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$120 Blue Apron Gift Card Giveaway

If you’ve ever wanted to try a meal delivery service, here’s your chance with the Blue Apron Gift Card Giveaway. 

Not sure how it works? Read my full review and see why I found it fun, fast, fresh, and most of all, very delicious. (Seriously, what’s not to love about high quality proteins and veggies along with step-by-step photo recipes, delivered right to your door?!)

Menus change every week and you can pick whichever meals appeal to you from the options, including vegetarian. 

One winner will receive a $120 credit, good for 8 meals that will feed 2 people. The Giveaway will be open until May 20. Good luck to everyone.

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$100.00 Coach Gift Card Giveaway

You guys, thank you so much for the giveaway suggestions. (I knew they’d be good, but some were totally unique and for items I never would’ve dreamed up on my own.) In addition to wanting gift cards, folks mentioned seasonal gifts, food, emergency kits, stuff for men, and stuff for kids.

Over the next few months, I plan to offer lots of different things, but this particular giveaway should be credited to a reader named Joni who suggested a purse.

After stopping by the Coach store today and browsing quite a while, I realized that not everyone has the same style, so rather than offer just one, I’m doing a gift card. If for some odd reason you don’t like purses (seriously, not possible…), you can buy an umbrella, or some shoes, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

One other thing I’d like to clarify is the winner announcement. Because so many readers have said it’s confusing, I am no longer allowing anyone to claim anonymously. Only first names, or first name and last initial if common, will be published. That’s not an invasion of your privacy and makes it much easier for everyone else. I think 99% of you will agree. If you win, you will receive an email from me and your name will be posted after the prize is claimed. This will solve a lot of confusion going forward.

The $100.00 Coach gift card giveaway will be open thru April 14. Good luck!


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Update on 4/15: The winner is Roberta Z. Mazel Tov!

Readers Vote on the Next Giveaway

Since I have the best readers in the world, I thought it might be fun to have everyone vote on the next giveaway. What kind of prize would you like to see offered? I’m happy to oblige (within reason!). The most popular prize is always a gift card, followed by beauty products. Either of those are fine, with other suggestions welcomed.

I can’t wait to see all of the creative ideas you guys come up with. 🙂

Vegan Dog Treats Giveaway

To say that my pups are spoiled is a bit of an understatement. Not a day goes by that these little angels don’t beg for treats, and most of the time, I indulge them. While I love to make them happy, I don’t like to feed them the inferior junky stuff that most treats contain (scary ingredients like fillers, chemicals, and preservatives).

Leela Ryan offers an all-natural, organic, and vegan option that contains no wheat, no corn, and no soy. For dogs that have a meat allergy and/or a sensitive stomach, a plant-based option can be a lifesaver. Plus, the treats are not only healthy, but also tasty to animals.

This luxury pet brand was created by a wonderful lady named Vanessa for her special Pekinese-Poodle mix. She is committed to producing a high quality product that contains real fruit and veggies, evidenced by these awesome flavors: Banana Pudding, Wild Berry Scones, and Tartes Aux Pommes.

You can probably tell from the packaging that these treats are upscale, like the kind sold at fancy dog boutiques. A lot of attention has been given to the look and taste. I find the pastel colors super cute. As for the insides, my guy LOVED every bite of these gourmet treats. Notice how his little eyes are closed, savoring the delicious crunchy goodness.

Tartes Aux Pomme which has oats, apples, and cinnamon was his favorite. He could’ve easily eaten the entire bag if I hadn’t rationed. Leela Ryan definitely lives up to their motto, “For the Well Treated Dog.”

Do you have a dog that would enjoy a tasty treat? Enter to win this giveaway and 9 bags of gourmet goodies could be yours (3 of each flavor). Entries will be open thru 3/15. Good luck!

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