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Operation Turkey: Donating Thanksgiving Meals to Those in Need

Operation Turkey is donating free Thanksgiving meals to anyone in need who requests one online or by phone. The meals are delivered right to your door and contain turkey, stuffing, vegetables, pie, and a drink. Currently, they only service these states: Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. 

I think everyone deserves to enjoy the holiday with a special dinner, regardless of their wallet. This is the type of charity we should all support, since most of us are so incredibly fortunate that we take a turkey with trimmings for granted.

Edible Menorahs (Sweet & Savory Options)

If cooking is an art, these creations are true masterpieces! Seriously, how fun would it be to brighten up your Hanukkah table with one of these edible menorahs? So clever!

Sushi Menorah

Challah Menorah

Veggie Menorah

Menorah Cupcakes

Menorah Sandwich

Cake Pops Menorah

Watermelon Menorah



If anyone else has eaten or made an edible Menorah, please link or share.

5 Best Apple Cider Punch Recipes

As the days grow shorter and temperatures begin to drop, I love to warm up with a big mug of hot apple cider. Delicious on its own, the taste is even better when turned into a special drink. Here are 5 Apple Cider Punch recipes that are truly fabulous:

Better Homes & Gardens recipe uses cranberry-raspberry juice, which creates the prettiest color.

Betty Crocker’s version has ginger ale and a fresh cranberry garnish.

Taste of Home includes cinnamon and ginger for a spiced cider.

Country Living includes white grape juice, fresh apple slices, and star anise.

Food Network has a mulled cider that incorporates brown sugar and two kinds of tea.

All of these can be made as a family-friendly non-alcoholic version, or if you want to add some zing for the adults only, a little rum is a fun addition.


Do you like apple cider?

Most Popular Halloween Candy in America

Ever wondered what kind of Halloween candy was most popular in your area? Candy Store has compiled a State-by-State list. I checked all of the New England states by me and was a bit surprised by the results, since salt water taffy was mentioned multiple times. I personally do not know anyone who gives—or likes to receive—taffy for Halloween. At the beach, in the summer, yes, but Halloween? That’s weird.

Other favorites around here made more sense—Snickers, Starburst, M&M’s, Sour patch Kids, etc. I’m not crazy about sour stuff, but anything chocolate is fine with me. As for my personal favorite Halloween candy? Growing up, it was always Milk Duds, which I never see anymore.


What’s your favorite Halloween treat?