Mexico City Elects Jewish Lady as Mayor

Mexico City has elected a Jewish lady as their new mayor. Not only is she the first woman to be elected to that office (another was previously appointed in 1999), but she is also the first Jewish mayor. Talk about a historic double victory!

The city, which has a Jewish population of 50,000, overwhelmingly supported Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo. A scientist by profession, she previously served as Environmental Secretary. She has promised to battle the rampant crime and government corruption that have plagued Mexico for decades. 

It’s amazing how Jewish ladies continue to break barriers that benefit the lives and career opportunities for all women. 

4 thoughts on “Mexico City Elects Jewish Lady as Mayor

  1. velvetwhip

    Wonderful news! She sounds eminently qualified to serve as Mayor of a major city so it’s great to see that she’s going to show the world what a bright, capable, Jewish woman can do!

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      I definitely think she’s smart and has the experience. I don’t agree with a lot of her views, but I am very excited to see that the people of Mexico would support her. In some ways, prejudice really is disappearing.