Decorative Jewish Pillow Giveaway

Homes serve a function for the families that live in them, but I think they should also be a place of beauty. Choosing the right combination of paint, furniture, and curtains can certainly turn a dull room into a haven.

While most folks don’t have the desire—or the budget—to redo their entire home from top to bottom, investing in a few well-chosen, high quality pieces can be transformative. The easiest (and most affordable) place to start is with an accessory.

I absolutely love decorative pillows! My couch is mint green and so many other shades compliment it. In the past, I’ve used striped pillows, pink pillows, and green/blue dotted pillows as an accent. Each of these looks was fun while it lasted and when I got sick of the designs, or the pillows became worn out, it was no big loss to replace them.

Solid colors and patterns are great, but any time I can incorporate Judaica, that’s a bonus! Unlike most other pieces of Judaica, a decorative pillow can be enjoyed often. It won’t tarnish, it won’t break, and it’s used daily, not just for a special occasion.

Hamsa Hamsa, a Tel Aviv based company that features clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home d├ęcor items, makes some of the most adorable pillows I’ve ever seen! They offer 14 different styles to choose from, with a little something for everyone.

I’d certainly enjoy any of their original creations, but two, in particular, really speak to me: Love and Amen. The unique designs have both English and Hebrew writing, sturdy construction, and thick, durable fabric that can withstand constant commotion from kids and dogs.

They would make a lovely addition to a couch, a bed, or a chair, and the neutral colors work well for men and women alike (my hubby is always complaining about “fussy” and “girly” accessories I pick out, but he loves these pillows!).

Hamsa Hamsa has generously offered to make them available for a giveaway. One winner will receive the decorative pillow of their choice (Love or Amen). Entries will be open thru 6/11/17. Good luck!

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