Add “Gifted” to Your Must-See Movie List

Every mom probably thinks her child is a genius, but what if you had to raise an actual child prodigy? And that child wasn’t yours? Oh, and you’re a single parent on top of everything else…

The movie is called Gifted and the plot line is obviously excellent. The cast is led by Chris Evans, who stars as “Frank,” a kind and concerned uncle to screen niece, “Mary,” played by the adorable McKenna Grace.

After his sister Diana’s suicide, Frank gives up his life in Boston and relocates to Florida to take care of her baby. While working as a boat mechanic, Frank has been homeschooling Mary, but he now believes that she should go to school and be around children her own age to socialize.

On Mary’s first day of school, her teacher quickly realizes that she is exceptionally bright. Both the teacher and principal urge Frank to put Mary into a special Academy, but he refuses. The principal takes matters into her own hands and calls Evelyn, who is Frank and Diana’s mother.

Evelyn and Frank have very different ideas about how Mary should be raised—the “Gifted” vs. “Normal” debate. Unable to agree, the two end up battling it out in court. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

In honor of the movie’s release, I was given some adorable Gifted promotional items. Everything is so cute, and since my kids lose school supplies like it’s going out of style, these will come in very handy. The most sought after (squabbled over?) item is definitely the one-eyed Emoji fox named Fred.

Anyone who has ever dealt with family issues will relate to this wonderful drama. Gifted will be released in select theaters on April 7th and should be on your must-see list.


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