Pizza Hamantaschen for Purim

Hamantaschen, also known as the official treat of Purim, is normally a sugary, triangle-shaped cookie, made from a butter or cream cheese pastry. While those will never go out of style, a savory version can also be a nice addition.

And if we’re going savory, pizza can’t be beat. 

Family Friends Food created a kid-friendly recipe that uses the standard tomato-and-mozzarella combo. The optional basil leaves make it look so fancy. She includes olives. I made two batches—one with, one without, because some of my littles hate olives. 

If you’re looking for an adult version, What Jew Wanna Eat uses red onions and goat cheese. I made them and they were very good, provided you enjoy strong flavors.

Personally, I think all-purpose flour works best for pizza recipes, but whole wheat can be used if that’s your preference. Toppings, as well, can be customized. 

While these are made especially for Purim, it could work as a year-round appetizer, too. 


What kind of Hamantaschen do you prefer? Sweet or Savory?

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