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An Orthodox Jewish Lady that Loves Tattoos Shares Her Story

Recently, I met a great person through Instagram. We bonded over a mutual love of makeup and after trading a few messages, I found out that she was raised Orthodox. This surprised me since she had many tattoos!  Judaism forbids it and because of forced branding in the Holocaust, the subject of tattoos can be a touchy one. (Of course, I’m never one to shy away from controversy. 😉 )

Crystal Creamer was extremely gracious and offered to write a guest post about her unique views. While I am against tattooing, I greatly admire her honesty and creative spirit. She certainly has a beautiful soul and a true love for Judaism.  

I am an Orthodox Jewish lady. I am also a strong supporter of tattooing. To most, that would be a contradiction, but for me, it’s just natural. My love for tattoos goes way back. I have always been artistic, and as a young girl, I would always draw on myself and get in trouble.

I can remember the first time I saw someone with ink: It was out at the market with my family. I was so in awe that someone could have permanent artwork on their body that I went up to the man and asked: “What are those? What is it like to be covered with all that work and never have to draw it on over and over?” He told me it was an expression of himself and that our bodies are a canvas to outwardly show the world how we want to be perceived with our thoughts/beliefs.

Not only did that cement my love of body art, but it also shaped another aspect of my life (career choice of being a Cosmetologist). I’m a firm believer that peoples actions and words show their true heart. Because I was raised in an Orthodox family, my ideas were considered very radical. In the beginning, they were not supportive but eventually came to accept them and me. Now, both of my siblings have tattoos, too!

To me, Judaism and tattooing can mix in the modern world as it is an artistic expression, just like putting on my makeup everyday. Ink doesn’t change who we are deep down inside or beliefs. Most Jews disagree with that. One view is that tattoos are discouraged in Judaism because God wants us to be set apart from others. I think living by the Mitzvahs is what distinguishes us.

We are a unique, strong and determined nation which I feel so proud/blessed to be part of. I understand that by putting ink all over my body, I will not be able to be buried in an Orthodox Cemetery. But I still believe that it’s truly what is in your heart, along with how you live that makes a difference, not an outward appearance.

Either way, it’s up to each person whether they feel that tattooing or not would be right. Regardless of our differences, we are all Jews and we should be united, no matter what!

About the Author:

Crystal Creamer is a talented Cosmetologist who specializes in styling Sheitels (wigs) for Jewish women and providing private haircuts for women who follow modesty laws or preferences. Also a Makeup Artist and Model, she love all things beauty. Currently working on an Esthetician license, she will soon be offering skincare services to clients.  

Crystal resides in Panama City, FL with daughter Hallie, featured in the   picture above with her constant travel companion “Drama Llama.” You can connect with her on Instagram.

My Review of MDacne Skincare Kit

Every lady, whether she is 16 or 60, wants to look her best. That can mean different things to different people, but surely everyone will recognize that clear, healthy, glowing skin is extremely important! Unfortunately, over 50 million Americans struggle with acne—something that takes a toll not just on looks but also on self esteem. Personally, even a single blemish can ruin my entire day.

Anyone who has ever dealt with this unsightly condition—seriously, who hasn’t?—knows how frustrating it can be to treat. Many folks just experiment with harsh products on their own (most of which don’t live up to their lofty claims). Those who can afford it may seek out a dermatologist and medication (again, not a cure, since over half of all patients quit taking the medicine anyway, due to a lack of results and/or side effects).

MDacne offers a better approach—no wonder it’s extremely popular in the iTunes store. Created in Israel, using cutting edge technology, MDacne allows users to get a real-time image analysis of their skin. I found it very easy to use—start by filling out a questionnaire and taking a selfie. Based on your own individual needs and the severity of your skin problems, a customized plan is offered. 

Each customized kit contains 3 steps: anti-acne treatment cream, medicated cleanser and a moisturizer, all of which are FDA approved. I found the products to be effective but not overkill. The moisturizer was my favorite, very gentle and soothing.

It’s easy to follow the plan and check your progress with the app’s built in monitoring system. With 24/7 skin monitoring and an unlimited chat with a Dermatologist, MDacne is like having a personal skincare coach at your fingertips. 

The app can be downloaded for free  and use promo code 30OFF-BLOG to save 30% off your first month. Every order comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. For me, it’s worth every penny to wake up clean and clear, ready to present my best face to the world. 

Whether you’re dealing with an occasional breakout or constant eruptions, MDacne is definitely worth a try.

$100.00 Coach Gift Card Giveaway

You guys, thank you so much for the giveaway suggestions. (I knew they’d be good, but some were totally unique and for items I never would’ve dreamed up on my own.) In addition to wanting gift cards, folks mentioned seasonal gifts, food, emergency kits, stuff for men, and stuff for kids.

Over the next few months, I plan to offer lots of different things, but this particular giveaway should be credited to a reader named Joni who suggested a purse.

After stopping by the Coach store today and browsing quite a while, I realized that not everyone has the same style, so rather than offer just one, I’m doing a gift card. If for some odd reason you don’t like purses (seriously, not possible…), you can buy an umbrella, or some shoes, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

One other thing I’d like to clarify is the winner announcement. Because so many readers have said it’s confusing, I am no longer allowing anyone to claim anonymously. Only first names, or first name and last initial if common, will be published. That’s not an invasion of your privacy and makes it much easier for everyone else. I think 99% of you will agree. If you win, you will receive an email from me and your name will be posted after the prize is claimed. This will solve a lot of confusion going forward.

The $100.00 Coach gift card giveaway will be open thru April 15. Good luck!


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36 Under 36: Nominate Young Jewish Activists

Do you know a younger gal or guy that is actively working to make the New York Jewish community a better place? Nominate them for 36 Under 36 – an annual competition that recognizes activists, educators, artists and other folks who are standouts.

The only restrictions are age (36 and under as of December 31, 2018) and location (must currently live or work in New York).

I think it’s extremely important that younger folks are encouraged to be active in Judaism and Zionism. They are the future, after all, and a little well-deserved publicity can make a huge difference.