18% of California Voters Would Elect Anti-Semitic Candidate

The State of California is nearing a State of Emergency. There are endless budget woes, immigrations battles, a water crisis, etc. Residents are angry, afraid, and want change. (When I was in San Francisco last October, I spoke with many disgruntled citizens who were desperate to move.) That part is understandable; what’s unimaginable is that this “change” could come in the form of a vicious Anti-Semitic Senate candidate.

According to a recent poll, 18% picked Republican Patrick Little who is challenging longtime Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. She is polling at 39%. The other contenders aren’t even in the double digits. 

Mr. Little is a self-described White Nationalist who makes constant, false, and outrageous statements to anyone who will listen. Some of his nastier ones include that the Holocaust is a hoax, that Israel is responsible for 9/11, that Jews masterminded the African slave trade and that Jews love to kill Christians. (Still not convinced? Read this article from the Jewish News of North California. It is truly jaw-dropping.)

As if that wasn’t offensive enough, one particular quote is so baseless and barbaric, it shows the full extent of his wickedness. When asked about concentration camps, he claimed: “They had ice cream, swimming pools, orchestras, plays, they had soccer fields, soccer teams….I mean, I’d like to take a vacation at Auschwitz.”

A vacation at Auschwitz?!!! OMG….

Think about how warped a mind he has to even say that as a joke, let alone as a serious statement. Such people are either mentally ill, pure evil, or a mixture of both. Whichever it is, in his case, he is 100% unfit to serve in the Senate. 

I can accept that one monster has a twisted view of history and a hateful heart, but I can not accept that 18% of potential voters share his delusions. Yes, polls have a margin of error. Yes, people sometimes change their minds as campaigns progress. Yes, it was only a small segment of 540 people included. Even if we cut it in half, though, that’s still a significantly scary amount in proportion. 

America is a huge country. We have many different types of people, who hold different views. That is just fine, provided we can tolerate and respect others and treat them with dignity. We don’t all have to agree. We do have to get along!

The California Republican party has denounced Patrick Little. He was banned from their convention and will not receive any funding. The overwhelming majority of Americans, whether they’re liberal or conservative, don’t support Anti-Semitism. For that, I am very grateful. But it’s that razor-thin minority who can do so much damage that worry me to my core. We must, as a society, continue to expose these hateful folks who want to push a fringe agenda. They shouldn’t have a platform, they shouldn’t be taken seriously, and they should never, ever be elected to any office, anywhere.

Feeling So Blessed

What an amazing celebration it’s been. Not only is it Mother’s Day, it’s also Jerusalem Day—two events that mean the world to me.

I’ve been spoiled non stop since I woke up—pancake breakfast in bed, homemade cards, purple tulips. After that, we enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner consisting of steak, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and asparagus. Dessert was a giant chocolate chip cookie. 

And my big surprise? It’s a gift certificate, good for 6 sessions, at a local pottery painting studio! (How cool is that?) When I was in my teens and 20’s, I did a lot of artwork. As I’ve gotten older, it’s dwindled, but that hobby filled me with joy and it’s something I want to take up again. 

In addition to my own personal blessings, the greatest joy for me is to see Israel and America, standing strong together, with the Embassy about to open. This has been longed for by Jews around the world, a wish, hope, and prayer that has been delayed so often, it seemed like it would never happen. But the Good Lord, in His time, has finally made the dream into a reality, showing once again that anything is possible with enough faith and fight.

This Embassy is the most important thing. Why? Because it guarantees that the Capital is much less likely to be divided, nor will Israel be chopped into Two States. 

Israel and America mean freedom—for men, women, and children who love the Lord, love liberty, and want to preserve both. I pray that these great nations with always be best friends and 500 years from now, these celebrations will continue. 

Mother’s Day 2018 Freebies

USA Today has compiled a huge list of Mother’s Day freebies—donuts, ice cream, bagels, Mimosas, pretzels, coffee, and even full dinners. Definitely worth it, if you can handle the holiday crowds. 

We’re planning a very low-key day around here, just family, with lots of time for talking, eating, and enjoying each other. I’ve also been told that a “super special” gift is coming my way. No idea what that is, but I’ll report back when I do. 

10 Homemade Beauty Products

Creating beauty products at home is not only fun, it allows you to pick and choose the ingredients. For those with allergies or sensitive skin, this is very important. (I have both.) Here are 10 homemade beauty products that I’ve successfully made in my own kitchen—no fancy items or complicated directions. All of these products are gentle, safe, and actually work. 

1. Leave-in Conditioner

Add a small spoonful or squirt of regular conditioner to a fine mist spray bottle and fill 3/4 full with water. Shake well. This is a great way to use up trial sized samples. Works well on fine hair and is great for kids. 

 2. Body Scrubs

Can be made with brown sugar or kosher salt as the base. Fill a small jar 3/4 full and add olive oil or coconut, stirring to incorporate. The mixture should be coarse, not drippy, so go easy on the oil. For an extra treat, add 1 Tsp. of vanilla. This can be used anywhere from the neck down.

3. Body Balm

Melt 1 cup of coconut oil until liquid. Add 1/2 Tsp of peppermint oil. Pour into a jar and allow to become solid again. Use at night on lips, cuticles, feet, elbows, and knees. 

4. Toner

Combine two parts witch hazel with one part distilled water. Add a few drops of tea tree oil. Store in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation.

5. Masks

There are a million versions for every type of skin; one that uses honey is gentle enough for most folks. Simply combine 1 Tsp. of raw honey with 1 Tsp. of plain yogurt. 

6. Clarifying Treatment

When hair looks and feels dull or weighed down, it’s often caused by product residue. Mix a tiny bit of baking soda with shampoo in your hand, foam, and then vigorously scrub hair roots and let it rinse down. 

7. Body Spray

Combine two parts rubbing alcohol with one part water in a spray bottle. Add 1/2 Tsp of olive oil and 1/2 Tsp essential oil. This is moisturizing and smells nice, but is not overpowering. 

8. Aftershave

This one is for the fellas. My hubby loves it. Mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and aloe vera, then add a few drops of sandalwood oil.

9. Eye Makeup Remover

You’ll need 1/4 cup jojoba oil and 2 vitamin E capsules. Pour oil into  a dark bottle container. Puncture vitamin and squeeze in. Shake well to mix. Make sure it’s tightly capped. 

10. Deodorant

Anyone who is worried about aluminum or has itchy reactions to commercial products should try this one. Although not an antiperspirant, it does seem to absorb a lot of wetness, so it will be fine for anyone under normal conditions. (Not for running a marathon obviously, just general day-to-day life.) 

Combine  6 Tbsp. coconut oil, 4 Tbsp. baking soda, and 4 Tbsp. cornstarch. Mix baking soda and cornstarch together in a medium sized bowl. Mash in coconut oil with a fork until well mixed. Store in small glass jar. I’ve heard some people put it into an old deodorant stick, too. My version is unscented. Essential oils can be used if preferred. 


Do you enjoy making your own beauty products?