5 Best Apple Cider Punch Recipes

As the days grow shorter and temperatures begin to drop, I love to warm up with a big mug of hot apple cider. Delicious on its own, the taste is even better when turned into a special drink. Here are 5 Apple Cider Punch recipes that are truly fabulous:

Better Homes & Gardens recipe uses cranberry-raspberry juice, which creates the prettiest color.

Betty Crocker’s version has ginger ale and a fresh cranberry garnish.

Taste of Home includes cinnamon and ginger for a spiced cider.

Country Living includes white grape juice, fresh apple slices, and star anise.

Food Network has a mulled cider that incorporates brown sugar and two kinds of tea.

All of these can be made as a family-friendly non-alcoholic version, or if you want to add some zing for the adults only, a little rum is a fun addition.


Do you like apple cider?

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  1. Amy Deeter

    My 3 children are big fans of cider. I will have to try these out one of these days coming up. thanks for sharing

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