No Sympathy for Traitor Monica Witt

What could make an American citizen want to betray her own country by aiding the enemy—Money? Mental illness? Religion? A depraved heart? Maybe a combination of factors?

Nobody can be 100% sure of the motivation, but the government has tremendous evidence of the crime: Monica Witt, a 39-year-old Air Force Veteran, has been charged with spying for Iran.

The Washington Post has detailed the case better than I ever could, discussing how she was turned from a (presumably) normal Texas girl into a radical Jihadist, who defected to one of the most oppressive nations on earth. I can follow their trail, but I will never, ever understand how someone can reject the West, reject freedom, reject all that is good for humanity, and adopt an ideology of hate, fear, misogyny and fundamentalism—especially a woman!

Shockingly enough, she is not the only American woman who’s done it. Marzieh Hashemi, formerly known as “Melanie Franklin,” may also be charged in the case and was recently held as a material witness. 

Add the Muslim convert son of director Oliver Stone into the mix—evidently he and Witt met in 2012 at an Iranian conference that denounced America and Israel—and it truly seems bizarre. (I’m not accusing Sean Stone of any illegal activity, but I am denouncing him for having zero sense, no integrity, and turning his back on the Jewish community.)

This is an odd case, for sure, but it’s not an isolated one. With a scary regularity, news stories air about US citizens and UK citizens, in particular, being lured to join ISIS and other radical Muslim groups. Even celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Sinead O’Connor have embraced Islam, wearing Hijabs and “Burkinis” in public, unable to see the irony. 

It should be obvious that there is nothing positive about espionage. I don’t care what excuse anyone makes, when you commit treason, you are a criminal. A crime that serious deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Personally, I would sentence Monica Witt to life in prison. How many Americans and Israelis lost their life because of her crimes? How much closer to nuclear war are we because of her? The public may never know, but I guarantee people have suffered tremendously. 

I believe in second chances. I believe in the power of forgiveness. But I also firmly believe in justice and the rule of Law, which is clear that evil doers must be held accountable. This is a slap in the face to every American, every military member and vet, and all of the folks who were taken hostage and tortured by Iran. Monica Witt is a traitor and she deserves no sympathy. 

2 thoughts on “No Sympathy for Traitor Monica Witt

  1. ellen beck

    Air Force Veteran ,makes me sad. Bowe Bergdahl’s case make me sad and mad. How can a ‘soldier’ betray their country and nothing happen? I am sure Monica Witt had an honorable discharge.. which entitles her to benefits= same with Bergdahls who although dishonorably discharged will likely get his overturned through th board because he was ‘disturbed’.There are more who do this, and it used to be called treason which carried a heavy penalty, but I guess nowadays it means little.
    Tear the uniform they wore from them, tear the benefits, expose the crimes.
    Yes, I am the wife of a disabled vet, with no sympathy for traitors.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Couldn’t agree more. When people were calling Bradley Manning a “Hero” I was horrified. These folks don’t respect the rule of law. They never go through Chain of Command, file a lawsuit, nothing. They crave fame and fortune and are an embarrassment to the country. I believe our vets, men like your husband, are HEROES! Traitors don’t deserve any benefits, no VA care, no home loan, no free pass to walk out of jail. They are disgusting and the people who defend them are even worse. They spit on the flag, kneel for the anthem and hate America. Let them leave!

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