How to Help Those Hurt by Hurricane Harvey

Watching the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey on TV is almost surreal. It is not only scary, it’s beyond heartbreaking, seeing and hearing folks talk about losing their homes, their pets, their possessions, even family members! These good people have done nothing to deserve this and it’s so unfair. I am particularly worried about the elderly, the babies, the handicapped, and the disadvantaged who had very little to begin with.

This picture, in particular, really hits home. Try to imagine your car being under water, you’re unable to walk, and you have a little one in your arms.

As the flood waters start to recede, getting help to them will be easier. Most of us outside the hurricane zone who weren’t effected feel a strong desire to help. Texas Monthly has put together a huge list of resources that makes it easy to assist the recovery effort. Think about all of the simple things we take for granted: human food, pet food, diapers, hygiene items, medications, laundry facilities, hot showers, a warm bed…all of those are very much in need!

We can contribute goods, our time, and/or make financial donations, however we’re able. And, most of all, let’s not forget about the power of prayer. Some people claim natural disasters are a punishment from the Lord. That is NOT true! God truly does love and care about each and every one of us and we need to be more caring towards each other, in thought and in deed. Prayer, coupled with action, is the best way to help the hurricane victims.