Free Paper Shredding…and a Cookie

Need an excuse to finally sort and toss those old bills, receipts, and other useless pieces of paper? Try these free offers for shredding:

Staples has a coupon good for 2 lbs. that expires on 4/22.

Office Depot has a coupon good for 5 lbs. that expires on 4/29.

Most people, me included, tend to let the paper pile up. Guess what? It’s a waste of space! Odds are that you’ll never use it, want it, or even look at it again. Life is too short to hold onto junk…

If I actually complete this goal for the day and get my desk organized, I plan on rewarding myself with a free Birthday Cake cookie—one free per customer at American Cookies in honor of Tax Day. (No coupon required; just ask in the store.)