Mexican-Jewish Food Fusion

Whenever Jewish food is discussed, most people imagine typical roast chicken and brisket meals or Deli fare. Pati Jinich, a Jewish lady that grew up in Mexico, is fusing the two cultures to create Jewish-Mexican cuisine.

She hosts a popular show on PBS, Pati’s Mexican Table, which I had watched—and enjoyed!—for quite a while, having no idea she was Jewish. It was a Tablet article that filled me in on her background and unique cooking style.

There is a surprisingly large Jewish population in Mexico City. Most of the families are of European descent and they’ve blended Ashkenazi cooking with spicier ingredients that are common South of the Border.

Take gefilte fish for an example. Instead of the cold, tasteless, and often inedible mess most of us know, Pati’s version is a red snapper poached with tomatoes, capers, chilies, peppers, and olives. (Sounds way better and much more appetizing to me and it looks really nice, too.)

Also included was a Matzo Ball soup with Jalapeno peppers and mushrooms that sounds delicious. I love to see different takes on classic recipes, especially for holiday dishes! (Yes, the traditional fare can be wonderful, but it’s not sacrilege to offer something new for a change.)

6 thoughts on “Mexican-Jewish Food Fusion

  1. ellen beck

    I have tried gefilte fish, and even as a lover of fish, I agree it is a mess. I love this cooks take on it, and it certainly sounds good!

  2. Amy D

    I didn’t know about the large Jewish population in Mexico City either. I love spicy food. I never eat gefilte fish, but her’s sounds good. Also, my family eats a lot of matzo ball soup. My 2 little girls LOVE it so much. I love the idea of adding hot peppers to make it spicy. I will have to add the peppers to mine.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      I used to hate spicy food, but as I’ve gotten older, I tolerate it better. I know that’s weird because for most people, it’s the opposite. Isn’t it funny how little ones love matzo balls?


    I like spicy food and I have never heard of gefilte fish. I was not aware there is a large Jewish population in Mexico City