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Israel Wants Peace, Hamas Wants War

Once again, vicious terrorists have struck Israel, in a totally unprovoked attack, with over 300 rockets—so far—being sent to target innocent civilians. The culprits, of course, were Hamas, a group that exists only to terrorize and destroy.

No matter what Israel does, and they literally give millions in aid money to the Arabs, it is never enough for Hamas. These wicked people seek the complete destruction of the Jewish State and wish to replace it with an Islamic Jihadi State. 

Anyone who dares to defend Hamas as a legitimate group needs to read up on their history—who they are, what they believe, and the sickening lengths to which they will stoop. It is unbelievably evil!

Israel does not target civilians. Israel does not start wars. Yes, they use defense to protect their citizens and property, which is more than acceptable, it’s required. Every country on earth has the right to defend itself, after all. It’s so odd to me that only Israel is held to an impossible standard. 

When will the men, women, and children of Israel get to live a quiet life without fear? When will the safe rooms and bomb shelters, that dot every part of the country, stop being necessary? When will mothers of newborn babies not have to obtain gas masks for their infants? Surely, Israeli citizens deserve to live in peace like we enjoy here in America.

Instead of pretending that Hamas is good, let’s call them what they are: the worst sort of anti-Semitic monsters crawling on planet earth today. I have no sympathy for terrorists and I never will. My heart will always be with the innocent victims.

Loren Jacobs: Always a Kook, Never a Rabbi

A puzzling new term has been invented by the media: “Christian Rabbi.” If you’ve never heard of such a thing before, you’re in good company. (Prior to 3 days ago, I certainly had not.) While there is no such thing as a Christian Rabbi, it does fit when trying to describe an individual as confused and odd as Loren Jacobs

Mr. Jacobs has been all over the news since he was invited to speak at a Michigan rally for political candidate Lena Epstein. Vice President Pence was also a guest, and it seems everyone involved now regrets it deeply. 

During his remarks, Jacobs, who was supposed to be paying tribute to the Jewish victims from the Tree of Life shooting, went into a bizarre rant about Jesus. Mind you, his sole purpose for being there was to represent the Jewish community. 

Here’s the thing: Jacobs is not a Rabbi, he is not a member of the Jewish community, and nobody in their right mind would consider him an authority on anything to do with Judaism. 

To be considered a Rabbi, in any of the Jewish movements, it is mandatory that you attend a Jewish Seminary. The training, which last for 5 years, includes study of the Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, Jewish history, and Hebrew language, and usually includes studying in Israel for an extended period as well. Only then, after completing all of the above, can you be ordained as a Rabbi.

Jacobs has done none of these things. Instead, he chose to attend Moody Bible Institute—a Christian college—and then decided to form his own congregation, devoted to “Messianic” Judaism aka Jews for Jesus. Mrs. Jacobs, who is just as crazy as her husband, describes herself as a “fifth generation” enthusiast for the cause, per their website.

The Jewish community in Detroit, where they have lived since the 1980’s, wants nothing to do with them. Jacobs is not listed as member of the Michigan Board of Rabbis and is not recognized as such by any legitimate source. At one time, he was affiliated with the so-called Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, but even they found him so offensive, that he was stripped of membership in 2003, due to an ethical violation. 

Definitely, this is not a good guy, however you slice it. Why he was involved boggles the mind. The speech he gave, even more so. Whatever the intention, it has backfired big time. 

If someone believes in Jesus as their Messiah, they are a Christian. That’s perfectly fine, nothing wrong with being a Christian, but you can’t believe in Jesus and be Jewish simultaneously. A child understands that. Loren Jacobs, who knows but chooses to ignore that very basic fact of life, should never be looked at as an authority figure. He is of low moral character, promotes teachings that are contrary to Judaism, and does not feel any shame in doing so. 

He was never a Rabbi, he’s always been a kook, and going forward, he should be avoided like the plague he is. Lena Epstein, who is Jewish, should’ve known better. Either she didn’t care or didn’t know and that’s equally bad. 

