Most Popular Halloween Candy in America

Ever wondered what kind of Halloween candy was most popular in your area? Candy Store has compiled a State-by-State list. I checked all of the New England states by me and was a bit surprised by the results, since salt water taffy was mentioned multiple times. I personally do not know anyone who gives—or likes to receive—taffy for Halloween. At the beach, in the summer, yes, but Halloween? That’s weird.

Other favorites around here made more sense—Snickers, Starburst, M&M’s, Sour patch Kids, etc. I’m not crazy about sour stuff, but anything chocolate is fine with me. As for my personal favorite Halloween candy? Growing up, it was always Milk Duds, which I never see anymore.


What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

8 thoughts on “Most Popular Halloween Candy in America

  1. Anna Pry

    I save all my candy-calories for the chocolates, no fruity candies for me! Hard to pick a favorite though

  2. Darcy L Koch

    I live in PA and I think the first (M & M’s) is right. The second (Skittles) I don’t agree with. And the third (Hershey’s Mini Bars) are right also.

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