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Super Savings Saturday – 1/27/18

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

I’m making a major effort to sort through the house, top to bottom, and purge stuff we don’t need. Since we’d like to move in the near future, this project is very high on my list, but so overwhelming. 1-2 hour chunks of time is about all I can stand, but even short bursts have been very constructive.

Used Book Store:

I brought in 6 bags of books. This store is pretty picky and only wanted a fraction. I received $39.49 and donated the rest to the library. While this isn’t a savings for me, it will be for the next buyer and it’s good to pass on the savings when we can.


2 White Cloud toilet papers, sale price $3.99. I used 2 $3.00 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: $1.98!


4 Rimmel eye shadows, details here. Total: Free!

4 oranges, regular price $0.50 each! Total: $2.00 plus a $2.00 rebate!

1 dozen brown eggs, regular price $1.89. Total: $1.89 plus a $1.89 rebate!

Local Produce Store:

4 pineapples, sale price $0.99. Total: $3.96! (Two are gone; the other two waiting.)

4 limes, sale price $0.25 each. Total: $1.00!

Honeydew melon, sale price $1.49.

Clearance pack of random veggies – 1 green pepper, 1 red onion, 2 zucchini. Total: $0.89! (Other than one rotten spot on the pepper, it was all edible.)

A random pineapple tip from Pinterest: Instead of cutting into chunks, try making circular slices. I’m planning to make a fruit platter for Tu B’Shevat and the pineapple will be a great addition. I find so many pretty pictures/inspiration/recipes from Pinterest!


What have you done lately to save money?

Super Savings Saturday – 1/13/18

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

The wild winter continues: We’ve swung from negative temps and blizzards to over 50 degrees and raining here in New England! While I’m not really sure what to make of it, I’m certainly not complaining about the warmer weather.

This week was a mix bag for shopping, mostly good and one complete fail.

Best Buy:

Because I had a gift card and Best Buy was having a sale, I ordered a new wireless mouse from their website. Based on the description, it seemed identical to what I already, except the color was purple instead of black. (Purple is my all-time favorite color and hard to find in-store.) When it arrived, it was the right color, but wrong size. I swear this mouse is a micro! I’ve definitely never seen anything this small and can’t use it, so it will have to be returned or exchanged. Very annoying.


Colgate toothpaste, sale price $3.50. I stacked a $2.50 store coupon with a $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: Free!


2 Lindt chocolate truffle bags, sale price 2/$2.00. I used 2 $1.00 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: Free! (These are the mini 0.8 ounce bags that are devoured in a flash.)


As usual, Shaw’s had a bunch of good loss leaders available for the 3-day sale.

Beef eye round roast, sale price $1.99/lb. Total: $17.89! (I bought multiples to freeze.)

3 avocados, sale price $0.88. Total: $2.64!

2 mangoes, sale price $0.88. Total: $1.76! (Since I’m a mango hater, I only grabbed a couple for smoothies that will be enjoyed by my better half.)

Signature Kitchen wheat bread, sale price $0.88. Total: $0.88!

O Organics pumpkin, sale price $1.00. Total: $4.00! (I found these on an end cap in the clearance section. They had a bunch of baking stuff marked down.)

Lucerne butter, sale price $1.99. Total: $3.98! (The limit was only 2 and strictly enforced.)


Have you found any deals lately?

Super Savings Saturday – 12/30/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday. Can you believe 2017 is coming to a close? Couponing and deal hunting was fairly good this year, overall, but rebate apps and mobile coupons seem to be taking over. Almost obsolete are the mail-in rebate programs and newspaper coupons that were required when I started back in 2008. Like anything else, couponing continues to change over time. In some ways, I preferred the old system, but we have to adapt, regardless.

This week, it was all about meat and produce. I love stocking up on healthy food when it’s on sale.


2 boxes Halo mandarin oranges, sale price $4.99. I used 2 $0.50 manufacturer’s coupons, doubled. Total: $7.98! (An excellent price for 10 Lbs of fruit.)

Boneless, skinless chicken breast, sale price $1.49/Lb. Total: $11.96!

5 Avocados, sale price $1.00. Total: $5.00! (Turned into yummy homemade guacamole.)

4 Lucerne cheddar cheese bars, sale price $1.50. Total: $6.00! (I would’ve bought much more, however, the limit was 4. I may go back later in the week if there’s time.)

Eye Round roast, sale price $2.49/Lb. Total: $8.04!

3 English cucumbers, sale price $1.00. Total: $3.00! (These make a really good side dish. Simply dice and marinate in Italian dressing.)

2 peppers, one red and one green, sale price $1.00. Total: $2.00!

The MyMixx weekly freebie was for Ripe Craft juice, but my store was all out. Otherwise, I was pleased to find everything on my list.

Super Savings Saturday – 12/16/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday. This week was filled with lots of cheap goodies like PJ’s, makeup, and fresh produce.


It’s been quite a while since I shopped here. Since there were a number of good Cartwheel offers, it was worth a trip.

1 Goodfellow & Co. Men’s fleece pant, regular price $7.00. I used a 40% off Cartwheel offer. Total: $4.20! (Very soft and decent for the price.) 

1 Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner, regular price $4.49. I used a $3.00 manufacturer’s coupon stacked with a 25% off Cartwheel offer. Total: $0.37!

1 Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer, regular price $4.99. I used a $2.00 manufacturer’s coupon stacked with a 50% off Cartwheel offer. Total: $0.50!

1 Lindt chocolate box, regular price $6.99. I stacked a 20% off mobile coupon with a 25% off Cartwheel offer. Total Price: $3.84! (Not the best price ever, but I desperately needed a last-minute Hanukkah gift for a party.)


As for real food, I only needed a few fresh things:

Broccoli, sale price $0.99/lb. Total: $6.86!

Whole carrots, sale price $0.99/bag. Total: $1.98!

Sweet potatoes, $0.79/lb. Total: $5.31!


Have you used any coupons lately?