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Super Savings Saturday – 10/21/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

This week offered a good variety of low price deals—candy, snacks, makeup and some actual food. The only bummer was missing out on free Irish Spring bar soap at Rite Aid. I did get a rain check, but they are so slow to re-stock, it will be a loooooooong wait.


Top round steak, sale price $1.99/lb. Total price: $15.43! (Because this type of beef is a tougher cut, I like to chop it up and then make into a stew or soup.)

Gala apples, sale price $0.77/lb. Total: $5.19! (I would’ve bought less, but the price was only good for a mini tote.)

Sweet potatoes, sale price $0.88/lb. Total: $2.78!


4 Trolli, sale price $1.99. Total: $7.96 plus $7.96 Register Rewards! (Specifically for Halloween and I’m hiding it from the rest of the family so they don’t gobble it all up early.)


Physician’s Formula lip gloss, regular price $10.49. I used a $4.00 manufacturer’s coupon and a $4.50 ECB. Total: $1.99 plus a $7.00 ECB!

2 Gold Emblem Rice Pop Clusters, regular price $1.00. I used a $2.00/2 store coupon. Total: Free!


Have you used any coupons lately?

Super Savings Saturday – 10/7/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

Since last week was Yom Kippur and this week is Sukkot, my shopping time has been extremely limited. Other than picking up necessities at Market Basket for normal meals and the holiday foods, I only found a few freebies and cheapies.


Baby carrots, bell peppers, and English cucumbers were all on sale for $1.00. I bought 3 bags of carrots, 4 green peppers, and 2 cukes. Total: $9.00!

Beef round roast, sale price $2.49. Total: $6.53! (Definitely will be a crockpot meal with carrots and potatoes.)

Muuna strawberry cottage cheese cup, regular price $1.50. Total: Free with store coupon! (Never heard of this brand before. I’d give it 2 stars out of 5 after tasting.)

Godiva Masterpiece candy, regular price $3.50. Total: Free with store coupon! (Really good chocolate, just like everything else Godiva makes.)

Toys “R” US:

Due to unrelenting nagging from the kids, we attended the Hatchimals Surprise Party this afternoon. According to the website, there was supposed to be live hatches, themed games and activities, free Puppadee manicures, and a free Hatchimals loot bag for all attendees.

Even though we arrived ten minutes into the party, the loot bags were already gone, and the other stuff? Oh my! Total unorganized mess, with nothing coming out right. Since Toys “R” US is in bankruptcy, I don’t think they’ll be working it out anytime soon. We left shortly after arriving, didn’t buy anything and went next door to McDonald’s for hot fudge sundaes.


After dropping everyone off at home, I headed out again on my own to CVS in search of a Maybelline mascara deal that should’ve been free after coupons and ECBs. Unfortunately, I waited until the last day of the sale and nothing was left in stock. I left with only a rebate.


Have you found any good deals lately?

Super Savings Saturday – 9/23/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

Since it was a holiday week, I didn’t have much time or energy for couponing. I waited until today to shop and it was very quick. The two stores I went to are in the same plaza, so all I had to do was park once, shop twice. I scored free razors, free food items, and picked up some sale produce.

Rite Aid:

2 Daylogic 3-blade men’s razors, sale price $5.00. Total: $10.00 with $10.00 Plenti Points!


Naturesta hot sauce, regular price $2.99. Total: Free with store coupon!

Arla cream cheese, regular price $2.99. I used a $2.99 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: Free!

Red grapes, sale price $0.98/lb. Total: $2.26!

Green cabbage, sale price $0.39/lb. Total: $0.81!

“O” Orangics salad mix, regular price $5.00. I used a $1.00 store coupon. Total: $4.00!



Have you used any coupons lately?

Super Savings Saturday – 9/16/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

This was a slow week for deals. I skipped the drug stores completely, struck out at Target, and did okay with groceries. Nothing too exciting, but that’s how it goes sometimes…


I picked up some 3-Day sale items, found some marked down meat in the clearance section, and collected two stamps good for Rachael Ray Bakeware—only about a million more to go before I earn anything. 😉

1 pineapple, sale price $1.50.

2 cantaloupes, sale price $1.50. Total: $3.00!

2 Eggo waffles, sale price $0.99. Total: $1.98! (There was a limit of two, or I would’ve bought way more to stock the freezer for crazy-busy mornings.)

1 pack sirloin steak tips, sale price $5.88/lb plus $3.00 store coupon. Total: $8.96! (So tasty marinated in Italian dressings.)

1 whole Perdue chicken, sale price $0.99/lb plus $2.00 store coupon. Total: $3.94! (This chicken was monster sized! I pulled off the skin and put it into the slow cooker. It made enough for dinner, plus chicken salad sandwiches the following day.)


After reading about an insanely good bedding sale on numerous deal sites, I went in looking for Fieldcrest sheets. If you haven’t tried this brand, do so. The quality is excellent for the price. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one in search of new sheets. There wasn’t a single pack left in Queen size. (Mind you, I did check the store locator online, which claimed 5 were in stock. Nope!)

Market Basket:

Very quick trip while everyone waited in the car and I ran in. (It was pouring rain, crabby moods all around and the store was a madhouse.) I forgot my list—ugh!—so I just grabbed almond milk, celery, peanut butter and bread. Total: $8.50. I’m planning a much bigger shop next week when I’m more organized and less frazzled.


Have you used any coupons lately?