4 Days on Cape Cod – Highs, Lows and In-Between

Travel can be exciting and it can also be a huge hassle. Having just returned from 4 days on Cape Cod, I’m wondering if it was worth the effort. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to experience any vacation at all, but our timing was unbelievably bad.

Between a record-setting heat wave, 4th of July and enormous crowds, there was a lot of fussing and fighting. Normally, we don’t travel during holidays, but we were part of an extended family group and this was the only week everyone could do it. 

As a family, we made a list of ideas that sounded appealing; I say “ideas” because I’ve learned that you have to be flexible while traveling, since nothing ever goes perfectly. These included a day at an Inflatable Park, a Whale Watch, renting bicycles, and the beach. (Yes, we kept it super simple, with modest expectations.)

While we actually did manage to accomplish all of the above, and a lot more, it wasn’t smooth sailing.

High point of the trip: Eating 3-scoop ice cream cones while listening to a free live music show, with everyone in a good mood and relaxed.

Low point of the trip: Severe sunburns, near fainting from heat exhaustion, and one person who threw up from eating too many hot dogs—all in the same day!

The second low point was during the ride home when we were trying to cross the Bourne Bridge for almost 3 hours, which turned a long-ish ride into a marathon of misery. You can probably tell from this map how far it was, going from the very tip of the Cape back towards the mainland, and being stuck for hours on the road. 

I’ll admit that a lot of cross words were exchanged during that tense ride. Some of them, in particular, I really wish I could take back now. I was literally at my breaking point—hot, tired, hungry, annoyed, and sick of the endless noise. Definitely not my finest moment…

Setting the difficulties aside, Cape Cod is a beautiful place that’s worth visiting. I’ve been there at least half a dozen times during my life and the scenery never disappoints. For anyone who may be interested, I did the majority of my planning with We Need A Vacation, which is an excellent website devoted to the Cape and Islands. Lots of good tips on lodging, dining, and activities.

My favorite meal was a cod dinner at a seafood restaurant. It had lemon and capers and was served with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Oh, and did I mention that I ate five pieces of bread from the basket? It was so good! 

The usual tourist stuff is fun, especially on the first trip, and I love the antique stores, art galleries, and clothing boutiques. Prices are high, overall, but a souvenir is a must. I found the prettiest scarf with a nautical theme that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

I guess it’s true that trips really are a mixed blessing. I’m happy I went, but I wouldn’t want to relive it any time soon. 


Have you been on a vacation lately? Was it a success or a disaster?