Doing Evil In God’s Name


There are individuals of all Faiths who pervert religion to suit their own twisted agendas—Catholic pedophile priests, Muslims who declare “Holy” wars, Polygamists that terrorize women and children, Orthodox husbands that spitefully extort their wives for a Get (Jewish Divorce decree).

These people cloak themselves in phony righteousness, sinning with impunity. They use and abuse the word of God. They rule through fear and intimidation. They are cruel and calculating. They, most certainly, are not people of Faith. They are criminals. What they do is the worst kind of wickedness, praying on the vulnerable.

A truly religious person is humble. They seek to do good. They are compassionate and forgiving. They believe in equality and the inherent value of every single soul on this planet.

Most of all, they recognize that God, above all else, is about love. God loves us all. If we seek to truly do God’s will, we will learn to love, not hate. We will choose good over evil. We will not follow False Prophets.

Don’t blindly follow. Listen to your own heart and mind. If something feels wrong, it probably is…


Have you ever encountered an evil-doer claiming to be holy?

13 thoughts on “Doing Evil In God’s Name

  1. Danielle J.

    It is a sad thing the selfishness that most “holy” people exhibit. A life not pleasing to their Creator!!! Thank you for your boldness to proclaim love. It is something we should all strive to serve with and honor Our Father with!

  2. Yona Williams

    This is a touchy subject for me because I have strong feelings on this. I have personally come in contact with a certain religious group that I won’t name whose members have constantly used their religion as a way to ‘look down’ on people, JUDGE others, and have been extremely hypocritical regarding their own religion in doing so. I’ve gone to school with a lot of family members belonging to a specific religion and have witnessed firsthand how they ‘bend their religious rules and restrictions’ to fit certain circumstances, ignore the faults of their own children while judging and trying to shame others, etc. It makes my stomach turn. So, yes, I’ve encountered many people who “cloak themselves in phony righteousness.”

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      I am so sorry this happened to you! Unfortunately, it’s way too common. Religion should be inclusive, not a divider. Judging, shaming, and excluding others is not righteous!

  3. Eliz Frank

    Powerful words…. When we develop a spirit of discernment, we are guided away from such situations… But then again, we are human and flawed.

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