Summer Fashion Trends

Looking to update your summer wardrobe and have no idea where to start? Elle has a ton of articles about what’s trendy this season. Some of the ideas that I love are straw hats and bags, sundresses, and vintage inspired sunglasses.

Of course, not all trends are worth experiencing. Ones I’ll be skipping include red “Baywatch-style” swimsuits, braless tops, and jumpsuits. (Unflattering, tacky and inappropriate…)

6 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Trends

  1. itzybellababy

    Love the hats- I have a huge collection.. I live in Phoenix, and the sun is brutal. I always have a giant hat when I am going outside for more than a dash to the car..

    The suit- not so much. I would honestly wear those head to toe rash guard suits if I had a regular place to swim outside. I get enough sun just driving!

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Also a huge hat lover, especially the big floppy kind. We don’t get intense sun here in New England like you guys out West do. Those temps are just too high for me! The rash guard suits make me think of the Duggars. I remember an episode where they went water skiing and TLC blurred out their knees for modesty! Kinda extreme, huh?

  2. va

    The bright red color wouldn’t suit me either but a good hat for the sun and sunscreen is useful especially if its natural .

  3. Jen D

    Yes, my take on bodysuits. These were in style when I was in my 20’s or 30’s. I can still remember the first time I wore mine. I was out and about and needed to use the public restroom. I can still remember my dismay that I had to basically undress – how vulnerable I felt, wondering if anyone would look through the stall door gap and see me like that. I don’t know how they became popular again.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      OMG, yes, the bathroom issue with jumpsuits is awful! Not only are they really impractical, they don’t even look good on most bodies. Fashion can be crazy sometimes!

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