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Starbucks: Free Teavana on 7/14/17

On 7/14/17, Starbucks is hosting a “Free Tea Friday” event. Between 1:00-2:00 pm, they will be giving out samples of Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Infusions.

According to their website, the Infusion is “freshly steeped fruit and botanical blends, slightly sweetened, then shaken with the finest teas.” (Sounds pretty good, right?)

Why I Skipped Amazon Prime Day

With all the excitement surrounding Amazon Prime Day, shoppers are led to believe this sale will be the biggest and best ever. The question is, does it actually live up to the hype?

The concept of Prime Day is pretty cool—30 straight hours of deals, some of which are “Lightening” deals that have smaller quantities and/or reduced duration. Many of these are for popular items like electronics, which are costly to begin with.

Of course, to even participate, you’ll need to spend $99 on a Prime Membership… (Yes, it’s kind of like paying for a Costco card.)

Since it started last night, I’ve been periodically checking the offers. Yes, there are a ton of decent items available, but I have yet to see one single thing that’s impossible to pass up. Prime Day may be the right choice if you need a laptop this second, but unless it’s a pressing matter, I’d rather wait for a better deal like Black Friday.

We’ve got to remember that sales are common. Supposedly, over 8,000 items are featured during Prime Day. It’s highly unlikely that each one would be at its lowest cost. Instead of getting caught up in the hysteria, and spending a fortune on “bargains,” I’m passing.

In the blogging world, Prime Day is heavily promoted. One well-known deal site actually sent out over 100 emails linking to “can’t miss purchases.” While I have no problem with promotions and do promote items on this blog, I don’t think it’s ethical to tag overpriced things that I would never buy myself.

It’s true that cost is subjective and if others think Prime Day is worth it, that’s awesome. But for me personally, the event is simply an overrated gimmick.


How do you feel about Prime Day?

$2.00 Luvs Diaper Coupon (Print Now!)

There’s no way around it, parenting is expensive! But this summer, Luvs is offering great money-saving opportunities for parents with little ones by offering a $2.00 off print-at-home coupon. The coupon can be used at any mass, discount, or grocery stores where they are sold and all Luvs diapers are included in this promotion, except trial/travel packs.

Featuring super absorbent Leakguards and NightLock Plus™, its largest absorbency area ever, Luvs diapers lock away wetness and absorb even more than regular Luvs. The large re-fastenable stretch tabs make them easy to use, even on the go—perfect for our busy lifestyles. (Between laundry, play dates, snack time, and nap time, nobody has time for accidents!) I love knowing that leaks won’t be a problem with the snug, contoured shape that hugs baby securely.

By choosing Luvs, you get a premium product for a discounted price. Luvs is so sure you’ll prefer them, they offer a full money back guarantee. I have used them many times, always with great results. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more info and promotions.


Print your $2.00 coupon now


This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

Awesome Advice for Women Wanting to Start a Business

So many women dream of quitting the rat race and starting their own business. (I spent over five years wanting to blog before I actually started!) We’re certainly smart enough, qualified enough, and ready enough, yet we still lack the confidence to pursue our dreams. If that situation sounds familiar, this guest post from Felena Hanson of Hera Hub will provide the inspiration needed to move forward and stop letting needless worries hold you back.

As women we tend to be more cautious when it comes to decision making and risk taking. It is our nature to have everything in order and feel like we’re 100% prepared. That’s why when women feel stuck in their corporate job it can sometimes take a long time to “lean out” and launch their own business. Quite often the need to seek approval, the fear of failure (or conversely, the fear of success), and the feeling that they are not “ready yet” can prevent women from taking the leap! Taking some time to step back and really listen to our dreams and passions can go a long way to determining whether we are suited to be our own boss.

Are you passionate?

You have a good idea for your business, but do you feel like your business idea is what you were put on this earth to do? The answer is yes if you tell everyone you know about your idea and you let them know of the dream you want to build

Are you independent?

You have always wanted to blaze your own trail rather than follow the herd, and this may be one of the many reasons you feel stuck in the corporate world. If you’ve always been the girl that zigged when others zagged, then you are most certainly independent and suited to be your own boss.

Are you motivated?

You are willing to work nights and weekends on your idea, your passion for what you believe you have to offer the world gives you comfort in knowing you may miss out on special events and experiences. If missing out on such moments in life while you build your dream business feels worthwhile to you then, yes, you are motivated

Are you disciplined?

Take stock of your behavior in your daily life. Do you follow through with your New Year’s resolutions even when others falter before spring? Do you do simple things to simplify your life, such as color code your calendar, all so you can be organized about your responsibilities and deadlines? If you’re answering yes to these questions, then you are definitely disciplined.

Are you stuck?

Perhaps out of all the self-interview questions you can come up with, this is the most critical, because it will determine whether you will dedicate yourself to becoming the best boss of YOU that you can be. You will feel stuck in your corporate job when you hit a wall and no longer feel any fulfillment from your job. This crippling sense of lack of fulfillment coupled with your business idea will become the catalyst to launch you on your way to becoming your own boss. It might feel frightening to think about entrepreneurship, but always bear in mind that women, when given the chance, interact differently and are instinctively more collaborative in their approach to business.

Allow this difference to empower you enough to get past the fear of being your own boss. While there isn’t a real formula for being an entrepreneur – much of it is common sense and solid people skills – there is a sense of vital energy in just shouting “YES!” and going out and figuring it out on your own. Doing so will go a long, long way to helping you feel “unstuck “professionally.

About the Author:

Felena Hanson is the founder of Hera Hub, a spa-inspired shared workspace and community for female entrepreneurs. She is also the author of Flight Club – Rebel, Reinvent, and Thrive: How to Launch Your Dream Business, which provides tools and resources to women in every stage of launching their business.