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When the “Oppressed” Discriminate against Others

Try to wrap your mind around this curious case of prejudice: Lesbian marchers were kicked out of a Chicago Gay Pride parade for carrying Star of David flags.

An organizer claims they were told to leave because the flags “made people feel unsafe,” adding that the march was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.” The article also states that American flags were reportedly discouraged. (Yes, you read that right. American flags being displayed in America is now considered offensive to some!)

While this is clearly the position of an extremist group within the gay community, such glaring hypocrisy is laughable. No group has tried harder to push their own cause than the Gay Rights lobby. They demand that everyone accommodate them, regardless of individual preference or religious beliefs, yet they themselves get to pick and choose which political ideas are allowed at an event—a move that does nothing but undermine their own efforts.

If someone truly believes in freedom for all—and I certainly do!—they don’t make distinctions. Public events should include every group, not just a handful of folks who want to advance their own agenda. I know of numerous cases where other parades were forced to include gay marchers. If they demand inclusion, shouldn’t they extend the same courtesy to others?

Personally, I can’t stand such fighting and pettiness. I have no problem with gay marchers joining the Israel Pride parades and it’s very hurtful and bewildering that they would deny the Jewish lesbians their free expression. Does it matter if someone is gay or straight? Of course not! Does it matter if someone is Jewish or Gentile? No! We’re all Americans and we should try to be more understanding and accommodating of each other’s differences.

The Worst Sort of Jewish Self-Hatred

Because Anti-Semitism is such a widespread problem and threat to our community, it’s a topic discussed regularly here on the blog. While it’s true that the overwhelming majority of anti-Semites happen to be Gentiles, there is a very real, very sad, and very sick phenomenon that certain misguided Jews suffer from. Yes, I’m talking about Jewish self-hatred.

This form of insanity has probably been around since the beginning of Jewish history and quite frankly, it’s often glossed over. We assume that because someone is Jewish they are proud of their heritage (sadly, for a minority, they are actually ashamed to be Jewish! Shocking, I know!) These self-haters are the biggest disgrace and I actually have more contempt for them because they should know better.

Take this particularly bewildering case for example: an article of filth, lies, and delusion titled, “I am a light-skinned Jew. I am not ‘white.’

Aside from making my blood boil by the awful implications presented, it’s simply just nonsense. Judaism is a Nation and it is a People, but we are not a race! An individual can be White, Black, Asian, Latino and be Jewish, all at the same time. The darkest skinned Ethiopian and the lightest skinned Russian are both equally Jewish. Their color is not an issue! Anyone, of any color, is welcome to be part of the Jewish community and I love every type.

I can tell you from personal history that most Ashkenazi Jews are indeed White people. My own skin color is the fairest shade of porcelain. My father had blonde hair and green eyes as a child. My aunt, his older sister, has red hair and blue eyes. If we are not White, I’d love to hear someone explain (accurately) which race we supposedly are. (Obviously, we are Caucasian!)

By claiming that Jews are a different race entirely, separate and apart from everyone else on Earth, this just adds fuel to our enemies fire. It promotes the worst stereotypes and encourages violence and hatred towards the Jewish community. And to think that a Jew is the one doing it? My Lord, this is so sick I have trouble wrapping my mind around the concept!

As a society, we must stop judging people based on their race, religion, creed, or gender. I’m a Jewish American, I’m a white American, I am a female American, but above all, I am just an American! My race, my gender, and my religion are all parts of me, but I shouldn’t be reduced to just one of them.

I say this so often, I probably sound like a broken record, but we need to come together in unity, with friendship, and tolerance, and understanding for all. No more division, no more lies, no more hatred—just pure love, the way God loves us, and teaches us to love each other.

Chuck Woolery Anti-Semitism “Controversy”

There seems to be a lot of controversy lately about what constitutes anti-Semitism. The subject in question who stirred up this mess is none other than former Love Connection host Chuck Woolery. (Anyone reading this and laughing, I also share your amusement…and confusion. I seriously did a double take when I heard it.)

Mr. Woolery is vocal about his conservative affiliation and enjoys discussing politics on his podcast and social media. No problem there, as we’re all entitled to our own views. What then, started the chaos? This tweet:

“Believe it or not. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were both Jewish. I was shocked to find, most of the original Soviet Communists were Jewish.”

Obviously, talking about Jews and Communists dredges up all kinds of ancient history and hurt feelings. Is there a strange, untrue stereotype that all Jews are Communists or secretly support them? Unfortunately, many misguided folks believe it. Let’s set the record straight, once and for all: Did certain members of the Communist party have Jewish ancestry? Yes, absolutely. But nobody, in their right mind, would think it’s possible to be a practicing Jew and a practicing Communist simultaneously! Those ideologies are just not compatible. (And, since we’re discussing it, I want to go on record and state that I despise every single thing about Communism and I do mean every! I am a proud American that supports Capitalism.)

While I have no way of knowing what’s in Chuck Woolery’s heart, I will say with 100% certainty, this is nothing like Mel Gibson’s sick, vile, repeated attacks on the Jewish community. Gibson is, without a doubt, a true anti-Semite and an enemy of Israel and the Jewish community. Chuck Woolery, is not, to my knowledge, a Holocaust denier, does not disparage the Jewish people, etc.

Those of us who have experienced anti-Semitism firsthand understand the true nature of such evil and would never make apologies for despicable behavior. I would condemn it with my last breath, and I think the majority of folks, Jews and Gentiles alike, would do the same.

If we label any statement we dislike as Anti-Semitism, it diminishes true prejudice. Instead of worrying about political correctness and tripping over every tweet that a has-been actor types, I’d rather focus on the sickos that vandalize cemeteries and make bomb threats and actually shoot innocent people. Those are the real and dangerous anti-Semites that we must focus our attention on and try to stop.


Readers are welcome to chime in. Do you think the controversy over Chuck Woolery’s tweets is much ado about nothing or true anti-Semitism?

Three Cheers for the Kansas Legislature’s Pro-Israel Position

Here’s some good news I fully support: The Kansas Legislature has passed a bill that prohibits State entities from conducting business with those engaging in boycotts against Israel.

Rabbi Joel Meyers, Chair of the World Jewish Congress, states: “In doing so, Kansas has affirmed its opposition to attempts to isolate or undermine the Jewish state. When Israel’s right to exist is questioned, it is heartening to see its friends and allies rally behind it with full support.”

Now it’s up to Governor Sam Brownback to sign it into law. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it happens so we can kick BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) to the curb for good!