Anti-Semitic Outrage at Swiss Hotel

After watching endless coverage of the outrageous and completely unnecessary riot in Charlottesville, VA, I thought that incident was at the top of the anti-Semitic outrage list for the week.

Imagine my surprise when this insanity popped up in my Twitter feed:

Ruth Thomann, who is the manager of the Aparthaus Paradies hotel in Switzerland, not only wrote it, but was willing to put her name on it! According to this article, she claims that the sign was posted after “two Jewish girls had gone into the swimming pool without taking a shower.”

Such a comment is so offensive, on so many levels, because it implies that Jews are inherently dirty by nature, that they are physically dirty due to bad hygiene, and that Gentiles are neither. (Obviously, all of the above is completely untrue and any rational mind knows that!)

This hotel had a reputation for accommodating Kashrut and rules about Shabbat, making it popular with Orthodox Jewish visitors, which is even more bewildering.

Such incidents prove that anti-Semitism is thriving in Europe, just as it has for centuries. The big difference now is that such evil acts can go viral through the internet, raising awareness and penalizing those who do wrong.

Personally, I would not stay at this hotel if they paid me and I sincerely encourage others to avoid it like the plague it is until they offer a formal apology and fire the manager. Two-faced folks that are willing to take Jewish money with one hand and slap us across the face with the other hand can not be tolerated!

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