The Tree of Life victims, and everyone in the worldwide Jewish community who mourns for them, deserve more. I welcome prayers and support from the Christian community. I feel grateful to any Pastor that is publicly offering words of friendship and compassion. But I do not want a fake Rabbi spewing nonsense at such a vulnerable moment. It’s dangerous, hurtful, and unnecessary. 

Loren Jacobs is the worst sort of fraud, who preys on people when they’re hurting the most, for this own gain. It’s absolutely repulsive. He can call himself a “Christian Rabbi” all he wants. The rest of us will call him what he is: a liar, a fraud, and an opportunist.

Tzelem: Encouraging Gender Confusion in Jewish Teens

In the secular world, gender dysphoria is rampant. Some people claim that transgenderism is normal, while others (most folks) do not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should be respected, but some things are simply not true and we shouldn’t be afraid to state the obvious.   

Those of us who believe in God and strive to follow his Laws are 100% certain that there are only two genders: male and female. Both were created by Him, with distinctive bodies that are obviously different—both in form and function.

Judaism has always recognized this fact. That’s why I am shocked to see a supposedly Jewish group trying to deny it and even encouraging youngsters, who are so vulnerable, down a dark path of misinformation. 

Moving Traditions claims: “We believe that in order to have a healthy Jewish future, we must invest in teens’ health and well-being.” I share that sentiment, and based on that philosophy, one would assume they’re teaching kids to observe the Torah. 

Quite the opposite…

Their online class called Tzelem was formed for “Jewish teens who identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender fluid, or gender questioning” to share their stories, play games, and receive care package in the mail—all for a low cost of $80. (No, I am not kidding.)

I truly can not think of a more bizarre and unwholesome group. Just look at the wording used: “Gender Fluid” and “Nonbinary.” These are concepts that are not only illogical, but dangerous. Fluid means a person can choose to be male or female, at any time, and switch genders for any reason. Nonbinary is even worse; it denies that gender even exists.

Everything in my soul screams that this is wrong, it is ungodly, unhealthy, and definitely not Jewish!

Instead of encouraging mixed up kids to fall further into delusion, Moving Traditions could actually be helping them. How do we help? By telling these kids the facts—about God, about His Laws, about how our minds can play tricks on us and that when we’re confused, we need guidance to get onto the right track. (Have any of them read Proverbs 3:5, I wonder?)

Multiple studies have shown that 90% of gender confusion in pre-adolescents will resolve itself—with no intervention required—by age 18. Shouldn’t we then, as adults who are responsible to care for young people, assure them that they will grow out of it and be gender normal once they reach maturity? Of course!

Very, very few people are truly gender confused for a lifetime. If someone is experiencing these thoughts and feelings into their 20’s, they can then seek hormonal or surgical treatment, if desired. No child, under 18, should ever be used as a guinea pig to further a transgender or non-gendered mindset. 

I don’t believe anyone who has gender issues is bad or evil. They are good people, but they are not right mentally, and need both psychiatric and religious assistance. 

Just because Facebook and Hollywood claims there are 72 genders does not mean it’s reality. We need to be looking to God for truth, not Pop Culture, not celebrities, and not pseudo-quacks.

The Jewish community must do everything we can to protect, love, and guide our precious boys and girls. Without them, we have no hope to continue. I don’t want to see a single one of them lost to a mania that ends in tragedy. We can not, we should not, and I personally will not, pretend that transgenderism is okay.

Are Texas Schools Discriminating Against Jewish Children?

A Texas mother has gone public with an unusual demand that she received from her daughter’s North Texas school district: provide documentation that your family is Jewish.

It all stems from requesting an excused absence for Yom Kippur—something which is done routinely around the world, usually without hassle. The school’s insistence was puzzling to her (with good reason). After sharing her experience with local friends, she found out that other area schools were also asking for proof of Jewish identity for students (none had ever experienced anything like it before this year’s High Holidays).

Since the school’s own handbook states that religious holidays are excused, she confronted the principal, who immediately backed down and offered an apology.  

I doubt this was intentional discrimination, but it was definitely insensitive and probably demeaning for those who were affected personally. Outside of metro areas, there is still a lack of awareness and parents need to watch carefully. Definitely not cool!