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Countdown to Rosh Hashanah – My Plan for the Day

Rosh Hashanah starts tonight and my day is sure to be jam packed with preparations. As I write this, it’s 9:40 AM and I’ve already been up for six hours! Not intentionally, mind you, just woke up way too early, probably because of anxiety. I enjoy holidays, especially the New Year, but I also fret and fuss quite a bit too. (It truly is a “Holi-Daze.”)

So far, I’ve finished two loads of laundry, cleaned the house, put an Atlanta Brisket into the slow cooker, gone through my email, done some blogging, and wow, am I exhausted already!

For tonight’s dinner, it will just be immediate family. I’m not wearing anything special (pink sweater and gray slacks), and the meal should be nice but simple. In addition to the brisket, we’re having round challah, salad, mashed potatoes and string beans. Dessert, of course, will be honey cake and apple slices dipped in honey. (I baked Sunday, thankfully, because I’m way too frazzled to mix and measure now.)

Once my 3 cups of morning coffee wear off, I do intend to chill out with some YouTube watching and/or take a nap, after which I desperately need to dye my gray roots, wash my hair and shower. I wanted to paint my nails as well, but that’s probably not gonna happen.

We like to go around the table, sharing our resolutions, and the littles always look forward to hearing the mini Shofar as they color some printable holiday sheets. Dinner will most likely be around 6:30, then a quick clean up and prepping for tomorrow. I like to set the table the night before to make it easier. I’m trying a new recipe which I posted last week for a One-Pan Chicken Dinner that supposed to be incredibly quick. If it works out well, that may morph into a holiday meal tradition.

So, that’s what’s going on around here. I want to wish each and every one of my wonderful readers a Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope that 5778 brings joy, peace, and love to all!


How will you be celebrating?

Australian Jewish Community Focuses on Suicide Prevention

The Australian Jewish community has launched a new suicide prevention group in response to a number of suicides that have happened in that country.

I think this is a wonderful initiative that every Jewish community, regardless of location, should adopt. Due to the shame, pain, and fear that surrounds mental illness, many folks are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other common disorders that can be treated. In the most serious cases, when no treatment is given, troubled individuals may take their own lives—over 41,000 suicides every year in America alone!

Don’t forget that September is Suicide Prevention Month. By speaking out, forming support groups, and raising awareness, we can all help thousands of people to get healthy.

Houston Jewish Community Ravaged by Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey’s wake of destruction is still wreaking havoc in Houston, with no end in sight for many. An article that focuses solely on the Jewish community warns that recovery efforts could take years, not just weeks or months.

A few of the heartbreaking highlights from that article include:

  • 63,700 Jews, including 12,000 seniors, were effected
  • Three of the city’s five major synagogues suffered significant damage
  • Seventy-one percent of the community live in areas that had high flooding
  • Kosher food supply is dangerously low
  • Local Jewish camps are housing refugees forced to evacuate their homes

With many charities stretched to the max, it’s hard to fathom what will happen if Hurricane Irma is even worse. I have many friends and family that live in Florida, and they have told me that the situation is absolutely awful. Don’t let a case of “Donor Fatigue” prevent you from making a difference. Even a small box of supplies will be helpful and that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Many Jewish groups like Chabad and local Federations are doing an amazing job with relief efforts, but they truly can’t do it alone. We should all give, in any way we can, no matter how modestly.