Making Holocaust Education Inclusive for Special Needs Students

Holocaust education is something that should be universal for all youngsters. Unfortunately, special needs students are often left out. Not only is it unfair, it’s also unkind. The World Jewish Congress is trying to be more inclusive. They just hosted the first-ever special needs group from Israel to Poland, where they were able to tour Auschwitz, Krakow, and the Warsaw Ghetto.

I would love to see this program expanded to include Jewish youngsters from all around the world. Whether their disability is mental, emotional, or physical, with reasonable accommodations, most of them can participate—and they truly want to! They deserve to have the same experiences and educational opportunities that “normal” kids enjoy. 

We need to stop the “handicapped” mindset and replace it with a “handicapable” one. These beautiful children are not throw-aways who should put up with second best. Let’s give them the care and love they need. God never makes mistakes and they are different for a reason. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. They are exceptional in their own unique way and I fully support the special needs community. 

4 thoughts on “Making Holocaust Education Inclusive for Special Needs Students

  1. Dena

    My youngest is partially deaf and my oldest is Autistic. Our family is routinely excluded and shunned, even in Shul. It breaks my heart to see my kids cry and ask why no one wants to be their friends.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Oh, Dena, your comment makes me want to cry. I am so sorry your family has been mistreated. That is awful. There is no excuse, especially not getting support from the Jewish community. I think it’s probably a lot more common than anyone wants to admit. Sending you my love and will be praying for you guys.

    2. velvetwhip

      There is no excuse for ignorance and prejudice and I am so sorry your children are being mistreated by people whose cold hearts make them far more disabled than your beautiful babies will ever be.