Does Anyone Drink Cold Brew Coffee?

After hearing about cold brew coffee for the millionth time, I’m ready to take the plunge and try it. The only problem is that I don’t know where to start. If anyone drinks cold brew coffee, I’d love some advice—which brand, how to prepare, etc. 

I have a regular drip machine and a Keurig, which I find equally good. Because cold brew is supposed to make better iced coffee and be less acidic, I’m curious. But maybe it’s just hype? Either way, dear folks, please chime in. 

8 thoughts on “Does Anyone Drink Cold Brew Coffee?

  1. Melissa Storms

    I don’t do cold brew but we drink iced coffee. We use 8 o’clock whole bean coffee with a french press and like our coffee pretty strong. I usually make an extra cup during the hot months and just pour it into a container after letting it sit in the press to get a little stronger. I double filter it when ready to use (you could do this when you add it to your container so it is always ready). I don’t like sugar in coffee but I like flavors and Walmart is carrying a large range of Watkins flavorings in the baking aisle. I have coconut and caramel my husband just uses a coconut syrup that has pure cane sugar in it. This is what works for me…if you use a press you definitely have to filter the iced coffee, but it makes a delicious cup. Cold brew never worked for me and really took just as long so I will stick with my way. If you decide on 8 o’clock coffee, Walmart has the best price for a 3 pound bag which must be specially packaged for them.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Oh, thank you so much for your great tips! French Press is another method I haven’t tried, but hear a lot about. I have tasted Eight o’clock coffee, a long time ago. I drink mine without sugar like you do, just some almond or cashew milk. I’ve tried the flavor syrups at Starbucks, not the ones from the store. Isn’t it amazing how many additions you can add to a plain cup of coffee? I love coffee so much and want to experiment with everything!

  2. NYC Amy

    Dunkin Donut cold brew pods. Put in a pitcher of cold water overnight, remove pod, and drink up. No straining!!!!!!!!!

  3. kathypease

    I do love cold unsweetened iced tea so I will have to give this a try I need my caffeine 🙂

  4. Andrea B Cofman

    I’m hooked on cold brew so when I was going on a week-long cruise, I had to find a way to bring it with me. Enter this kit. I made it in my cabin and dispensed the concentrate all week along, and it was delicious diluted with a little water and ice and cream added. I’ve experimented with many different beans with my home setup and cold brew coffee ranks up there with the best I’ve had.

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