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The Best Fabric for Babies

Finding your baby covered in a rash can be a very scary experience for moms, especially when you’re new to parenting. The first time I dealt with it, we rushed off to the Pediatrician, fearing it was something terrible, as little one wailed uncontrollably.

Initially, I suspected diet or cosmetics, but the answer was much more surprising: contact dermatitis caused by the wrong fabric. According to the doctor, this is much more common than people think. Many babies—and toddlers, too—can be aggravated by rough and/or synthetic fabrics.

I never would’ve dreamed that a rash could be caused by using the wrong bedding! We were advised to use only 100% cotton from then on as prevention. Cotton fabric is the most popular choice for babies because it’s soft, highly absorbent, and extremely gentle. 

While that situation was unpleasant, the solution was so simple. I started researching fabrics and fabric companies, to find the best options for our family. I wanted something that was durable, cute, and safe.

My fabric source for high quality, affordable material is Gehman’s Country Fabrics. They offer so many options that I love. For girls, Rose & Lavender Butterflies is beautiful and boys will enjoy the Toy print.

You don’t have to be an expert seamstress to use their products. My own sewing skills are modest and I can accomplish simple things like a flat sheet, blanket, etc. Another easy option is curtains for the nursery. 

Gehman’s Country Fabrics is family owned and operated, with the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. They have frequent sales and also offer ready-made clothing for those who prefer to buy, rather than make. 

Hosts Wanted for Seventh Generation Products Party

Do you love Seventh Generation products as much as I do? Apply to host a party and you could receive a huge pack filled with goodies. There are 2,500 spots available, so the odds aren’t too bad. 

I’ve never hosted before, but I did attend a friend’s party back in 2015. It was awesome! There were diapers, baby wipes, laundry detergent, cleaners, etc.

You have to set up a Generation Good account—or be a member already—and it will appear in your dashboard.

Because I am sensitive to perfumes, I really like using their Free & Clear liquid dish soap. It’s the only thing I’ve tried that doesn’t cause a red rash or itchiness on my hands. 


Which Seventh Generation products do you like?

7-Eleven: Free Slurpees on July 11

Slurpee fans, head over to 7-Eleven on Wednesday, July 11 and pick up a free small treat! No is coupon required, but you have to be there between 11:00 AM and 7:00PM and there is a limit of one per person.

Personally, I have a hard time deciding between Coke and Cherry because they’re both so good. 

Craftsy: Free Watch Weekend

Free Watch Weekend at through 7/1/18. Stream 10 free classes specially made for the junior chefs, fashion designers, cartoon artists, and crafters in your house.

School’s out and the kids are already whining: “I’m bored!” Craftsy is having a free watch weekend that will keep them occupied. There are 10 free classes specially made for the junior chef, designer, artist, and/or scientist in your home.

Classes include:

  • MasterChef Junior
  • Ink Outside the Box
  • Bake for Good
  • Kitchen Invasion
  • Man About Cake
  • Life Hacks for Kids
  • The Wild Adventure Girls
  • Fashion Attic
  • Food Hack for Kids
  • Expressive Picture Book Characters

My littles LOVE to cook—just like their mama—and really enjoyed watching the cake and baking shows. 

Craftsy has a library of 1,300 videos for the whole family and is definitely worth checking out.