First Time Shopping at Burlington

Maybe I’m a sucker, but there’s no way I can avoid the lure of a “Grand Opening” sale. Burlington has opened shop, in a strip mall near me, taking up residence in an abandoned building that used to house a Kmart.

To encourage shoppers, they sent out coupons in the mail for 20% off anything, so yours truly headed out, on the hunt for some new home items, mainly towels and a shower curtain.

Like all well made plans, things didn’t go accordingly. Read on 😉

My first impression of the store was mixed. It has a huge selection, no doubt, but the quality was incredibly low. I did a once-around to quickly check the inventory of clothes, shoes, etc, and was not impressed at all. 

The home selection was decent. I did not, however, find what I wanted. The towels seemed very thin and scratchy and the curtains were junk. Over all, it wasn’t bad, just not what I needed.

Wandering over to the Kids section, there was a bunch of cute stuff. Who doesn’t need a T-Rex soap dispenser and a pizza pillow? (Need, of course, is subjective. My littles would claim it’s not to be missed.)

For my nephew, who’s a Spiderman fanatic, I picked up a little something for Hanukkah (it’s never too early to start building the gift stockpile).

If the store had been less crowded, I probably would’ve browsed longer. It was literally swamped and having to maneuver around people and carts is never easy, especially in cramped aisles. 

Another thing I really disliked was the noise. The in-store music was blaring! Because I have Tinnitus and a sensitivity to volume, it felt like a jet engine’s roar in my ears. Definitely did not add to the shopping experience.

Will I return to Burlington? Possibly, but it’s not high on my list. There’s a Marshall’s in the same plaza, plus a TJ Maxx and a Kohl’s across the street—all of which I prefer. 

It’s fun to check out new things, but not every one of them can be a winner. 


Have you ever shopped at Burlington?

9 thoughts on “First Time Shopping at Burlington

  1. velvetwhip

    My mother taught me the difference between cheap and inexpensive, with only the latter having value. Sounds like Burlington was mostly cheap. Too bad.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      What an excellent way to describe it. I like to get nice things at a good price, not cheap junk that will break in a day. Buying quality, because it lasts, is much wiser in the long run.

      1. velvetwhip

        Exactly! I’m that way with clothes completely now. I haunt sales on my favorite sites rather than head to places like H&M. I’d much rather have a smaller number of well-made garments than a closetful of shoddy fast fashion.

        1. The Jewish Lady Post author

          H&M, Forever 21 and all those “teen” stores are total junk. Same with Walmart clothes. Not only does it fall apart in one wash, it’s usually made from itchy synthetic fabrics too. Which stores do you like? I love Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.

          1. velvetwhip

            I am a lagenlook fan so I tend to shop navabi and idaretobe… at least the sale sections! The fabrics their clothes are made from are always excellent and the clothes are well-cut and well-made.

    1. Lissa Crane

      We like Burlington and shop there for Back to school. It’s a great alternative to department stores.

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