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Keep Your Daughter Away From “Teen Vogue”

If you are a mother who has a daughter, please find out if she is reading “Teen Vogue.” Do it and do it now, because this dangerous magazine is not safe for youngsters due to its offensive content.

Many of you will recall last year’s boycott that was prompted by an outrageous article that featured a graphic, step-by-step instruction manual that not only taught teenagers what sodomy was, but actually encouraged them to try it.

Let’s not even get into the morality issue about that. As for the health issue, it’s been proven that sodomy is physically harmful and diseases are much more likely to be spread with that kind of contact.  

Also, “Teen Vogue” neglects to mention that many of the girls who read their publication are under the age of consent and should not be engaging in any sexual activity, regardless of type. 

For those who think I am a prude or against sex education, that is not the case. I am in favor of teaching young ladies and young men about basic anatomy, biology, and reproduction. But I am not ok with obscene material being written specifically for an audience under the age of 18. 

Topping the sodomy article would be tough, yet they’ve done it again and it’s equally awful. The latest piece of trash is entitled: I Am a Jewish Teen and I Support the Palestinian Cause. It features a 19-year-old college student who rails about how she’s “ashamed at being brainwashed by Zionists adults” and claims to be “terrified” about the Jerusalem Embassy move because it’s the “most anti-peace decision in decades.”

Such views coming from a Jew are not only odd, they are at odds with reality. However, when the writer mentions her affiliation with If Not Now, her delusion becomes obvious. 

Like Jewish Voice for Peace, If Not Now is supposedly a Jewish group, yet it exists for only one reason: to encourage Jews to act against their own interest. These vile groups promote an anti-Israel bias, defend Hamas terrorists, spread lies, and seek to poison muddled minds with false statements about how Jews are evil and Arabs are wonderful.

“Teen Vogue” is supposed to be a beauty and style publication, yet they devote a large portion of content to other categories, with only one point of view being allowed. Where is the space for young ladies that love Israel? They certainly exist, but if you read most magazines that fact is omitted and it’s done on purpose. 

There is nothing wrong with politically geared magazines and books. Both the liberal and conservative ideology attract many members. Individuals should have the opportunity to read about different mindsets before they make up their own. What I don’t like is a fringe agenda being packaged as a beauty magazine that’s written for the youngest members of society who truly have no experience and no way of knowing what’s up. 

Adults must take the time to reach out to their kids, and when appropriate, other kids. The schools and pop culture may be teaching them things that are contrary to our values. Until we make an effort to balance the scales, nothing is going to change.  

Israel is 70 years young. Its future is not guaranteed and should never be taken for granted. Each generation must do what they can to ensure it continues. “Teen Vogue” is on a mission to undermine that and it’s not anything I want in my home. 

I Love Guatemala

Guatemala has become the second country, after the United States, to open an Embassy in Jerusalem. Such an act of solidarity with the Jewish people is truly incredible and my heart is bursting with love. 

Unlike many other countries, who are siding with Hamas terrorists and blaming Israel for the current chaos, Guatemala is smart enough and brave enough to challenge popular opinion. 

Here in the New England area, over 30,000 Guatemalans live in Massachusetts. I have met some, and I can honestly say that these are wonderful people, who are very family oriented and contribute a lot to the country when they immigrate (legally, of course). Even with cultural differences and a language barrier, friendship can flourish and I support them.

In addition to Guatemala and the US, I’ve heard that Paraguay is intending to move their embassy as well, which is tremendously exciting! Obviously, I want everyone to embrace Jerusalem. Unfortunately, that will not happen, but if we can get a majority, that alone would be a miracle. 

Israel’s existence should never be taken for granted, but She continues to grow stronger, year by year, providing a safe haven for Jews and a hotbed for innovation that benefits the entire world. 

18% of California Voters Would Elect Anti-Semitic Candidate

The State of California is nearing a State of Emergency. There are endless budget woes, immigrations battles, a water crisis, etc. Residents are angry, afraid, and want change. (When I was in San Francisco last October, I spoke with many disgruntled citizens who were desperate to move.) That part is understandable; what’s unimaginable is that this “change” could come in the form of a vicious Anti-Semitic Senate candidate.

