Burnt Cookies, Exploding Coffee Maker & an Overflowing Sink

You know those moments when everything seems to go wrong simultaneously? Yep, me too! 😉

It started with a craving. I had the ingredients on hand and some free time, so I decided to make cookies. No big deal there; I’ve done it a million times. Into the oven they went, and that’s when it became interesting.

The phone rang. Then the door bell rang. Then the cat threw up. As I went from task to task, I started to smell burning. Either I didn’t set a timer or I didn’t hear it because of the commotion, but the cookies were definitely overbaked. Oh, and I scorched my hand through a pot holder grabbing them.

I prefer chewy over crispy, but a crunchy treat is ok for me if it’s dunked into coffee. Still frazzled, I didn’t shut it completely and before I knew it, the machine is hissing and steaming and the lid pops up, spewing hot grounds down its sides and onto the counter. 

By the time that’s cleaned, I had a mountain of dishes waiting. I turned on the sink, letting the hot water pressure soften some baked-on gunk, and then more distractions led to further disaster. I literally walked out of the kitchen for 5 minutes to put some laundry away and returned to find water dripping down and soaking the floor. (Lest you think I’m a total half-wit, the drain plug was not in and a plate was covering it unintentionally.)

Evidently, I am highly distractible, can’t multi-task, or just really unlucky. (Mix of everything, perhaps?) Guess it was just one of those days…

2 thoughts on “Burnt Cookies, Exploding Coffee Maker & an Overflowing Sink

  1. ellen beck

    I think we all have one of hose days now and again. I have 5 cats and socialize feral kittens, nothing worse than the distinctive sound of cat hacks! I have never done that with the sink, bu watch i will happen. Hope things get smooth for you quickly.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      The cats add so much joy AND so much craziness to a house. I have never worked with ferals, is it a lot harder? Even with the extra work, the cats are so precious.