Making Passover More Environmentally Friendly

Specialty items, extravagant menus, tons of leftover food, and then needing to restocking the kitchen afterwards—Passover can be a very wasteful time, if we’re not careful.

Foodtank has created a list of 7 ways to create a more sustainable Passover, with great tips like eating locally, preventing food waste, meatless options, and much more.

A few things I’d add to the list: Reducing or eliminating paper plates/napkins; using mobile or audio Haggadahs; and/or eating whole, naturally parve foods instead of paying extra for “Kosher for Passover” items.

We all want to celebrate, and that’s an important thing, but there’s no reason to throw good sense out the window entirely. Let’s strive for a reasonable balance between the two.

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