“Jexodus” Campaign Encourages Jews to Stop Voting Democrat

“Jexodus” aka “Jewish Exodus” is a new political campaign that encourages Jews to stop voting Democrat. Similar to Blexit and Walk Away, Jexodus concentrates on Millennials, but folks of all ages are invited to join the movement.

Because the majority of Jews vote for Democrats (over 70%), their support is taken for granted. That misguided allegiance led to some truly terrifying candidates being elected to Congress recently—Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to name a few.

The Democratic party is moving away from the middle and headed towards a radical left. It promotes an ideology that is viciously anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israel. We are seeing it on a national, state and local level, with bad politicians and bad policies in the news daily.  

I’m a little unusual because I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18-years-old. That’s not common for a Jewish lady, but I sincerely hope in the future that it will become mainstream. That’s not to say that the Republicans are perfect; they have terrible bigots in their party, too. The difference is that the Republicans are not pro BDS, they’re not against religious freedom, and they’re not pushing an atheist agenda. 

Because the spokeswoman for Jexodus used to work for Trump, it’s being dismissed as a sham and a joke, which is so unfortunate. The Republican party existed long before Trump was even born! He will not be the President forever. This is so much bigger than him, or a single election. It’s about the future of America and the future of Israel. I want these great nations to flourish. 

If the Jewish community continues to vote Democrat as a block, that’s going against our own interest. Of course, each candidate should be judged on their individual merit. I would vote for a Democrat if they shared my values; the problem is that the majority don’t. I want politicians who will defend Jews, support Israel, and discourage anti-Semitic sentiment and attacks. Good luck finding a Democrat, especially one who’s under 30, that does.

I don’t know if Jexodus can have a large impact, but anything is better than nothing. Vote according to your conscience, not because you’re “supposed” to be a Jewish Democrat. 

7 thoughts on ““Jexodus” Campaign Encourages Jews to Stop Voting Democrat

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Absolutely NOT. Those are not Republicans, they’re trolls and bigots. I wrote extensively about Charlottesville and how terrible I thought it was. A poor girl died there, for no reason. Of course I don’t support them or their actions. That’s the opposite of what I believe in.

  1. nickie

    While I usually enjoy your blog, I don’t agree with this sentiment. The right has time and time again shown intolerance to most groups. While I’m mistrustful of most politicians, I find the democrat more palliable.This is why most racial/ religious groups vote Democrat.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      That is perfectly ok to disagree! I am not running an echo chamber, the blog is a forum for everyone to express their opinions and ideas. I’m not against all Democrats, if they’re moderate, but the overall party has moved so far to the left, it’s gone Socialist which is not Democrat. When you look at Omar, it’s a perfect example. She claims to be for people, but in reality, she only cares about a tiny radical fringe.

  2. ellen beck

    I am a registered Independent which means I vote for those whom best fits what I believe in. I happen to agree with your point especially now.
    The left is going so far to the left Pelosi barely said a word against MN Ilhan Omar’s tweets (which are public record) I find that totally off the wall. . There was a piece in our paper the other day written by a rabbi addressing it. The left it seems has derailed in recent years and it occurred before the current administration. It is almost turning into a socialist type situation with some even claiming to be ‘democrat socialists’ whatever that means since socialism is a concept that NEVER works although on paper it sounds fantastic.
    This is not to say the right is without their problems- the far right is disgraceful. To the uninformed, Lincoln was a Republican . Nuf said on that. Do I agree with the present administration? No. not entirely but being Independent, of the two major candidates and who had a chance of winning (there were no Independent that would have won) I voted for him. I could not stomach Hillary yet did vote for her husband his first term.
    2020 is going to be ugly. I can barely listen to the news. Our country is a mess.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Democratic Socialist sounds – and behaves – dangerously close to National Socialist. I can’t stand radical groups, be it far left like Antifa or far right. We need to meet in the middle as a country and focus on good policies that will benefit the most people. The hatred, the polarized mindset is so scary! I thought 2016 was the worst election ever, but you are right that 2020 will be even worse. I want to see a moderate candidate but it’s obvious that only extremists can survive in the current climate. America is not supposed to be like this! Where is the liberty and justice and freedom for all?