Love Judaic Jewelry? Dangles By Orna are Incredible!

Judaic jewelry tends towards the traditional. Most of us have more than a few Star and Hamsa necklaces in our collection. While I absolutely love those, I also enjoy more modern pieces, particularly custom creations.

Dangles by Orna are incredible. Each handmade piece is truly one of a kind, making it an ideal choice for ladies that have a ton of jewelry, but nothing “exciting” to wear! (Yes, I bemoan that constantly…)

Here are a few of my favorites, all of which are on the list for Mother’s Day gifts:

“I Believe” Statement Necklace

This hand stamped brass delight contains the first verse of Shaul Tchernichovsky’s classic Hebrew poem. The wire wrapped light blue stone is very complimentary. A wonderful choice for those who like big, bold pieces.

“Grandmother” Keyring Pendant

Designed to be carried as either a keyring or a handbag charm, this is a fun and fashionable accessory. The color combo of bright green clip and green/teal beadwork is so pretty. With a stamped swivel tag that says “Savta” (Hebrew for Grandmother), this would definitely be right for the special lady in your life. I immediately thought of my Mother-in-Law when I saw it, because green is her signature shade.

“Ein Alayich” Pendant

Suspended from a braided top ring, this customized charm includes a green teardrop, meticulously wrapped gold filled wire and a series of intricate gold plated beads. It can be worn on a necklace or added to a handbag or keyring. The translation means “No one tops you!” So adorable.

Many more jewelry designs are available at Dangles by Orna as well as needlepoint creations at Adorn by Orna.

About the artist:

Orna Willis has always drawn inspiration from her surroundings. Born in Israel, Orna lived in Tel Aviv, the San Francisco Bay Area, Michigan and is now very happy to be living in Philadelphia. Her artistic point of view has been molded from the different cultures, climates, sounds and scenes of these places.
Her line of Judaic/Hebrew jewelry is a unique way of combining her love for creating jewelry along with her love of Israel.
“I create pieces made of a variety of metals, which are then stamped in Hebrew with segments of poetry, songs, and prayers. Next, they are embellished with stones, jewels and formed into necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. Each piece of jewelry comes with a story about the segment chosen which allows the wearer to connect with the words and their significance. Some of the pieces are stamped with segments from the Bible or prayers and some are segments of Modern Hebrew songs by well-known Israeli artists. I also offer custom services for names in Hebrew; the customer can supply their Hebrew name and a custom piece will be made for them.”
In addition to creating beautiful art, Orna also enjoys blogging.

Super Savings Saturday – 4/15/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

This week was filled with fantastic savings! For less than $10.00, I came home with toothpaste, medicine, hair care, and laundry detergent. That alone would be a great price, but $6.49 will be coming back in a refund, making it super extra awesome! 

Rite Aid:

Purex Free & Clear, sale price $1.99, plus $1.99 Plenti Points!


Even though this is my least favorite store to coupon at, there were so many things on sale that I gave it a try. Good news: it worked perfectly!

I did multiple transactions to roll rewards.

Transaction #1:  Colgate Advanced toothpaste, sale price $2.99. I used a $0.75 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $2.24 plus $2.50 Register Reward.

Transaction #2:  Repeated the Colgate deal.

Transaction #3:  Two boxes Wal-Dryl allergy relief tabs, sale price $3.00. Total: $6.00. I used $5.00 in Register Rewards and $1.00 cash, plus I received another $5.00 Reward.

Transaction #4:  Three Gliss Hair care items (2 shampoos and 1 conditioner), regular price $6.49 plus Buy 2, Get 1 Free. I used a Bogo Manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $5.00 Reward and $1.49 cash, then submitted for a $6.49 mail-in rebate, making all 3 free!



Have you found any freebies lately? Share/Link and show off your stuff.

Books I Love – Complete Guide to Bible Journaling

I’ve always believed that every person has a spiritual side. Some of us feel comfortable identifying with a particular religion, but there are many more who reject traditional methods of observance. In the Jewish community, it seems like people are disengaging left and right, in search of alternate ways to practice their faith.

If you hate performing rituals, never attend temple, and don’t pray on a regular basis, but still yearn to grow spiritually, The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling should be on your book shelf.

By focusing on art, which is something most ladies enjoy, it’s easy to explore the Bible in a less structured way. As someone who already has a strong faith, I liked reading the pages first, then going back and creating. For my sister, who is not religious at all, it was the opposite—she simply enjoyed coloring. Even though we’re on different ends of the spectrum ideologically, we both had fun doodling, taking away different things from the experience.

With over 150 paper designs, 270 colored stickers, and 60 designs printed on translucent vellum, we sure had a lot to choose from! There is so much versatility, too, since the designs can be used like a regular coloring book, traced, used as Bible margin art, or as bookmarks.

The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling is divided into six sections:

  • Getting Started – How to begin and how to choose the best Bible for you
  • Tools and Techniques – 12 different methods, including page prep
  • Artist Profiles –  Shares the individual stories of contributing Bible artists
    Shanna Noel, Karla Dornacher, Valery Sjodin, Sephra Travers, Valerie Wieners-Massie, Rebecca Rios, Tai Bender, Krista Hamrick, Jennifer Rydin, Rebekah Jones and Christina Lowery 
  • Gallery – Showcasing examples out of the Bible, in the Bible, and different styles
  • Resources – Artist websites, various social media groups, & other ways to connect
  • Bonus section – This was my favorite! It’s filled with the tabs, stickers, traceable patterns and more. 

No matter which medium you prefer, this book has it covered: lettering, drawing, coloring, painting, embellishing, stamping, stenciling, and so much more. I don’t have much artistic ability, but I sure know how to go wild with a box of Crayola!

The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling combines faith and creativity into one neat package with lots of appeal.