Readers Vote on the Next Giveaway

Since I have the best readers in the world, I thought it might be fun to have everyone vote on the next giveaway. What kind of prize would you like to see offered? I’m happy to oblige (within reason!). The most popular prize is always a gift card, followed by beauty products. Either of those are fine, with other suggestions welcomed.

I can’t wait to see all of the creative ideas you guys come up with. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Readers Vote on the Next Giveaway


    Those meals that you can make at home will work for my family or a grocery gift card! Thanks

  2. tat2gurlzrock

    I agree with Gabrielle.. that was my thought exactly though I am not opposed to a chocolate related one 😉

  3. ellen beck

    I love amazon cards , and food related prizes. I think it would be fun whatever you choose.

  4. Tracy Robertson

    Gift cards are always fun. One thing I would LOVE to see on your site is a listing of who won each giveaway. I was really crossing my fingers on one of them and I kept coming back to check whether there was a winner drawn yet or not for the next 2 months. I finally just gave up because if I winner was posted somewhere, I sure couldn’t find it. It would be nice to know when a winner has been chosen so we don’t have to keep checking.

  5. heather

    I would like to see a giveaway for gift cards, bed spreads, pillows, purses, sheets, emergency kit, boots.

  6. Betsy Barnes

    Food prizes has been a favorite for me. Like, a sample box of Omaha Steaks, Cheesecake sampler, grocery store gift cards are nice too. Also, a gift card from a seafood website, William Sonoma has some great cheese baskets, seasoning gifts, popcorn sampler, Assorted Italian Gelato.

  7. Sharon Rooney

    I like gift cards also but what about something spring/summer related. Sandals, sun lotion, gardening tools/products.

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