Chosen People’s Hanukkah Booklet is Deceptive & Offensive

Does Jesus have anything to do with Hanukkah? If your answer is 
“Of course not,” you’d be right. Unfortunately, a scam ministry called Chosen People doesn’t seem to recognize that. 

They are offering free booklets, specifically targeting the Jewish community, that pretend to be about the history and story of Hanukkah, but in reality, it’s a sham whose purpose is to encourage Jews to accept Jesus under deceptive methods. 

They even go so far as to claim: “Jewish followers of Jesus see Hanukkah as a time to celebrate another gift of God to our people (and the whole world!) –– Jesus the Jewish Messiah!”

First off, there are no Jewish followers of Jesus. Anyone who accepts Jesus as the Messiah is a Christian. Why there would be any confusion on that simple fact is beyond me. 

If someone wants to preach the gospel, they can do that, provided they are being upfront and honest about their intentions. It is incredibly offensive and unethical to targets Jews by using Hanukkah in a way that might disorient someone who isn’t knowledgeable. (It’s no coincidence that their name is “Chosen People,” a phrase that is always connected with Jews and anyone who sees it would rightfully assume its a Jewish group. They know that and are playing off it in a most disagreeable way.)

The Jewish community does not need outside intervention. We celebrate Hanukkah because it’s a Jewish holiday. It has nothing to do with Christianity, nothing to do with Jesus, and nothing to do with Chosen People ministry. 

I would never tell someone else how to worship. I would never try to change their belies. All I ask in return is the same courtesy. I’m happy to work with, and have friendship, with Christian groups and individuals, but not if their only goal is to secretly convert me!

Boundaries are a good thing and they need to be respected. Let’s all stay in our own lanes and stop trying to change others. 

10 thoughts on “Chosen People’s Hanukkah Booklet is Deceptive & Offensive

  1. velvetwhip

    There’s nothing more despicable than this kind of deception and disrespect. What kind of a church exalts deception and manipulation?

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      This group is not a real church or ministry, not in my opinion. They’re sneaks and liars. I know many Christians, from different denominations, and none behave like this group does. It’s nuts.

  2. ellen beck

    I do not understand why a group would choose that name it is deceptive . I happen to be Christian, and know that is what the Jewish are referred to. This is just bizarre.
    I went to the site and i claims it is founded by a Rabbi in 1894. It sounds to me as if he himself turned Christian after visiting some unnamed church he passed by then he continued preaching (he is not called a rabbi after that)
    Like you, I do not mind learning or even listening about other faiths, as long as they are up front with it and can accept the fact they likely are not going to change my mind by handing me a book or pamphlet
    If this group is on a mission to convert, they ought to convert everyone, not just target certain groups like this does.. That’s what most religions do, they seek to convert those that are willing.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      If someone is interested in converting, by all means, let them go to a member of that religion or a house of worship and inquire. No problem there, but I do not like someone doing it in a sneaky way. That’s recruiting under false pretense which would make a conversion suspect anyway. Judaism, as you probably know, doesn’t encourage conversion. The idea of going door-to-door or setting up a group with a quasi-Christian name to target folks of other faiths is just crazy to me!