It’s National Brownie Day. Which Kind is Your Favorite?

It’s National Brownie Day and there’s an interesting debate going on about what kind is the best. Honestly, a brownie’s always been just a brownie to me, but it’s evidently quite different to some folks and they’re very passionate about it. Most of us are familiar with the “Big 3” common varieties:


The chewy, chocolate dessert that usually comes from a mix. Sometimes with nuts, sometimes without, but always good. 

Cream Cheese:

The marbling certainly looks spectacular, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra step.


Lighter in color and some would argue also lighter in flavor.

I’ve eaten—and enjoyed—all of those, but I had no idea the world of brownies was so much larger and more exotic! Ever heard of “Deep Cherry Chipotle” brownies or “Tahini and Halvah Floss” brownies? I definitely hadn’t prior to today. Those two, along with a dozen more obscure concoctions, are featured on Hello Giggles. While not all of them sound appetizing to me, I am impressed with the creativity.

As for my personal favorite? Drenched in caramel! OMG, this would seriously be heaven on a plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream added.


Feel free to chime in with your thoughts. What’s your favorite brownie?

12 thoughts on “It’s National Brownie Day. Which Kind is Your Favorite?

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      It’s not just diabetics that need to be aware about sugar. Good reminder for everyone in general to be wise. I think treats are great, but we all need to eat more broccoli than brownies.

  1. ellen beck

    I naturally just dont eat many sweets. I did see a recipe for a salted caramel brownie though that looked really good. Now and again, I will eat something sweet like cheesecake or a fruit pie but it is very rare.

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