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My 2017 Black Friday List (All Freebies)

Are you gearing up for the Coupon Olympics aka Black Friday? I sure am since it’s my favorite day to shop! After scouring the ads for weeks, it seems like less deals are available this year. CVS and Rite Aid still have good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not like it used to be. Walgreens is absolute junk with not a single freebie. I can remember 5 years ago when they had over 20 freebies, so it really has changed!

Anyway, here is my proposed list, focused on the drug stores. (I am trying to be realistic about the number of stores that I’ll actually have the energy to shop.) I generally don’t do the mall or Big Box stores because the doorbusters go so fast and everything else isn’t appealing enough to get crushed in the crowd, but deals are available for anyone brave enough to try.

All of these prices will be valid Thursday to Saturday and every item listed is free after store rewards, with no additional coupons needed.


Hershey’s singles, $0.77 plus $0.77 ECB’s – limit 1

Skittles, $0.99 plus $0.99 ECB’s – limit 1

CVS baby wipes, $0.99 plus $0.99 ECB’s – limit 1 

CVS pantiliners, $0.99 plus $0.99 ECB’s – limit 1 

Glade solid air freshener, $0.99 plus $0.99 ECB’s – limit 1 

Green Giant vegetables, $0.99 plus $0.99 ECB’s – limit 1 

Trolli, $1.99 plus $1.99 ECB’s – limit 1

Beauty 360 disposable razors, $1.99 plus $1.99 ECB’s – limit 1

G-u-m toothbrush, $2.50 plus $2.50 ECB’s – limit 2

CVS alkaline batteries, $4.39 plus $4.39 ECB’s  – limit 1

Organic doctor skin care, $8.00 plus $8.00 ECB’s – limit 1

Physicians formula mascara, $9.00 plus $9.00 ECB’s  – limit 1


Rite Aid:

Nestle candy bars, $0.50, plus 1.00 Plenti Points wyb 2 – limit 2

Kleenex tissue, $1.00 plus 1.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

Swedish fish, $1.00 plus 1.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

Rite Aid tape, $2.00, plus 2.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

Listerine floss, $3.00 plus 3.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

Conair brushes or elastics, $3.00, plus 3.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

GE led light bulb, $5.00, plus 5.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

Zim’s max-freeze pain relievers, $5.00, plus 5.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

Magnavox digital ear buds, $6.00, plus 6.00 Plenti Points – limit 2

Colgate sensitive paste or toothbrushes, 2 for $8.00 plus $8.00 Plenti Points  – Limit 2



If you’re planning to shop on Black Friday, I’d love to know what you’re going to buy!

Howard Stern’s Adult Daughter Embraces Orthodox Judaism

While most kids rebel against strict parents by becoming more liberal, Howard Stern’s daughter went the opposite way and embraced Orthodox Judaism. Now over 30 and still single, Emily Stern says she barely dates and prefers modesty rather than her famous dad’s “anything goes” attitude towards sex and relationships.

I found it interesting that she cites her parents 1999 divorce as a major cause in leading her towards Orthodoxy. Society often acts like divorce doesn’t create lasting problems, but in the case of children, it most certainly can and often does. I know that the divorce of my own parents, over 25 years ago, still effects me to this day in a very negative way.

Orthodoxy is definitely not the answer for everyone and if taken to an extreme it can be harmful, but if chosen as an adult, freely, it’s not a bad idea. Instead of drugs, alcohol, or promiscuity, which most young people prefer, Miss Stern wants to have a meaningful life and that’s awesome!

New Layflat Photo Books from Blurb

This post contains affiliate links and I received compensation for this post

I’m someone that’s obsessed with taking pictures. Not all are treasured, but ones that I truly love are meant to be kept, which is why I enjoy creating photo books. Blurb has taken it to the next level with the launch of Layflat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to convert a wide-angle into a keepsake and it never seemed to work just right. By using Layflat, you can go corner to corner and edge to edge across an entire two-page spread without losing any part of the image to the center! Perfect for travel shots, weddings, and portfolios, and it can also be customized with text.

Turn any photo book into a Layflat showcase with a gorgeous collection of seamless spreads and make your memories last forever.

10 Must-Haves for Hosting Holiday Guests

The following guest post was contributed by Amanda Kuzak. After more than a decade as a professional organizer, she has some great tips to help us enjoy our guests instead of dealing with a madhouse.

Hosting guests for the holidays is supposed to be fun, but for many, it can actually be very stressful and time consuming. With proper preparation, it doesn’t have to be. By anticipating common needs and providing overlooked items, hosting can truly be a breeze. These 10 things are a must:

1. Organized Closet

Keep the spare closet clutter free with a supply of extra hangers, shelves, and a small laundry basket.

2. Bathroom Essentials

Keep a display tray or small basket stocked with travel-sized necessities like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. For an extra touch, include a mud mask, loofah or new body lotion for them to try.

3. Hanging Space

Add extra hooks behind the door and in the bathroom for coats, bags and towels; I love and recommend Command Hooks.

4. Tech Corner

This will probably be the most used space in the guest room. Supply a corner with extra phone chargers (include both Android and iPhone to be safe). Also, add a note with the Wi-Fi network and password, so no one is without access to their Netflix or Hulu accounts.

5. Extra Bedding

This is essential to make your guests the warmest and comfiest they can be. Try having two extra firm and two extra soft pillows on the bed so guests can choose which they’d prefer, and extra blankets in the closet or in a decorative basket in the room so they can layer if needed.

6. Add a Fan

Include a floor fan by the bed so they can be in control of adding a little extra air flow in their room or if they want it on for some white noise.

7. Bathroom Tools

In the bathroom, place a hair dryer and other hair tools for your guests to use. This will help them save space in their suitcase.

8. Wastebasket

Place a small wastebasket in the bathroom and guest room to avoid a clutter pile up on the counters and dresser.

9. Alarm Clock

While most people use the alarm on their phone nowadays, many older folks prefer to go device free. Put a small alarm clock on the nightstand for grandparents and those who like to stay on a schedule.

10. Let Them Know

Your guests will appreciate a phone call or note letting them know what you have on hand, allowing them to streamline and only pack the essentials. 

About the Author:

Amanda Kuzak is passionate about helping people lead efficient lives. Through her work as a popular blogger and professional organizer, she specializes in top-to-bottom home organizing, relocation, liquidation and estate sales. Originally from Michigan, she and her family now reside in Northern California. Connect with Amanda on Kuzak’s Closet.