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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Unfit, Uninformed, and Wickedly Anti-Semitic

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the candidate for New York’s 14th Congressional District, was featured in a disastrous PBS interview that shows how truly out of touch she is, with one lame-brained comment made after another. 

Ocasio-Cortez, who is a self-identified Democratic Socialist, has expressed a bizarre hodge-podge of beliefs that includes abolishing ICE, abolishing prisons, abolishing bail, abolishing the 2nd Amendment, abolishing capitalism, free college and 100% forgiveness for student loans, free healthcare for all, government-provided housing for all, and government-provided public jobs for all.

Putting her support behind scary fringe positions that are not only impossible to pay for and illogical, but also completely at odds with the Constitution, is extremely troubling and demonstrates that she’s uninformed to say the least.

Couple that with her young age (28-years-old) and the fact that she has no previous experience, adds yet another dimension of insanity to her candidacy.

If that’s not enough to frighten the average voter, she is also a vicious anti-Semite, who has been endorsed by Jihad-promoting Linda Sarsour, applauds BDS efforts to bankrupt Israel, and, during the PBS interview referred to the “Occupation of Palestine.”

The only people who use the word “Palestine” to describe Israel are anti-Semites who want to see Israel destroyed and replaced by Arabs. There is no such country as Palestine. There is only Israel.

When pressed about her occupation comment and some unbelievable tweets that falsely claimed Israel massacres innocent civilians, Ocasio-Cortez had to admit she is no expert on the Mid-East. 

It is truly frightening to imagine such an unfit, uniformed Anti-Semite representing the State of New York which has the largest Jewish population in America. 

This woman shouldn’t be elected to a local school board, let alone the Congress. She is not only ignorant, but also dangerous and doesn’t reflect the good people of America and what our Representatives should believe. 

If you know anyone in her district, please inform them before tragedy occurs. If she is elected, it will be a nightmare for democracy.

Portugal Reaching Out to Jewish Communities Abroad

Portugal, a country that has a terrible history of Jewish persecution, is now trying to right the wrong by reaching out to Jewish communities abroad. The Tourism Secretary, Ana Mendes Godinho, is encouraging Jews to both visit and consider living in Portugal

During a recent tour of America, she met with community leaders in New York and California, stating: “We have a vast Jewish heritage and a very ancient and profound connection to Jewish communities, with evidence of a Jewish presence in Portugal since 390 AD. We identified as a priority the promoting of the Jewish Legacy in Portugal…It is quite interesting to remember that in the 15th century, circa 20% of the Portuguese population was Jewish, so we always say that every Portuguese may have a Jewish origin.”

She is correct about that, but seems to be glossing over what happened to those people and why the Portuguese Jewish community almost ceased to exist entirely: An Inquisition that forcibly tried to convert Jews, exiled Jews and eventually killed Jews who wanted to maintain their heritage and faith

The Inquisition is a very shameful chapter in Spanish/Portuguese history. Most surprising of all, it wasn’t officially ended until 1821! (It started back in the late 1400’s.) The first post-Inquisition synagogue was not founded until 1836 and today, in 2018, the estimated Portuguese Jewish population is less than 2,000 individuals. 

Current governments are not responsible for the actions of their predecessors, of course, and I am genuinely impressed that Portugal is willing to make an effort with the Jewish community. The Tourism Secretary has gone to great lengths to reach out and that’s admirable.

Jews of Sephardic descent whose ancestors were persecuted and exiled during the Spanish Inquisition and/or subsequent Portuguese Inquisition have been able to acquire Portuguese citizenship since 2013. A few thousand have chosen to do so, but there isn’t a huge interest for obvious reasons. 

Personally, I’d be willing to visit Portugal. Living there, however, would be a different story. I’m not convinced it’s a safe area for Jews, given the complicated history of the region. That said, anyone who wants relocate should have the opportunity and I’m glad the Portuguese government has made that an option. 

Himmler’s Daughter Dies an Unrepentant Nazi at 88

Gudrun Burwitz, the daughter of Heinrich Himmler, has died at age 88. She remained a true believer in Nazism to the very end, never once criticizing or denouncing their horrific ideology and crimes. 

Even though she had visited Dachau concentration camp as a 12-year-old girl, she denied the Holocaust ever occurred, and devoted her adult life to helping Nazi war criminals.

Interviewed only once in 1959, she retreated from public life and spent her evil days and wicked nights working for a group called “Stille Hilfe,” (Silent Help) that raised money to assist former Nazis in Europe and those who fled to South America. Many of these criminals were never brought to justice because of such efforts. 

It’s hard for me to believe that any woman could live on this earth for 88 years and remain so brainwashed. To deny the atrocities that occurred during WW2 is just plain foolish, with the amount of historical accounts and evidence available. More likely, she knew and didn’t care, or possibly even approved, which shows how truly heartless she was. 

None of us can pick our parents and she is not responsible for her father’s unbelievably cruel conduct. She is, however, responsible for her own, and to remain loyal to him and his sick, demented way of life shows that she is just as immoral. 

Anyone who says that the Holocaust is no longer relevant and Nazism is no longer a threat, needs to understand that there is a group of very deranged individuals who dream of starting a Fourth Reich that could destroy everything the rest of us hold dear. We can not ignore this threat—however minor it may be—or we could end up living through the hell of the 30’s and 40’s all over again. 

It’s illegal to deny the Holocaust in Germany. It’s illegal to aid war criminals everywhere. Why this woman wasn’t brought to justice decades ago is beyond me. We can not let these monsters fall through the cracks. I don’t care how many decades have passed. The victims deserve justice and society must provide it, to the best of our ability. 

Gudrun Burwitz may have escaped earthly justice and that is a tragedy, but nobody escapes God’s judgment in the afterlife. She is surely paying for it now. 

Mexico City Elects Jewish Lady as Mayor

Mexico City has elected a Jewish lady as their new mayor. Not only is she the first woman to be elected to that office (another was previously appointed in 1999), but she is also the first Jewish mayor. Talk about a historic double victory!

The city, which has a Jewish population of 50,000, overwhelmingly supported Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo. A scientist by profession, she previously served as Environmental Secretary. She has promised to battle the rampant crime and government corruption that have plagued Mexico for decades. 

It’s amazing how Jewish ladies continue to break barriers that benefit the lives and career opportunities for all women.