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Troubling Pattern of Anti-Semitism at University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seems to have a troubling pattern of anti-Semitism. Last year, they were publicly shamed when it was revealed that an online textbook, which blames Holocaust victims for failing to tap into their strength, was required reading for graduation.

Instead of learning from that debacle, they’re digging in deeper by hosting America’s worst Muslim extremist, Linda Sarsour. Louis Farrakhan’s female clone will not only get to spread her horrendous hate speech, but will be paid $2500 for her time, plus travel expenses. 

The Tower is covering the whole sorry affair and I’d encourage everyone to read it. If you’re a parent, do NOT send your child to this university. It cares nothing for Jewish students and doesn’t deserve the support of the Jewish community. 

It’s hard to believe any public university, who constantly preaches about protecting minorities, would willingly welcome a known bigot, extremist and truly vile woman as their guest. It is shameful! 

Canary Mission Exposes Self-Hating Jews & Other Anti-Semites

Words have power; we all know this, but some folks seem to forget that it can be a double-edged sword. 

Unfortunately, spreading lies and misinformation is a favorite pastime of a small but viciously vocal group of self-hating Jews. These lame-brains, along with other anti-Semites who are not Jewish, are being exposed on Canary Mission

According to their website, Canary Mission’s goal is to “document individuals and organizations that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses.” (This is something that I support 100%.)

How do they accomplish such a lofty goal?  Again, they are transparently clear about their methods which involve “investigating hatred across the entire political spectrum, including the far right, far left and anti-Israel activists.” (I also agree with that.)

They further state: “Canary Mission is motivated by a desire to combat the rise in anti-Semitism on college campuses. We pursue our mission by presenting the words and deeds of individuals and organizations that engage in anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry, along with the array of organizations that comprise the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.” (Not to be redundant, but I love this, too.)

That is in sharp contrast to anyone claiming that their site is malicious, lies, and/or puts people in danger. It does not! It simply collects and posts their own words, for the whole world to see, allowing the reader to decide. 

Of course, when an evil doer is exposed, they don’t take responsibility, they start blaming others. Such is the case with a Wellesley College sophomore whose own Twitter feed has provided an open-and-shut case. Sophie Hurwitz, who snookered the St. Louis Post-Dispatch into making her the victim, whines that: “Strangers on the internet are being fed lies about me,” adding, “I was pretty freaked out.”

Is it a lie to simply quote her tweets? I think not. And those tweets are truly hideous. If she stands by her words and believes she’s right, why would it freak her out? Obviously, she knows she did wrong and now wants to pretend it’s a smear campaign. 

If someone is hateful and bigoted, they deserve to be exposed. (I am NOT talking about publishing home address or phone numbers, only links to social media accounts and posts.) Canary Mission is not doing anything wrong. Those who say otherwise are pushing a radical, anti-Semitic agenda. The Jewish community has a right to know if someone is intent on harming or defaming us. Creating such an important list is priceless. 

Budapest Synagogue Hosts First Bar Mitzvah in 332 Years

For the first time in 332 years, a Bar Mitzvah was held at the Buda Castle synagogue in Hungary. Believed to have been built in the 13th century, it was damaged by war and abandoned for centuries. In 1964, it was  rediscovered and turned into a museum. Not until 2018, when it was taken over by Chabad, did it become a working synagogue again, making this a true miracle.

Services are held weekly, events are hosted often, High Holidays were packed, and a wedding will be held later this year, demonstrating real growth.

With such a complicated and often sad history, it’s hard to believe there are any Jews left in Hungary, let alone an active congregation. This gives me tremendous hope for the future. European Jews are reclaiming their roots and it’s a wonderful thing to witness. 

Ultra Orthodox Claim Most Israeli Immigrants Are Not Jewish

According to the Ultra Orthodox, most of last year’s Israeli immigrants are not Jewish—by their strict definition, that is, meaning someone born to a Jewish mother or someone who’s had an Orthodox conversion.

While that’s correct from a Halachic point of view, the Law of Return only requires one Jewish grandparent to qualify. Most of the new arrivals, who come from Russia and Ukraine, are the descendants of folks who couldn’t practice their faith under Communism, through no fault of their own. Why should they be punished for losing touch with Judaism when it was outlawed for 70 years? We have to make reasonable allowances here.

Of course, there is also the argument that some of the immigrants actually have no Jewish lineage at all and have phony histories created just so they can relocate. While that’s certainly a possibility, I personally don’t care. If people are ready, willing, and able to move to a Jewish State, to join the IDF, to pay their taxes and observe Jewish holidays and customs, why not welcome them? The more, the merrier!

Israel is still a young country and must plan for the future. Today’s immigrant may not have the same Jewish perspective that we enjoy in the West, but there’s a good chance their kids and grandkids will. I want to see Israel grow and flourish and continue to embrace Jews from all backgrounds.

There’s room for everybody in the Jewish community, both Reform and Orthodox. The in-fighting and squabbles are petty and stupid. Instead of focusing on our differences, we must come together and give our full support to Israel—the Nation of Israel, the People of Israel, the God of Israel, and the continued survival of Israel. That’s what matters.