Adventures In Jam Making


In an effort to use up all these $0.99 raspberries, I embarked on a jam making adventure! I’ve eaten plenty of jam and jelly in my life, but I’ve never actually made any.

To simplify things, I used a no-cook recipe for “freezer” jam (the whole boiling/sterilizing the jar part seemed like drudgery.) An easy one is found on the back of Ball’s instant pectin packet.


To make this jam, you will need:

*  1 2/3 cup fresh fruit  (I used raspberries, but you can substitute if needed).

*  1 packet of instant pectin

*  2/3 cup sugar  (Splenda can be substituted for low-sugar jam)

*  2 half pint jars

Finely crush the fruit and set aside. In a large bowl, mix the sugar and the pectin.


Add the crushed fruit to the sugar/pectin mixture and stir for 3 minutes. Spoon into the jars. Let stand for 30 minutes and dig in!

Here’s what it looks like when set.


The process was easier than I expected and the taste was delicious! I would give it 5 stars for ease, but not price. I paid $0.97 for the pectin, $4.29 for 4 jars, and $1.98 for the fruit. (I had sugar on hand, but that would be an additional expense.)

Jam will keep 3 weeks in the fridge or up to a year in the freezer. I don’t think it will spoil since the jars are so small. I loved this jam on English muffins served with eggs for an awesome breakfast. Hungry Bear concocted some weird sausage-jam-onion English muffin creation that look horrible to me, but he devoured!

On an unrelated, side note, anytime I see pectin it makes me think of the Anne Frank case, because Anne’s father owned a pectin company. Anne’s story, and the book and movie developed from her writing, was very moving for me as a youngster. I so wish Anne could be here today, enjoying life as she should! She was a beautiful soul, taken way before her time.

Isn’t it funny how something as simple as jam can spark a reminder of the Holocaust? I guess this Jewish Lady sees things from a Judaic perspective.

6 thoughts on “Adventures In Jam Making

  1. Natalie

    Thank you for sharing the raspberry jam recipe. And, yes, Anne Frank was such a beautiful spirit and so beyond her years in wisdom. I support Israel proudly, and my heart is breaking now with all the current events.

  2. A.G.

    Thank you for your recipes that I prior received from you that I really enjoyed them that after I received this Jam Recipe that I thought to send you this message to thank you. Including I enjoy your Jam Recipe too.

    Since you mentioned the Anne Frank Case that I saw the movie on TV one day. (Barbra Streisand was on TV one day talking about that she read Anne Frank’s Diary that she commented that for others to read it because reading that book will change their life….) Then while I was watching the movie of Anne Frank’s Diary that I cried with lots of tears for Anne Frank including Anne Frank’s family…and I hated Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.

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