CyberSem: Online Jewish Women’s Seminary


Interested in Jewish learning but have limited time? Busy moms and working women will love CyberSem, the first ever online Jewish Women’s seminary. This interactive experience is geared towards those who have not had the opportunity to attend seminary, or for anyone who wants to better understand Judaism.

Digital classroom courses and self-paced video courses are available. Students will complete individual weekly assignments and work on projects collaboratively. Each accredited course is taught by expert instructors who are knowledgeable in fields like Torah, Tanach, Talmud and Practical Jewish Law. They will provide each student with one-on-one feedback and assessments.

I know many ladies who would love to start or complete a degree, but family/work commitments have prevented it. With online education, there is so much flexibility, almost anyone can fit it into her schedule. Courses can be done entirely at home, day or night, when you feel like it, not when the school does! 

CyberSem’s new semester for digital classroom courses begins on January 1, 2017.