LOLL Towel: A Wearable, Wonderful Option

With Summer quickly approaching, many of us are dreaming of long, lazy days spent at the beach or the pool. (The sun, the seashore…gosh, does it get any better?!) While I love to swim, I absolutely hate wearing a swimsuit. Even a “modest’ one-piece can be very revealing, not to mention unattractive and uncomfortable to wear. Plus, hanging out in a dripping wet suit when I get out of the water is not only yucky feeling, it’s also unhealthy.

A much better solution is a wearable towel. Similar to a poncho, the LOLL towel (aka Lots Of Love Lara, in honor of the Australian designer), is a loose-fitting, soft-feeling delight.

Made from 100% cotton, it zips up both sides, and also has a hood. The plastic zippers are guaranteed not to rust, even if they get wet. I tried it out on a recent vacation, with great results. Not only can it be used as an absorbent cloth, I like to use it as a cover-up. Much better than a tee and shorts, or a sarong, the LOLL is awesome. Instead of feeling self conscious, and worrying about my body being on display—and possibly sunburning, too!—I could lounge on a chair, reading a huge stack of magazines, without a care in the world.

LOLL towels come in a variety of colors and prints. My favorite is called Choppy Ocean, a blue and white combo of zigzag stripes. So cute!

Check out the website for more info, including Lara’s great blog, or to order.  

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