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How Far Would You Travel for a Haircut?

3,269 miles—that’s the distance one lady is willing to travel for a haircut, according to an article in the February edition of Allure magazine. And she’s not the only person doing it regularly; obsessed (insane?!) beauty fans are flying around the world, spawning a new type of tourism called “Haircations.” (I call it jaw dropping…)

While I fully understand how crummy a bad hair day can be, I don’t think any cut is worth an international flight! Mind you, it’s easy for me to find a stylist, even at a cheap-o place like Great Clips or Supercuts, because I have stick-straight, one length hair. I normally spend $15.00 on a haircut and I color my own hair at home. I wouldn’t say I’m a trend setter, by any means, but I do have a distinctive look that works for me. It’s quick, affordable and easy to maintain.

But that’s the grown-up me. When I was a younger lady, I was willing to experiment more and spend more, and I would’ve thought flying to Paris for a haircut would’ve been a dream come true! (Funny how perspective changes with age.) As many of my readers know, I grew up in New Hampshire. While it’s still not a fashion-forward kind of place, back then, in the 90’s, it was really plain. Being able to travel to Boston, to have your hair done in a salon on Newbury Street, was considered the height of style and elegance. (Reserved for special occasions only, of course.) 

Since then, times have changed tremendously, social media and beauty websites have increased awareness, and even those with fussy hair types can find skilled hands locally. Every lady must choose what’s right for her individually, but I’m confident there’s got to be a better investment for one’s time and money than a $1,000 haircut. 


Readers are welcome to chime in about anything hair related—how much you’re willing to spend, how far you’d travel, etc.

Inauguration Fashion

No matter how you feel about the government, who you voted for, or what political party you belong to, Inauguration Day is a special event for every American. Even if you hate politics completely, there’s a natural curiosity about what everyone is wearing. Here’s my take on Inauguration fashion:

Best: Melania Trump

It’s not difficult to look good when you’re as tall, thin, and pretty as the First Lady, but she was exceptionally well put together, dressed in sky blue Ralph Lauren with color coordinated accessories and a softly arranged updo. I heard several reporters compare her style to Jackie Kennedy’s, which I must agree with.

Worst: Kellyanne Conway

While I can appreciate the Patriotic nod, Kellyanne’s red, white, and blue ensemble fell flat on its face. The big buttons and wide belt seem more fitting for a Revolutionary War solider; her hair looks exceptionally brittle and overly bleached, and the red hat seems out of place. Most shocking of all: the coat is made by Gucci and costs $3,600!

Best Color: Jill Biden

The perennially stylish doctor was seen wearing the loveliest shade of hot pink. The lady she’s reaching out to embrace is Mrs. Pence. The new Second Lady doesn’t seem to be too interested in clothes, but was dressed modestly and appropriately in a plain black coat.

Ladies in White: Trump Sisters and Hillary Clinton

Favorite daughter Ivanka, Odd Girl Out Tiffany, and the gracious loser all chose to wear the same color. In what was a particularly dignified move, a stoic Hillary attended the event when 60 Democratic House members refused and she deserves credit for that. (Michelle Obama, on the other hand, appeared to be bitter and was scowling quite a bit.)

Most Elegant: Nancy Pelosi

Following the trend, the Minority Leader picked lighter colors, combining soft gray, brown gloves, and a fabulous set of pearls into an elegant ensemble. The only misstep was an unnecessary Obamacare button pinned to her lapel.

Honorable Mention: Dick Cheney’s Hat

In a nod to his Wyoming roots, the former Vice President wore an eye-catching western hat.

And, even though it has nothing to do with fashion, I can’t discuss the Inauguration without mentioning Rabbi Hier’s contribution. Invited presumably because of his association with the Kushner family, he ignored the critics who demanded he bow out, and delivered an excellent benediction. Since no Rabbi had done this since the Reagan administration, it was a very big deal and I’m pleased to see that the Jewish community was included.

My Experience with Newport Skinny Tea

Extremely embarrassing confession: from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, I gorged like an absolute pig! (Yes, this is hard to admit in writing, but I try to share what’s happening in my life—the good, the bad, and the ugly.) Normally, I try to diet and eat healthy, but this holiday season just knocked me out. I felt so achy, so hungry, so sleep deprived, and so stressed out, that I gave in with abandon. We’re talking huge bowls of mashed potatoes, fettucine Alfredo, bags of Gelt, sweet drinks, baked goods, platters of latkes and bagel, Chinese food feasts…gosh, you name it and I probably ate it!

So much binging led to an 8-lb weight gain, constant indigestion, a very puffed out belly, and even more lethargy! Clearly, I had to get back on track. Since New Year’s Day, I have been focusing on eating whole foods like fresh produce and lean meats with minimal carbs and NO desserts.

After 18 days, I’m starting to see improvement. The cravings are not nearly as strong and my stomach doesn’t seem as doughy. Now, when I feel hungry and it’s not meal time, I try to fill up on no-cal beverages. Plain water or water with a slice of citrus is great, but sometimes I just need more flavor in mouth.

Newport Skinny Tea generously sent me some samples to review and this was truly the right product at the right time. The kit consists of two bags of loose leaf tea, one for daytime and one for evening. The recommended amount is 2 cups of Daytime and 1 cup of Evening—something I’ve done faithfully.

While I prefer tea bags—because it’s one less step—making tea with an infuser isn’t difficult. The taste depends on how long it’s steeped, with longer equaling stronger (my preference). I thought it was very nice, definitely more of a “gourmet” variety. Drinking it before meals did help to fill me up and the evening cup was a nice way to wind down before bed. My only complaint is that the tea contains stevia and I’d rather have an unsweetened product.

All in all, Newport Skinny Tea is a good product for anyone trying to consume less calories. Obviously, diet and exercise are important, too, and this is not a magic bullet. Definitely worth a try, though!

ModCloth: HUGE 70% Off Sale

ModCloth is kicking off 2017 with their biggest sale of the season! Right now, you can nab 1,000s of clothing separates, dresses, accessories, and decor, up to 70% off. With prices these low, you’ll want to shop for standout styles before they disappear forever.

Two items I love are the Clientele It Like It Is Floral Top (only $13.99) and the Dance Craze Charisma Midi Skirt (only $17.99). Both pieces are modest and stylish, with really cute prints.

Orders over $75.00 qualify for free shipping, and if you’ve never ordered before from ModCloth, you can receive an additional 20% off your first order by joining their mailing list.