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Target: Hanukkah Clearance

Target has marked down tons of Hanukkah items and these are really good clearance prices:

Menorahs – $6.00

Electric Menorah – $7.50

Fabric Wall Sign – $3.00

Fabric Table Runner – $5.40

Sleep Pants – $6.00

A big thanks goes to a reader named Jeanne for passing this info along. I haven’t checked my local store yet, however, she found bunches around Phoenix. Clearance does vary quite a bit, so keep your fingers crossed.

Why I Bought a Helix Sleep Custom Mattress (Plus, $100 off)

This post contains affiliate links and I received compensation for this post

During the holiday season, when everyone is focused on giving gifts to others, I think it’s important to also treat ourselves. My gift for me this year is a new mattress. That might seem a little extravagant, but as someone who suffers from chronic back pain and insomnia, it’s truly a necessity and worth every penny because I wake up feeling so lousy.

After visiting a few local stores and testing what they had in the show room, I wasn’t too impressed. Prices were very high for what was offered. Instead, I found a better option online at Helix Sleep. They offer a customized mattress that takes into account height, weight, gender, age, sleeping position, problem area, and desired firmness. (Determined by taking a simple online quiz.)

By building exactly what I want and getting the features I need, the odds of a better night’s sleep with less pain go way up! (I really, really hope it works better than my current Serta mattress that does nothing and cost much more).

Get $100.00 off a mattress purchase plus any other item with checkout code HOLIDAY17 at Helix Sleep.


Hanukkah Party Savings at Dollar Tree

I was compensated for this post. It contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking them.

Planning parties is fun… paying for them certainly is not!  Whenever possible, I try to save money by looking for bargains, especially on disposable items. Since everything at Dollar Tree is so affordable, I’m picking up lots of supplies for Hanukkah. (Yes, I’m about 6 weeks early, but for me, planning way in advance cuts down on chaos.)

One of the coolest features of Dollar Tree is that you can search by color. I found tons of bold blue items like dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, plastic utensils, crepe paper streamers, and plastic table covers.

For an accent color, silver is perfect. I love pairing silver confetti with blue bags to make a nice goodie bag for all my guests to take home. Everyone seems to love the mix of candy, fresh fruit, and a mini candle. Add some silver balloons and the holiday mood is complete.

Since the cost is much less than a Big Box store and I can order online, that ensures a lovely celebration with a minimum of fuss for this tired hostess.

Find just the right items for your party at Dollar Tree.

Free Curbside Clothing Recycling

Did you know the average person throws away 68 pounds of clothing per year? Even worse, 85% of that doesn’t get recycled or donated and ends up in the garbage! A lot of the time, we just get bored with clothing, even if it’s still perfectly good and there’s no need to toss it.

Simple Recycling is offering free curbside bags to anyone living in CT, IL, MA, MI, MN, OH and TX.

This is an excellent way to help out, no hassle required! I’d love to see this program expanded to all 50 states. Yes, there are Goodwill stores and other thrift shops around the country, but not everyone will make the effort. Being able to put it with regular trash is a lot easier.