Jewish Voice for Peace Members Banned from Israel

Members of the outrageously awful Jewish Voice for Peace group have been banned from entering Israel. Longtime readers will recall numerous posts where I’ve expressed my dislike for their BDS activities, outright lies, and other terrible acts they’ve committed to discredit the State of Israel and Jewish communities around the world.

Just looking at this repulsive picture tells us all we need to know…

While this may seem like overkill to some and is certainly a harsh punishment, I think it is warranted. Separating any Jew from the Jewish homeland is not something I take lightly. It should never be done on a casual basis and must only be reserved for the most extreme cases. Where Jewish Voice for Peace is concerned, it is justified, because they are engaging in anti-Israel activities that hurt the country. They have been documented aiding terrorist groups in Israel and abroad and their own stated goal is to bankrupt the State of Israel with ridiculous sanctions. And, let’s not forget, this is a so-called Jewish group of misfits that claim all Jews are bad and all Arabs are oppressed.

Surely, this decision will be litigated for years to come, but Israel has no other choice to protect the safety and security of its citizens and visitors. I fully support their defensive action.

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