Jewish Millennial Project

The San Diego Jewish Journal has created a Jewish Millennial Project. Instead of going by anonymous survey data and stats, they are actively seeking young Jews to discuss their personal feelings and lifestyle.

After hearing endless scary talk that Millennials are anti-God and anti-religion, this study proves that is truly not the case. I do think this generation is less observant than older folks, but that doesn’t mean they have no Jewish identity at all (far from it when you actually read the bios).

One of the most interesting points raised is that Millennials observe differently because they live differently than their parents and grandparents. They’re more likely to be single and/or childless, switch jobs more frequently, and move around more often. We have to remember that the activities, programs, and general structure of Synagogue life is geared towards traditional families. Because most Millennials aren’t living in traditional families, the classic model may not work for them. The spiritual hunger and need for community, however, is timeless, and so long as we can reach out to the younger folks, in a way that speaks to them, they will participate in Jewish life.