Planting Trees for Tu B’Shevat

Although it’s a fairly minor holiday on the Jewish calendar, Tu B’Shevat is a lovely celebration of nature and definitely deserves more attention. Similar to Earth Day, it’s great for raising environmental awareness, and there is also a long tradition of planting trees in observance.

Because I live in a cold and snowy part of New England, planting a tree during the winter isn’t an option. Folks who lives in Florida or California can get to work right in their own backyard; for the rest of us, planting a tree in Israel is the best option. 

A lot of companies do it, but the Jewish National Fund has arguably got the market cornered. Each tree costs only $18.00 and the buyer receives a personalized certificate similar to this sample.

Anything that helps to beautify and enrich the Holy Land is very important because it reinforces our commitment and connection—to the country, to the people, and to our culture. Jews outside of Israel sometimes forget that our Israeli brothers and sisters live in a state of perpetual war. Evil forces target them in physical, psychological, and financial ways that are breathtakingly cruel and wrong.

Let’s show our support and fill up Israel with trees!