The Pet Pita: An Easier Way to Groom or Medicate Pets

Pets add a lot of joy to life, but grooming them sure does not. Recently, I was working on my Chihuahua’s nails and accidentally snagged the dremel in his long neck fur, resulting in a mishap that was very bad for both of us!  Ever since, he has been understandably scared whenever it’s time for a weekly nail trim. I don’t want Charlie to be fearful and certainly don’t want to rip his hair out again in the future, so I started looking for a device that would comfortably keep him in place during grooming. The Pet Pita solved our problem instantly.

Designed specifically to handle, medicate, groom, and carry cats and dogs, The Pet Pita is a convenient and affordable option. It can work in a variety of positions. What works best for us was placing Charlie’s legs into the front holes only which allowed him to remain seated on my lap during grooming.

What I loved: cute color combo of navy and orange, very thick cotton material that will stand up to the washing machine, really nice stitching that will not rip when you lift a pet and handle holes at the top are very helpful. The small size is pretty roomy for little dogs (Charlie is approximately 5 lbs).

After Charlie had his turn, Tommy was next up. My 4 month old kitten reluctantly agreed to participate and I did get a bit scratched in the process. Like most cats, he is very fussy when it comes to restraining. I think this could be really helpful for medicating an angry cat, provided there was a second person to assist. I definitely would’ve used it after Tommy’s surgery, to prevent him from licking the incision, if we’d had it back then.

The Pet Pita is available in two sizes and two colors that can accommodate large and small animals. To purchase one for your fur baby or to find more info, check out their website.

2 thoughts on “The Pet Pita: An Easier Way to Groom or Medicate Pets

  1. ellen beck

    I have 5 cats and at times up to 12 (I rescue feral kittens and socialize hem) No, I dont have 12 always! Cats are very tricky to restrain. A cat actually works best wrapped up pretty tightly almost burrito like 🙂 I mean there are some seniors or pretty mello ones, but for the most part they will scratch if their feet are out especially if there are more than one leg out! I have been doing rescue for 25+ years and cats are just plain tricky.

    I could see this working well on a dog. It would give them security and would restrain them a bit if you needed it, or in your case get hair out of the way. My dog doesnt like his nails done either, and used to need to be restrained or once even sedated. He is better now but still doesnt like it. One of these light help, he is 50 plus pounds though!

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      OMG, 12 kitties at once? I am so impressed by you! I also enjoy fostering, but I don’t think I could handle that many. 5 probably seems like nothing to you after a dozen. What kind of dog do you have? I only have had littles ones at home. I love all kinds of animals, but toy breeds and orange cats are so special to me!