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TorahLine Card Game Giveaway

Do your children complain that Jewish learning is boring? Do you need a fun and educational activity that will pull them away from tablets, computers and TV? 613 Games has the solution: the new TorahLine™ card game series!

Created by a father of four, Chesley “Akiva” Coughlin knows firsthand what kind of games actually appeal to little ones and will hold their limited interest. With a total playing time of approximately 15 minutes, it’s a quick, easy, and interactive way to teach Scripture to children.

The first game in the TorahLine series, Exodus from Egypt – Shemos, Va’eira and Bo, depicts the story of Passover through 90 colorful cards. The front of each card has an event title, a hand-drawn illustration, and verse text. The back includes the Torah portion and chapter/verse numbers. 

Like any other type of flash card, it helps with memorizing. Because a picture is also included, there is double reinforcement, which I love. We have played it twice as a family, with both kids and adults enjoying it, particularly my youngest who has difficulty with reading and prefers to learn visually. His favorite are the plague cards, which are, in his words, “gross but cool!”

Torahline is ideal for children ages 6+ and is a great tool for home use, at Hebrew schools, and Jewish camps. It would also make a super gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

One winner will receive their own game to try. Enter the giveaway by 2/11/17.

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$50.00 Panda Express Gift Card Giveaway


This giveaway is inspired by “Jewish Christmas,” as in there’s nothing to do, so let’s go to a movie and then have Chinese afterwards. That’s definitely what I’m doing today, although I could probably eat Chinese daily without growing sick of it (just not before bed!)

Enter to win and you could be feasting at Panda Express!

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What’s your favorite Entrée? Mine is Orange Chicken.

Hanukkah Children’s Book Set Giveaway

Ever since my children were born, my husband and I have tried our best to read to them every night before bed. This ritual is a cherished bonding experience for our family. Not only are we instilling a love for learning and reading, we are sharing time together and building memories.

We select a wide variety of age-appropriate books, both secular and religious. Kar-Ben Publishing, an authority on Jewish books for children, has long been a favorite. That’s why I am so excited that they’re sponsoring this fantastic giveaway!

One winner will receive a 3-piece set that will include these fun and informative titles:


A Hanukkah with Mazel

Misha, a poor artist, has no one to celebrate Hanukkah with until he discovers a hungry cat in his barn. The lucky little cat, Mazel, inspires him to turn each night of Hanukkah into something special. He doesn’t have money for Hanukkah candles, but he can use his artistic skills to bring light anyway. Ideal for ages 3-8.


Hanukkah Delight!

Whimsical bunnies celebrate Hanukkah in this charming rhyming board book that describes all the Hanukkah rituals beloved by Jewish kids. Ideal for ages 1-4.


The Count’s Hanukkah Countdown

From the popular Shalom Sesame series, Grover and the Count welcome visiting Israeli Muppet friends Brosh and Avigail to a Hanukkah party on Sesame Street. Ideal for ages 2-6.

The Hanukkah Book Giveaway will be open thru 12/15. Good luck!

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Pregnancy Survival Kit Giveaway


Creating a new life is a magical experience…too bad there are so many uncomfortable symptoms that go along with it! If you’re a mama-to-be, you may be dealing with swollen ankles, piercing headaches, endless nausea, lower back pain, incessant heartburn, and digestive troubles. (It certainly was that way for me!) All of these products, what I like to call my Pregnancy Survival Kit, will help:

  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Tea
  • Healthy Mama Tame the Flame Heartburn Relief
  • Premama Vanilla Caramel Digestive Aid Chews
  • Healthy Mama Shake that Ache Pain Relief

Enter to win by 12/30 and it could be yours!

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Which pregnancy symptom bothers—or bothered, if you’re not currently Prego—you the most? (I had so many, it’s hard to choose, but the 24/7 nausea was almost unbearable!)