand or size. I selected a brown jacket and a gray and purple striped sweater. They also have a section for used Lego sets which is wonderful. I ordered a small Star Warts Lego set that included both the instructions and all the pieces



Ordering was easy and my package arrived within days and was exactly as described—no fading, no smells, or tears. The items weren’t brand new, but they were still stylish and wearable. Best of all, I didn’t even have to leave home.

Anyone looking for a quality resale product that’s both fashionable and affordable should check out Perfect Threads.

Homemade Pet Food Recipes


With scary pet food recalls in the news, one has to wonder if the food is safe at all. While most is edible, and many commercial brands are even high quality, the benefits of making homemade pet food can’t be ignored. Do you want to be able to select the freshest, healthiest ingredients that are geared to your pet’s dietary preferences? Do you want to incorporate vitamins and/or supplements? If so, I’d encourage you to try it (whether it’s done daily or only once in a while, I think making pet food can be fun, too, for anyone who enjoys cooking).

After lots of experimentation, these recipes have proven to be winners with both cats and dogs. Each recipe is very easy and fluid; there’s no measuring, weighing, or exact ingredients needed. Remember to take your individual pet’s needs into account: breed, age, weight, activity and overall health.


1. Chicken Delight

Mix shredded Rotisserie chicken and diced Brussels sprouts. Add coconut oil, flax oil, powered fiber, and enough water to dissolve fiber. (I use a mix of both dark & white meat and leave the skin on, but that’s optional.)


2. Sausage Scramble

Mix turkey sausage, shaved turkey deli meat, diced hard-boiled egg whites, and spinach and broccoli (that’s been blended/mushed by hand). 
Add coconut oil, flax oil, powered fiber, and enough water to dissolve fiber.


3. Beef & Broccoli Medley

Take a package of beef breakfast sausage that’s been cut lengthwise and place it flat side down on a microwavable plat. Heat for 10-15 seconds. Combine with steamed, chopped broccoli. Add coconut oil, flax oil, powered fiber, and enough water to dissolve fiber. (This recipe is a kitty favorite!)


4. Pot Roast & Carrots

I made this with dinner leftovers and the dogs devoured it! Just combine shredded pot roast with steamed carrots.Add coconut oil, flax oil, powered fiber, and enough water to dissolve fiber.

All of these recipes can be prepared ahead and stored in the fridge for 1-2 days, or bulk cooked and frozen for later. My animals don’t complain either way.


Have you ever made pet food?