No Sympathy for Traitor Monica Witt

What could make an American citizen want to betray her own country by aiding the enemy—Money? Mental illness? Religion? A depraved heart? Maybe a combination of factors?

Nobody can be 100% sure of the motivation, but the government has tremendous evidence of the crime: Monica Witt, a 39-year-old Air Force Veteran, has been charged with spying for Iran.

The Washington Post has detailed the case better than I ever could, discussing how she was turned from a (presumably) normal Texas girl into a radical Jihadist, who defected to one of the most oppressive nations on earth. I can follow their trail, but I will never, ever understand how someone can reject the West, reject freedom, reject all that is good for humanity, and adopt an ideology of hate, fear, misogyny and fundamentalism—especially a woman!

Shockingly enough, she is not the only American woman who’s done it. Marzieh Hashemi, formerly known as “Melanie Franklin,” may also be charged in the case and was recently held as a material witness. 

Add the Muslim convert son of director Oliver Stone into the mix—evidently he and Witt met in 2012 at an Iranian conference that denounced America and Israel—and it truly seems bizarre. (I’m not accusing Sean Stone of any illegal activity, but I am denouncing him for having zero sense, no integrity, and turning his back on the Jewish community.)

This is an odd case, for sure, but it’s not an isolated one. With a scary regularity, news stories air about US citizens and UK citizens, in particular, being lured to join ISIS and other radical Muslim groups. Even celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Sinead O’Connor have embraced Islam, wearing Hijabs and “Burkinis” in public, unable to see the irony. 

It should be obvious that there is nothing positive about espionage. I don’t care what excuse anyone makes, when you commit treason, you are a criminal. A crime that serious deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Personally, I would sentence Monica Witt to life in prison. How many Americans and Israelis lost their life because of her crimes? How much closer to nuclear war are we because of her? The public may never know, but I guarantee people have suffered tremendously. 

I believe in second chances. I believe in the power of forgiveness. But I also firmly believe in justice and the rule of Law, which is clear that evil doers must be held accountable. This is a slap in the face to every American, every military member and vet, and all of the folks who were taken hostage and tortured by Iran. Monica Witt is a traitor and she deserves no sympathy. 

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5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day usually means flowers and candy, but not everyone can tolerate high sugar snacks—those on a diet, diabetics, hyperactive kids, etc. If you want a chocolate alternative, these 5 healthy treats are all fun, no matter what your age may be:

It’s Always Autumn created a clever gift using Cuties that would work well for large crowds.

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If you know of another healthy treat, please share!

Budapest Synagogue Hosts First Bar Mitzvah in 332 Years

For the first time in 332 years, a Bar Mitzvah was held at the Buda Castle synagogue in Hungary. Believed to have been built in the 13th century, it was damaged by war and abandoned for centuries. In 1964, it was  rediscovered and turned into a museum. Not until 2018, when it was taken over by Chabad, did it become a working synagogue again, making this a true miracle.

Services are held weekly, events are hosted often, High Holidays were packed, and a wedding will be held later this year, demonstrating real growth.

With such a complicated and often sad history, it’s hard to believe there are any Jews left in Hungary, let alone an active congregation. This gives me tremendous hope for the future. European Jews are reclaiming their roots and it’s a wonderful thing to witness.