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New Social Media Friendly Storyboards from Animoto

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If you’re a blogger or business owner that considers social media to be a vital part of your work, check out Animoto’s new storyboards that let you easily tell a story or explain a concept. Designed to match the style of big brands and publishers on Facebook, these striking templates can be quickly customized for any brand or topic. They’re a great way to combine photos, text, and music into something that is appealing for an audience to watch.

One of the best ways to develop your brand is by creating videos. Need some inspiration? Here are 5 ideas that show how to turn your video into a story—something that will help you connect with your audience.

Animoto’s service does come at a cost, but it’s not too expensive—the Professional Plan is $22.00 per month and the Business Plan is $34.00 per month and you can save even more with a coupon code. Get 15% off any plan by using code LASTCHANCEBRANDCAMP15 at checkout.

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack & Disaster Prep Guide

Nobody likes to think that disaster will ever strike, but it’s always better to be prepared, just in case.

Pet owners will want the free ASPCA pet safety packs. Each pack includes a window decal that alerts rescue personnel that pets may be inside and a magnet for the Animal Poison Control Center.

Another good resource is the Disaster Preparedness Guide. It’s the most complete guide that I know of, with tips for all types of pets beyond the typical dogs and cats like horses, birds, reptiles, and other small animals.


Get ready now and have peace of mind, rather than waiting until the worst happens!

Hallmark Cards Now Available at Dollar Tree

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Did you know that the average household buys thirty greeting cards annually? With some fancy cards costing $5.00 each, it can really add up! I personally love to send and receive cards, so I’m always looking for deals.

Starting today, August 30th, Hallmark cards will be available at all of Dollar Tree’s 6,500 locations. Each store will carry Expressions from Hallmark, priced at $1.00 each and Heartline, a Hallmark company, will be 2 for $1.00. With hundreds of new greeting cards to choose from, you can celebrate every moment with friends and family without breaking the bank.

Dollar Tree generously sent me a package filled with samples, and I must say, these cards are wonderful. 

There is something for every occasion, from birthdays, to holidays, to weddings, and much more.

Of special interest to the Jewish community, Hallmark’s Tree of Life line will also be sold. Tree of Life showcases our heritage and faith by honoring meaningful holidays and milestones. I’m especially fond of the Hanukkah collection.

In addition to being affordable, it’s very convenient. I already buy most of my party supplies at Dollar Tree, so this will save time. Check out the full line of Hallmark cards available here

Gazelle: Buy and Sell Used Electronics

This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking them. I was compensated for this post.

Life without Smart devices—can we even imagine it? Electronics make life so much better, but they sure can cost a lot. Most of us have a couple and with technology constantly changing, we’re buying—and replacing—them regularly. 

I know a lot of folks want the latest and greatest, but that’s the most expensive. Finding something that’s gently used can save so much. Although there are a number of options for purchasing pre-owned online, not all of them are reliable. Gazelle is my favorite for all of these reasons:

Gazelle performs a 30+-point inspection on all their devices (iPhones, Galaxy phones, and iPads), which guarantees that every feature of the device is tested and is of the highest quality before it’s sold to you. This is also backed by a 30-day return policy.

Because Gazelle Certified devices mean no contracts or strings attached, you can upgrade your device at up to 40% less than buying a new one and avoid being tied to a contract that you might not need. You can keep your carrier, or go with a new one. The choice is yours.

You can also easily trade-in your used iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, AppleTV, and other smartphones and smart devices to Gazelle for cash in three easy steps.

Using Gazelle only takes 3 steps:

Step 1: Select your gadget from a list of options on Gazelle’s “Trade-In” page, answer a few questions, and then Gazelle provides you with an offer for your device.

Step 2: For items worth $1 or more, it’s free to ship your device to Gazelle. Once your trade-in is received, the device is inspected to make sure its condition matches your evaluation.

Step 3: Payment. If the device matches your description, Gazelle will pay you in the form of a check, an gift card, or via PayPal. Payment takes about a week.

If you want to sell your old phone or device and get a fair price for it, Gazelle is the safest, easiest, most reliable way to go. And if you want to upgrade your device without having to pay retail or deal with a junk purchase, shop Gazelle Certified.