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Turpin Family Horror: 13 Kids Tortured

David and Louise Turpin appeared to be caring parents that loved their children. While their choice of having 13 babies was far from typical, they posted “normal” pictures on Facebook that showed fun activities like trips to Disneyland, vow renewal ceremonies in Las Vegas, and Dr. Seuss inspired matching outfits.

That Facebook page, and the illusion it presented, was exposed as a total sham when their 17-year-old daughter escaped and told a tale straight out of a horror movie that involved decades of abuse so severe it’s hard to imagine—children who were chained to beds, deprived of food, locked in closet “cages,” denied schooling and medical care, and terrorized mentally and emotionally.

This mother and father, who are despicable beyond words, are currently in jail, with multi-million dollar bails each.

A rational mind can not understand such behavior and folks around the world are struggling to make sense of this extremely odd case. I hesitate to speculate before all the facts come out, but clearly something was very wrong in that house. There may be mental illness involved, or the parents might just be pure evil; we just don’t know yet.

I’ve read some accounts that the Turpins were Pentecostal fanatics who lived like a cult, insisting on extreme separation from society. Supposedly, David’s own mother said that “God commanded them to keep having children” and also said they were “a well-respected family.” (Obviously, that lady is in deep denial, but her point of view sheds some light on the family dynamic.)

Keeping 13 kids, ages 2-29, in such abusive conditions that they didn’t eat regularly, didn’t grow normally, or even have the freedom to use the bathroom without permission is not respectable, not normal, and definitely not about religion.

Truly religious people, who base their lives around Scripture and its teachings, would never terrorize, beat, starve, chain, or otherwise mistreat anyone, let alone a child. Doing so is the complete opposite of what morality teaches. Some twisted minds do get confused and look to justify their own sickness, claiming that God wants them to do it. That is the worst type of self righteous, immoral behavior and nobody has the right to do evil in God’s name and pretend it’s ok.

It’s natural to wonder why extended family, neighbors, and other people who knew the Turpins didn’t contact the authorities. If any good can come out of this tragic tale, it’s a warning that we all need to be more aware. If something seems wrong or scary, it is totally okay to get help. Nobody should have to suffer in silence, either as a direct victim or fearful bystander.

Children are precious. They deserve everything good that life has to offer. We must help, as a society and as we’re individually able, to ensure that they are well cared for and not harmed needlessly. Becoming a volunteer, or a foster parent, or a coach is a great place to start. So many youngsters are suffering and in dire need of love. It’s an outrage to do nothing!

I Made it Through the “Bomb Cyclone,” But Trouble Continues

The good news: I made it through the “Bomb Cyclone” mega storm, safe and sound, without injury or loss of power.

The bad news: The clean-up is a true nightmare! Snow is everywhere and drifting; multiple branches came down; and the extreme cold is truly arctic.

Over a foot of snow fell in my area and the winds are blowing and screeching like a hurricane even now. After multiple attempts to shovel, without much progress, we’ve decided to just stay inside for a while. I had so many fears of worst case scenarios, due to the unbelievable panic caused by the news and Weather Channel, but thank the Lord, it wasn’t unbearable. Scary, yes, but not even the worst winter storm I’ve ever seen.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day of the year, possibly on record, which makes the clean-up even more difficult. This has not been a good winter so far and I’m already over it!

Because I didn’t know if the power would turn off, I was hesitant to start any projects, so I just lazed around, did some reading, and had a little quiet fun while coloring. These freebie sheets are available at McDonald’s and intended for kids; however, I think they’re good for all ages.

Because the storm area is almost the entire East Coast, I’m sure a lot of my readers are also effected. I hope and pray all of you are okay and safe!

My Heartfelt New Year’s Resolution

When it comes to resolutions, I have mixed feelings. Always made with good intentions, they can often be too difficult for me to follow long term or so vague that there’s no real direction. Instead of my typical ones like “Get Healthy” or “Lose Weight,” I want to commit to something important, something I have struggled with my entire life, and something I desperately need to change.

My New Year’s resolution is to eliminate toxic relationships.

There are a few people I deal with who consistently make me miserable. I dread interacting with them; I dread seeing their number on the caller ID; I dread their negativity; I dread their criticism; I just honestly can’t stand them!

Because I feel so close to my readers, I want to pour out each and every minuscule detail—not to attack these individuals, but because it’s so all-consuming and I love sharing my life and my thoughts with you guys. However, I recognize that it’s not my place to put other people’s private lives on display. I can say that one of these people is a relative, one is a neighbor, and the other is someone I’ve worked with. Beyond that, I’m hesitant to get more specific.

These three people have presented three totally different and unrelated sets of challenges. There has been endless anxiety, some tears, and a lot of frustration on my part, especially where a relative is concerned. After a lot of effort and disappointment and prayer, I realize that the situation is not healthy, it will not improve, and I don’t want to associate with any of them going forward.

Obviously, things don’t magically improve overnight, but I am trying to make concrete steps:

  • With the relative – Not participating in her drama, letting her make her own life-altering mistakes, and no longer giving her money.
  • With the co-worker – Finishing our last project and politely but firmly declining any future ones. Also, quitting a group we’re both in.
  • With the neighbor – Cutting off communication and seriously contemplating a move. We started the process yesterday by looking at a few listings.

Life is too short to be swimming upstream. I don’t want to stress out about the height of a shrub. I don’t want to stay up until 4:00AM facing a 6:00AM deadline that someone else couldn’t be bothered to complete. And I definitely don’t want to be part of another person’s scams and schemes that always end in disaster.

I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I want 2018 to be a time of growing, learning, and enjoying. I may continue to feel guilty anytime I say “no,” but I’m finally realizing that I have to say “yes” to myself first.


Did you make a resolution? If so, what was it?

The Pet Pita: An Easier Way to Groom or Medicate Pets

Pets add a lot of joy to life, but grooming them sure does not. Recently, I was working on my Chihuahua’s nails and accidentally snagged the dremel in his long neck fur, resulting in a mishap that was very bad for both of us!  Ever since, he has been understandably scared whenever it’s time for a weekly nail trim. I don’t want Charlie to be fearful and certainly don’t want to rip his hair out again in the future, so I started looking for a device that would comfortably keep him in place during grooming. The Pet Pita solved our problem instantly.

Designed specifically to handle, medicate, groom, and carry cats and dogs, The Pet Pita is a convenient and affordable option. It can work in a variety of positions. What works best for us was placing Charlie’s legs into the front holes only which allowed him to remain seated on my lap during grooming.

What I loved: cute color combo of navy and orange, very thick cotton material that will stand up to the washing machine, really nice stitching that will not rip when you lift a pet and handle holes at the top are very helpful. The small size is pretty roomy for little dogs (Charlie is approximately 5 lbs).

After Charlie had his turn, Tommy was next up. My 4 month old kitten reluctantly agreed to participate and I did get a bit scratched in the process. Like most cats, he is very fussy when it comes to restraining. I think this could be really helpful for medicating an angry cat, provided there was a second person to assist. I definitely would’ve used it after Tommy’s surgery, to prevent him from licking the incision, if we’d had it back then.

The Pet Pita is available in two sizes and two colors that can accommodate large and small animals. To purchase one for your fur baby or to find more info, check out their website.