Howard Stern’s Adult Daughter Embraces Orthodox Judaism

While most kids rebel against strict parents by becoming more liberal, Howard Stern’s daughter went the opposite way and embraced Orthodox Judaism. Now over 30 and still single, Emily Stern says she barely dates and prefers modesty rather than her famous dad’s “anything goes” attitude towards sex and relationships.

I found it interesting that she cites her parents 1999 divorce as a major cause in leading her towards Orthodoxy. Society often acts like divorce doesn’t create lasting problems, but in the case of children, it most certainly can and often does. I know that the divorce of my own parents, over 25 years ago, still effects me to this day in a very negative way.

Orthodoxy is definitely not the answer for everyone and if taken to an extreme it can be harmful, but if chosen as an adult, freely, it’s not a bad idea. Instead of drugs, alcohol, or promiscuity, which most young people prefer, Miss Stern wants to have a meaningful life and that’s awesome!

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