Plastic Surgery Insanity: A “Trans-Species” Tale

Changing one’s gender is pretty controversial, but compared to someone claiming to be “Trans-Species” it seems almost uneventful…

Never heard of this particular brand of lunacy? In a nutshell, the individual in question is named Luis Padron. A native of Argentina, he developed an all-consuming obsession with fantasy characters. After spending over $25,000 British Pounds on plastic surgery to become a real-life elf—whatever that means— he’s undergone a frightening change that includes:

  • Skin bleaching
  • Liposuction
  • Full body hair removal
  • Pointed ear modification
  • Eye color swap
  • Nose reconstruction

Still not satisfied, he’s now saving up for a limb lengthening surgery and claims to spend $4,000 a month on personal grooming…

What would compel someone to behave in this way is certainly debatable, but most rational minds would agree that it’s not sane nor safe. This man is in need of a psychiatrist, not a surgeon. I am shocked that any doctor would aid someone in such a destructive and unhealthy way and seriously wonder why they still have a license to practice medicine.

Plastic surgery, under the best of circumstances, is still a risk—just look at all the celebs who have been botched beyond belief or tragically died. I’m not against it totally, but everyone needs to be careful about their decision and well informed. That’s why doctors are legally bound to weed out unsafe patients. Clearly, if someone doesn’t even accept that they’re human, they’re definitely not able to provide informed consent.

Cases like this may be rare, however, it should be a warning that something is seriously wrong in society that anyone, anywhere has a mind so confused and distorted that they’d embrace such a dangerous lifestyle. Surgically changing eye color can lead to blindness; attempting to lengthen limbs can cause permanent disability—definitely not a joke to play around with!

Some may dismiss it as a freak show, but I’m worried for the younger generation. They’re exposed to many odd things that are potentially warping their minds. We must be hyper-vigilant as adults to make sure that kids are being warned about such creepy stuff (on an age-appropriate level, of course).