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Hotel Transylvania 3 Party Pack Giveaway

Just in time for Halloween, it’s a Spooktacular giveaway, featuring Hotel Transylvania 3! Grab some popcorn, candy, and costumes for a family-friendly good time.

We’ve been in love with the franchise ever since we watched the first movie and we couldn’t wait for the latest installment, which features the clan taking a break from their luxury hotel for a cruise vacation. (Imagine the typical activities on a cruise being done by creatures that are invisible or can fall apart and you can guess how wild it will be.)

Loving father and vampire, Dracula, his daughter Mavis, her human husband, their son, and all of their monster pals are included. When Mavis realizes that Dracula has fallen for the mysterious captain of the ship, Ericka, even more chaos occurs.

One winner will receive a Hotel Transylvania 3 Party Pack that includes a Blu-Ray DVD and Trick-or-Treat themed pillow case, perfect for hosting a Halloween event for the ghouls and goblins of your choice.

This giveaway is open until 10/26/18. Good luck!

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Ultimate Women’s Fiction Book Giveaway (4 Winners!)

There is no genre of fiction that I enjoy more than “Women’s Lit,” meaning literature that focuses on brave and empowered heroines, especially if these special characters are also Jewish. 

In the past, I have shared my enthusiasm for Susan Sofayov’s books and how much they mean to me. Her latest work, Jerusalem Stone, is the ultimate Women’s novel. Inspired by events and travels that took place in her own life, Susan has shaped them into a fictional story that’s remarkably rich, full, and moving.

Anyone who is at a crossroad in their life will identify with protagonist Julie Wasserman. Having lost her job at Lehman Brothers during the collapse, she is dealt an even worse blow when her brother is killed in a head-on collision. Because they are twins, Jack is not just a sibling, he’s her best friend, and life seems very bleak without him.

Consumed by grief, she moves back to their hometown (Pittsburgh) so she can visit Jack’s grave daily. With 6 free weeks before her new job begins, Julie makes a bold choice to visit Thailand because Jack had dreamed of going there.

A chance meeting on Patong Beach throws her for a loop, when an Israeli named Avi introduces himself with the following line: “Do you know that over two hundred and fifty people each year are killed by falling coconuts?”

Not looking for a romance, Julie is hesitant, but Avi’s good looks and charm win her over. They spend time getting to know each other and enjoy fun tourist adventures together all over Thailand, becoming so close he takes her back to Israel.

Believing that Jack would want her to keep mourning, she is torn between grief and romance. Can Avi—and a higher power—find a way to show her that true love does exist and that she definitely deserves it?

What I enjoy most about Susan’s books is how relatable the characters are. She creates real-acting people going through real-life stuff; it’s not always pretty and it’s never perfect, but it’s always so moving. (Julie reminds me so much of someone I know—in a good way.) Of course, I’m always a sucker for a rocky romance, too, and Julie and Avi are so right for each other, I found myself hurrying through the pages, praying they’d make it work.

Susan has generously offered multiple copies of Jerusalem Stone, so there will be FOUR winners, who will have their choice of a paperback or E-Book. This giveaway will be open until 10/13/18. Good luck to all!

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$50.00 Dairy Queen Gift Card Giveaway – 2 Winners!

Who’s ready to Grill and Chill? Since everyone has been so understanding about problems with the last giveaway, I want to make this extra special with two winners

It will be double the fun, double the prizes, and double the Blizzards. (If you’re like me, those Oreo cookies are calling your name.) 

The Dairy Queen Gift Card Giveaway will be open thru 9/10/18. Best of luck to everyone. 


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Update on 9/13:  Congrats to winners Carla T. and Madison S.

Technical Difficulties and An Apology

I feel so dumb right now. Due to a technical issue, the latest giveaway ended way too early. Guys, I am so sorry! I’ve never had a malfunction before. The prize, of course, will be fulfilled, and the winner has been contacted. I will be announcing after she replies to claim the gift box.

For those who don’t know, once a giveaway has closed, you can’t restart it from the beginning. To avoid any confusion, I pulled the original post so that people wouldn’t get upset, finding it over, unable to enter.

On the bright side, I have a new giveaway in the works and I promise, it’s gonna be a good one. Please accept my apology. I aim for perfection, but definitely fall short. 


Update on 8/11: Thank you guys so much for understanding. The nice emails and comments have been wonderful! I promise to do better next time. Also, congratulations to Felina who was the winner.