50 Years of Fashions Fads

If you’re in need of a laugh, check out this list—complete with pics!—of the worst, weirdest, and wildest fashion fads of the last 50 years.

I wasn’t around for the 1970’s, but everything else I recognized and cringed over. Yes, I must admit that I did take part in many of these silly trends, particularly in the ’90’s when I was a teen. Seriously, who didn’t  experiment with scrunchies, jelly shoes, shoulder pads, frosted eye shadows, etc…

Other ones I recall and would’ve added to the list include dark lip liner with light lipstick, slip dresses, Ugg boots, acid wash jeans, baby backpacks, and giant hoop earrings.


Fashion victims, fess up: reveal your worst trend ever!

8 thoughts on “50 Years of Fashions Fads

  1. Emily Alen-Stein

    Before straight irons were invented, my friends and I used clothes irons on our hair. Can you imagine? Dumb. also, homemade tie-dye.

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