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$50.00 Godiva Chocolate Gift Card Giveaway

There’s no such thing as bad chocolate, but anyone who’s eaten a bite of Godiva’s luxury nibbles will agree that their stuff is simply out of this world! Packaged in gorgeous gold boxes, each individual piece has a distinctive flair. 

From my all-time favorite truffles, to assorted samplers, to coated nuts, everything from Godiva tastes delicious. (And 31 items are Kosher certified!)

One lucky winner will receive a $50.00 Godiva gift card to buy whatever their dear heart desires. Enter before 3/31/17. Good luck!


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Mashu Mashu Gift Box Giveaway

Imagine opening your front door and finding a gift from Israel waiting—just for you! A curated box filled with a variety of hand-picked goodies that you can eat, put on your skin, wear, and decorate with. Each item is natural, organic, kosher, and mostly handmade by skilled artisans and designers.

Sounds like heaven, right? Thankfully, this is an experience we can all enjoy, no matter where we live, courtesy of subscription company Mashu Mashu. And, best of all, the fun can continue indefinitely, with a new gift arriving every single month! 

Mashu Mashu means “Something Special” in Hebrew and their products certainly live up to the name. Customers can choose their favorite from the 4 available box types: Mini, Basic, Advanced, and Lux. I was so excited to receive the January Advanced box to review. Because I wasn’t sure what would be included inside, it made the contents extremely intriguing. I tore into my box like it was a Hanukkah present and found these incredible full sized items included:

  • Myrtl hair conditioner
  • Chocolate Mania candy
  • Fruit tea blend
  • Rosewood lip balm
  • Arugot body peel (salt scrub)
  • Pomegranate magnet
  • Apple honey dish

While I can honestly say that everything was to my liking, the fruit tea is one of the most unique products I’ve ever tried. Just as the name suggests, it’s pieces of dried fruit mixed with loose leaf tea. The taste was rich and slightly sweet (so good that I drank 3 cups in one sitting).

The most heartwarming items were the apple dish and the fridge magnet. Handmade by ALEH residents (an incredible group that assists severely disabled Israeli children who need intensive, constant care), they are so cute. Seeing the fine artwork that was created by these courageous children is nothing short of a miracle and proof that no matter how challenged someone may seem to be, they are still a person with a lot to offer the world.

Want to experience Mashu Mashu for yourself? Enter the giveaway! One winner will receive a sample gift of the goodies pictured above that’s truly “Israel in a Box.”

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TorahLine Card Game Giveaway

Do your children complain that Jewish learning is boring? Do you need a fun and educational activity that will pull them away from tablets, computers and TV? 613 Games has the solution: the new TorahLine™ card game series!

Created by a father of four, Chesley “Akiva” Coughlin knows firsthand what kind of games actually appeal to little ones and will hold their limited interest. With a total playing time of approximately 15 minutes, it’s a quick, easy, and interactive way to teach Scripture to children.

The first game in the TorahLine series, Exodus from Egypt – Shemos, Va’eira and Bo, depicts the story of Passover through 90 colorful cards. The front of each card has an event title, a hand-drawn illustration, and verse text. The back includes the Torah portion and chapter/verse numbers. 

Like any other type of flash card, it helps with memorizing. Because a picture is also included, there is double reinforcement, which I love. We have played it twice as a family, with both kids and adults enjoying it, particularly my youngest who has difficulty with reading and prefers to learn visually. His favorite are the plague cards, which are, in his words, “gross but cool!”

Torahline is ideal for children ages 6+ and is a great tool for home use, at Hebrew schools, and Jewish camps. It would also make a super gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

One winner will receive their own game to try. Enter the giveaway by 2/11/17.

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$50.00 Panda Express Gift Card Giveaway


This giveaway is inspired by “Jewish Christmas,” as in there’s nothing to do, so let’s go to a movie and then have Chinese afterwards. That’s definitely what I’m doing today, although I could probably eat Chinese daily without growing sick of it (just not before bed!)

Enter to win and you could be feasting at Panda Express!

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What’s your favorite Entrée? Mine is Orange Chicken.