A Bikini Top is Not A Shirt

While waiting in a long line this morning at my local post office, I had the opportunity for extensive people watching. Only one person caught my eye and that was due to her questionable attire—a bikini top and a pair of Victoria’s Secret sweatpants.

She had to have been at least 40 and should’ve known better, yet there she was, hauling in boxes, bending/stretching, and basically revealing her entire cleavage to everyone in the building. 

I understand that fashion sense can mean different things to different folks, but this was just downright lewd. Everyone talks about their need to be dressed comfortably and I get that. What I don’t understand is why your comfort should make others feel uncomfortable. 

A short sleeve top made of 100% cotton is very lightweight, even on the hottest summer day. (FYI: It’s only 70 degrees here and not humid at all!) Wearing a bra under said cotton shirt isn’t exactly a burden either. 

Ladies, we can be stylish and modest at the same time. We don’t have to bare every inch of skin to attract a man’s eye. Being and feeling beautiful is an integral part of womanhood; there is nothing wrong with that. What I don’t like is the emphasis on vulgarity. That’s not pretty, it’s trashy. 

A bikini top, should someone choose to wear it, is appropriate for the beach only. (Personally, I like a one-piece better.) If you’re swimming, or lounging, or sunbathing, okay, but not in a store, or a restaurant, and definitely not a post office. 

There is a time and a place for everything. Please save the bikini for the right moments. 


Do you agree with me, why or why not?