Michelle Duggar’s Extreme Modesty Gone Wrong

Would you wear a long sleeve shirt, long skirt, black tights and clunky black shoes to the beach? If you’re Michelle Duggar, of course you would! In a case of extreme modesty gone wrong, this peculiar getup was her choice for a recent Bahamas vacation.

Quite frankly, I think it’s no different from the “Burkini” that ladies are forced to wear in Muslim countries. Both are examples of rigid fundamentalism, both look very uncomfortable, and both are truly ridiculous.

Dressing in a classy and covered manner, particularly when swimming, is something I encourage, but within reason. There is nothing wrong with a tasteful one-piece bathing suit and some shorts, like the lady posing with Michelle is wearing. (Yes, the neckline is lower than I’d pick, but you get my drift.)

Modesty is about carrying yourself with respect and dignity; it is not about shame, fear, or frumpiness. Anyone who has ever gone to a beach knows that scrunching your toes in the sand and splashing in the water are two of the best parts. Having to wear these sad head-to-toe outfits isn’t fun at all.

Instead of mellowing over time, as most of us do, Michelle seems to grow more extreme. It’s hard to believe she used to be a cheerleader and wrote in her own book about mowing the lawn in a bikini when she was fifteen. Certainly, she is entitled to dress as she wishes, but even the Duggar kids aren’t required to wear more than a knee-length wetsuit with short sleeves.

There is a fine line between religion and religiosity. One is good and the other is unbelievably bad. Perhaps Michelle needs to exam which side she’s on…

10 thoughts on “Michelle Duggar’s Extreme Modesty Gone Wrong

  1. Gabrielle

    I actually think that what Ms. Duggar is doing is vanity. She’s being so ostentatious about her so-called modesty that it screams “look at me and how pure and holy I am.” It’s anything but truly modest.

      1. Gabrielle

        There are plenty of beach coverups made (I love those cute caftans) which would preserve her modesty without being a neon light flashing over her head and yet she chooses to dress like she does instead? It’s pure theatre as far as I am concerned.

        1. The Jewish Lady Post author

          It’s hard to know what her motivation was, but the Duggars are extremely publicity hungry and that may have been the real reason. Nobody dresses like this at the beach. Beyond the weird clothes, look at those shoes!

          1. Gabrielle

            The shoes are a dead giveaway that it’s a stunt. No one rational wears those to the beach. Waking in those when they’re full of sand would be agonizing.

          2. The Jewish Lady Post author

            Michelle is late 40’s. Very rare to need orthopedic “granny” shoes at that age. Even if she was wearing sneakers, let alone sandals!, it would be way more normal.

  2. Tonya

    What the heck is she wearing? Are those black leggings underneath shorts in the Bahamas? She must be so hot!

  3. modestminimalistblog

    Hi there, me as a muslim lady am happy to dress modest on the beach in my burkini, “we ” are not forced to wear this, but its a personal choice, just like our clothes and headscarf.people who are forced into a headscarf wont even be allowed to go to the beach, people who “force” people into doing things are i..m.h.o not even religious.religion or the practice cant be forced upon someone.Im sad that you think people in burkini are forced to wear this…..peace and blessings to you, my sister in humanity….

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      I appreciate your opinion, but I must respectfully disagree. There is a difference between religion and extremism. Wearing a burkini goes way beyond anything taught in the Quran. It’s not a choice, it’s about fear and brainwashing. Certainly, everyone should practice whatever faith they choose and in their own way, but extremism is not healthy. I do find it interesting that every place that’s been liberated from ISIS, all of the women burn their headscarves immediately.

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