According to a recent poll, 18% picked Republican Patrick Little who is challenging longtime Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. She is polling at 39%. The other contenders aren’t even in the double digits. 

Mr. Little is a self-described White Nationalist who makes constant, false, and outrageous statements to anyone who will listen. Some of his nastier ones include that the Holocaust is a hoax, that Israel is responsible for 9/11, that Jews masterminded the African slave trade and that Jews love to kill Christians. (Still not convinced? Read this article from the Jewish News of North California. It is truly jaw-dropping.)

As if that wasn’t offensive enough, one particular quote is so baseless and barbaric, it shows the full extent of his wickedness. When asked about concentration camps, he claimed: “They had ice cream, swimming pools, orchestras, plays, they had soccer fields, soccer teams….I mean, I’d like to take a vacation at Auschwitz.”

A vacation at Auschwitz?!!! OMG….

Think about how warped a mind he has to even say that as a joke, let alone as a serious statement. Such people are either mentally ill, pure evil, or a mixture of both. Whichever it is, in his case, he is 100% unfit to serve in the Senate. 

I can accept that one monster has a twisted view of history and a hateful heart, but I can not accept that 18% of potential voters share his delusions. Yes, polls have a margin of error. Yes, people sometimes change their minds as campaigns progress. Yes, it was only a small segment of 540 people included. Even if we cut it in half, though, that’s still a significantly scary amount in proportion. 

America is a huge country. We have many different types of people, who hold different views. That is just fine, provided we can tolerate and respect others and treat them with dignity. We don’t all have to agree. We do have to get along!

The California Republican party has denounced Patrick Little. He was banned from their convention and will not receive any funding. The overwhelming majority of Americans, whether they’re liberal or conservative, don’t support Anti-Semitism. For that, I am very grateful. But it’s that razor-thin minority who can do so much damage that worry me to my core. We must, as a society, continue to expose these hateful folks who want to push a fringe agenda. They shouldn’t have a platform, they shouldn’t be taken seriously, and they should never, ever be elected to any office, anywhere.

International Abuse Scandal Plagues Australian Orthodox Community

A 10-year legal battle to extradite an accused child abuser from Israel back to Australia to face charges is making progress: Malka Leifer is finally in jail. The question is how long she will remain there…

The Orthodox mother of 8—who claims to be innocent—has used every legal trick in the book to avoid prosecution, asking for countless delays, faking mental illness, and exaggerating physical illnesses. These tactics have kept her walking the streets and possibly committing more crimes as the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly. 

Her many victims, who are also her former students, say that she molested them repeatedly, using her position as Principal of an all-girls Jewish school as the “perfect cover.” The most outspoken victim, Dassi Erlich, has given extensive interviews, begging the public for help. Calling her campaign “Bring Back Leifer,” Dassi is understandably confused and angry that this case is still unresolved after a decade. High profile publicity in Australia and Israel have caused an outcry for justice that’s gone all the way up; the Prime Ministers of both countries have gotten personally involved. 

As we’ve seen in other abuse cases, the victims have been smeared, lied about, and shamed. Dassi has taken the bulk of it, because she made the initial claim. Her courage to come forward allowed other ladies, including her own sisters, to admit it had also happened to them. (How unbearably heartbreaking is that?)

Anytime a community is isolated, abuse seems to flourish. In this case, it’s a Jewish group in Melbourne, Australia, but it could easily be the FLDS in Utah, or the Branch Davidians in Waco. Religious extremism, regardless of belief, seems to be plagued with abuse almost universally. Secular authorities and courts, left in the dark for far too long and afraid to infringe on individual rights, rarely intervene, and when they do, it’s extremely difficult to prove the charges. 

There are many theories in the greater Jewish community about the Leifer case and why it’s been dragging on endlessly. The most startling to me is that a lot of people flat-out refuse to believe that a woman can be a sexual predator, especially a seemingly devout woman. 

While it’s rare for a woman to be a molester, it does happen and victims need to be given the benefit of the doubt. Personally, I think it’s even worse than when a man does it, because the level of sociopathy is that much greater and they are even more dangerous to the public.

There is no legitimate reason not to extradite Mrs. Leifer back to Australia for trial. She isn’t crazy, she’s just wicked and if this ever goes to trial, the evidence will prove it.