Judge Fired for Wanting Jewish Holidays Off

Can someone be fired for requesting time off for Jewish Holidays? Officially, no, but a judge from Ohio claims it happened to her.

Instead of being granted time off, Kimberley Edelstein says she had to use vacation days and was then let go altogether after complaining. Edelstein had served as a lawyer and judge for eight years in Butler County, Ohio, without any issues.

Butler County, which is in the southwestern corner of the State, does not have an official policy that accommodates holiday requests for members of non-Christian faiths—something I find surprising. Most work places are very politically correct these days (at least on paper) and don’t want this type of negative publicity.

Since the suit was recently filed and there’s no judgment yet, everyone can read the full article and make up their own mind. Personally, I am just disgusted that in the year 2017, with so much awareness of different cultures, it’s still being debated. Anyone who celebrates Jewish holidays should obviously be granted the time off, without penalty!

2 thoughts on “Judge Fired for Wanting Jewish Holidays Off

  1. Jessie Horowitz-Kaplan

    Born and Raised in Cincy, so I want to chime in. Ohio is extremely redneck, especially southwest side that borders Kentucky. I hated living there. There is no Jewish life outside of the major cities and even the metro areas have a lot of ignorant, anti-Semitic attitudes. I believe the judge is telling the truth 1,000%.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Never having visited any part of Ohio, I don’t feel qualified to answer. I will say that I’ve found the Southern states and those that border it to be less progressive in most ways. I’m sure there are good folks in all 50 states, regardless.

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