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The Importance of World Water Day

Drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning…can you even imagine a day without using water? I certainly can’t! Most Americans are so incredibly fortunate to have 24/7 access to safe drinking water, but what about those who don’t?

Today, on World Water Day, we need to be mindful of their misery. For so long, this issue was considered to be a Third World problem—limited amounts, polluted sources, etc. The needless, outrageous tragedy in Flint, Michigan has proven that’s not so!

Every person, plant, and animal on Earth needs water to survive, making it a universal issue. Cities and towns must invest the extra money to upgrade systems, perform frequent maintenance and ensure tests are being conducted regularly. Individuals must conserve water and properly dispose of waste. Another thing that we can all do is eat more meatless meals.

Like any problem, it’s not easily solved with a snap of the fingers, but if we work together, it can happen. Just think how scary the alternative would be…

Create Awesome Videos with Animoto


I was compensated for this post. It contains affiliate links and I’ll be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking them.

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There are two different products that Animoto offers, Slideshow videos and marketing videos. Slideshow videos, depending on your subscription, allow logos within video, as well as design-rich or premium styles to choose from. Marketing videos, depending on your subscription, allow logos, custom brand colors, advanced text control, voice-over, and pre-built storyboards.

Choose from a variety of templates, customize with 50 beautiful styles, and pick from over 1000 soundtracks within their music library.

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Actually She Can: Empowering Professional Women

Sad but true: Even though women earn 58% of college degrees and make up the majority of the work force, we are still significantly under-represented in leadership positions.

Actually She Can, an empowerment campaign for professional women, recently created an excellent infographic about this important issue, with ways we can help to change it! Millennials, in particular, are passionate about closing the gender gap and it will be interesting to see if these influential younger ladies will be able to do it.

Actually She Can also has great articles and mentorship opportunities. Very good site that’s positive and offers real life solutions.

Encourage Cancer Patients with Girls Love Mail

Not much compares to the life-altering news of a cancer diagnosis. Most patients describe it as a very isolating, depressing, and scary experience. This has certainly been the case for my best friend who’s been battling it for some time now.

As loved ones, it’s hard to know how to help. (Sometimes I feel just as powerless as she does and I’m not the one who’s sick!) Because my friend and I are on opposite sides of the country, I can’t be with her in person as often as I want to, can’t go to every chemo treatment, can’t even give her a hug as she cries. But one thing I can do—that we all can do—is put pen to paper for a personal, caring touch.

That’s why I’m so excited to share Girls Love Mail, a charity that collects hand-written letters of encouragement, bundles them, and sends them, via the caring staff at cancer centers and programs, to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Since 2009, the organization has touched the lives of over 90,000 women.

For the cost of a stamp and 15 minutes of time, you can bring hope and healing to another lady who may have no support system, no family, no friends. (Think for a minute how cruel and unfair that is!) I truly believe that nobody should have to battle illness alone. A few kind words and a smiley face can make a world of difference for someone in need. Surely, that’s not too much to ask…

Girls Love Mail welcomes children’s drawings and positive letters from groups or individuals, written in any language (special request going out for Spanish). Download their free stationary and start writing, ladies!