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Baby Rhino Born in Israeli Zoo

A precious baby rhino was born at Ramat Gan Safari zoo in Israel three weeks ago and is already walking. This little one is rhino #32 born at the zoo and her arrival is being celebrated around the world. Both mama and baby are doing fine, but I found it amusing that Daddy Rhino is being kept away because he’s too aggressive

No name yet and I’m curious what it will be. We do know that it will start with the letter “K” in the Swahili language (not sure why). 

I would love to see these adorable creatures in person on my next trip to Israel! Rhinos are one of my favorites wild animals.

Sidetracked From the Big Storm

It’s amazing how weather can throw everything into chaos. Luckily, we are safe and sound here, but a lot of plans were disrupted due to the big storm and I feel completely sidetracked.

It was predicted to start on Saturday at 7:00pm, with 18 inches of heavy snow on the way. I was still in Walmart, picking up some extra water bottles and dry snacks at 8:15 and there was no activity at all. By 9:30, however, it was coming down fast and furious.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain were constant during the day on Sunday. It was also bitterly cold. Everyone was advised to stay off the roads, which I had no problem doing. The visibility was low, and just walking on my own driveway, I slipped. Not safe!

On Sunday night, we were supposed to attend a Seder at the temple for Tu B’Shevat. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. We ended up staying home by our lonesome and eating frozen pizza. I was very thankful to be warm and have electricity, but it definitely didn’t feel special. We did make a holiday centerpiece (the one I posted a few days ago) that came out great and was a nice distraction. 

This morning, I woke up while it was still dark to check my flight status. I was supposed to fly to Chicago for a blogging event. The flight was cancelled, which ended up being a blessing in disguise, because our snow plow guy was in an accident, disabled his truck, and we are still not plowed out now, even though it’s a full day later.

Mind you, this is also the coldest one of the year—-the high was 5 degrees—so all the snow has frozen into a mountain of ice. It’s near impossible to break up and shovel, leaving us stuck, possibly until it warms up on Wednesday. 

While this is inconvenient, I realize it could be a lot worse. I am so glad to have a huge stockpile of food, hygiene items, puzzles/games for the kids, pet supplies, and medicine, just in case we need them. 

For fun, I binged the entire series of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it. Excellent storyline and cast, especially Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace. 


That’s what’s happening around here. How were you affected by the storm?

When A French Bulldog Comes to Visit

Say hello to Petey, an adorable French Bulldog who’s come to visit while his family is vacationing in Israel. 

So far, this little cutie has fit right into the zoo crew and is getting along with everyone, except for one of the cats (jealousy issues).

Petey is extremely loving, sweet-natured, and gives lots of cuddles. The only problem—if you can call it that—stems from his sleep habits. Petey is a spoiled fur baby that arrived with his own custom bed that’s laying on top of my own mattress. He literally can’t spend a minute alone, even at night. While he sleeps soundly, I keep waking up from his snorting, snoring, and constant rolling. None of my pets do this, so it’s been a learning curve. 

Even though I’m not well rested, having him here has been a joy overall. I’m not sure I’d adopt a French Bulldog full-time since they’re a little quirky, but it’s fun for a visit. 

I love being able to meet and experience new breeds. Chihuahuas, of course, are still my favorite, but they all have their own charms. Life without pets would be such a sad existence indeed.


Any French Bulldog owners out there? Let me know the inside scoop. 

“Desmond is Amazing” Debacle: Child Abuse & Exploitation

Step into the unbelievable world of Desmond Napoles aka “Desmond is Amazing,” and prepare to have your mind blown. 

This little boy, who is only 11-year-old and autistic, has become the poster child for abuse and exploitation, perpetrated by his own parents, Wendy and Andrew Napoles. 

That may sound like a very strong accusation, but I feel it’s 100% warranted after carefully studying this troubling situation. 

I first became aware of Desmond after seeing him on the Today show. Not only was his behavior and clothing over the top for one so young, he also appeared to be sedated and was thin to the point of malnourishment. (Look how scary-skinny his little arms are!)

From my research, I discovered that at the tender age of two, Desmond’s parents encouraged him to watch Rupaul’s Drag Race, which “allowed” him to realize he was gay. After that, they began taking him to live drag shows and pride parades. All of these unwholesome influences led to his “dream career” as America’s youngest Drag Kid and LGBTQ advocate. 

Obviously, such an unusual lifestyle will provoke concern and criticism. The Napoles family has experienced such awful things as having their home address published, death threats, repeated calls to CPS, job loss, and financial problems. According to Wendy, she is unable to find any job at all due to their notoriety and the family is so poor, they’ve had numerous GoFundMe accounts.

Now, at that point, any reasonable parent would step back and honestly assess the situation. If it were me, I would never, ever do anything that would put my family in jeopardy, nor would I do something that amounts to career suicide. 

Dear Wendy, however, decides that Desmond can be the breadwinner and she will be his “Dragager” which means Drag Manager. She has created a website, social media accounts, and books him for public appearances, one of which has caused international outcry. This particular event, with Desmond performing at a gay club, late at night, literally had me in tears.

Imagine letting a young child dance suggestively while accepting dollar bills from grown men, dressed as Gwen Stefani. It is truly beyond belief!

For those who are willing to give the parents the benefit of the doubt, or those who claim this is simply homophobia, let’s dig even deeper. 

In 2017, Desmond was interviewed on the Peeew Podcast. One of the hosts is a notorious drug addict and convicted murderer, Michael Alig. This man, who tortured his victim by injecting him with Drano and then dismembered the body and threw it into the river, spent decades in solitary confinement due to being an incorrigible prisoner. (Does that sound like someone you’d want around your child?)

Since being released, he’s been arrested 3 times and is periodically homeless, yet Desmond claims Michael and the other 80’s Drag Kids are his “heroes and inspiration.”

I don’t believe any child should be exposed to sexuality—whether it’s gay or straight. Sex is for adults, just like drag costumes and pride parades. I don’t know if Desmond is actually gay, but it doesn’t matter. He is a precious little child who is being horribly used and abused, by adults that are pushing an agenda, rather than protecting his welfare. 

Society has an obligation to keep kids safe. If the parents are willing to sell their souls for fame, and exploit a baby to do it, the law needs to intervene. I am so scared for Desmond’s present and future. He deserves a stable and loving home, an education, adequate food, and medical care—none of which he is currently receiving. 

Please pray that the proper authorities will get involved and fix the situation. Desmond is NOT a throw-away child. He is a human being, created by God, who needs help before something truly awful happens.